Graduation Outfit of the Day & How I Found the Day!

So if you saw any of my social media last week, you might know that Friday the 14th July was the day I graduated from Nottingham University. For me it was a day that i’d looked forward to for years and was a day that almost didn’t happen as I was so determined I wasn’t going to go and do a degree! Boy am I glad now that I did. The three years I spent there were brilliant and they have enabled me to land I job that I’m proud of! I thought i’d do an outfit & face of the day post and also a quick roundup of how I found the day!

See that guy behind me looking smug? That’s Tom and he made my hat wonky before this was taken. I will forever be furious. 

I had picked my outfit months ago, having found a pair of shoes I loved and picking a dress to match them! The shoes were very very me and probably not what you’d call ‘usual graduation attire’. They were from Office and were the Hubba Hubba Fluff Ankle Trim Sandals in Grey Velvet. I paid £58 for them but annoyingly they are now in the sale for only £32! Don’t you just hate it when that happens! I have to say that they were honestly some of the most comfortable high heels I’ve worn in ages and I’m going to get so much continued use out of them!9111967531038.jpg

My dress was from Missguided at ASOS and was the Tall Lace Ladder Trim Ruffle Hem Dress in Ice Grey. This was £40 and seeing as I didn’t have a bag, it brought my whole outfit in at a total of £98. I did get student discount on both items so I feel I actually paid around the £85 mark. The dress was actually from the tall section of ASOS (despite me being only 5’4) but fit absolutely perfectly! The lace detailing was gorgeous and although I did have some worries that the tiered skirt would puff out my robe, it worked exactly as I had planned! On ASOS this looks a lot more blue than it is, I would say it’s actually more mint green than anything, but a very very pale shade of it!



I did actually have my hair done at the hair dressers (I always go to Sutherland & Barnet in Nottingham City Centre) as I despise doing my own hair! They blow dried it straight and then used the GHD Creative Curl Wand to add beautiful loose waves to it. These curls lasted for days and I am totally going to be buying that wand to use at home #sorrynotsorry. My lovely hairdresser Jessica recommended sleeping in a silk scarf to keep my hair frizz free and the curls in tact. It really worked and I was so chuffed to wake up the next morning with my hair looking FABULOUS! I felt like such a princess with all my hair up in a pure silk scarf but hey, someone’s gotta do it!


I had booked for my makeup to be done on the day so I didn’t have to stress but unfortunately a last minute cancellation left me fending for myself. I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t she love makeup right? Well yes, I do, but I HATE doing it under pressure and I knew that if it didn’t go right, I would hate every single picture from the day. A small big cry later and I put on my big girl pants and decided to go and do something about it. I headed to MAC for some inspiration and a foundation as I had just come back from holiday and all my foundations were much too light and didn’t blend with my neck! Thankfully I got a fantastic lady who spent at least half an hour with me sorting me out and for that I will be forever grateful! IMG_3372.JPG

So, drama over, onto the actual makeup and I am really pleased to say it went perfectly first time. Thank God otherwise a meltdown would definitely have followed! I had set aside 90 minutes in which to do it so I could start again if I had to but I think it actually took around an hour!


I started off with the MAC (there’s going to be a lot of MAC in this post sorry!) Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Primer in Radiant Yellow. This is an AMAZING primer and I feel like my make up just applied so beautifully on top of this! Cue a full sized purchase coming soon! I followed this up with some of the MAC Peachlite Strobe Cream on the high points of my face, focussing mainly on the cheek bones. I much prefer the shade of this one to the original as it was much more of a softer glow.

With my skin prepped, I applied MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 (I’m normally NC15) and blended it in with a buffing brush. Over the years I’ve had a real love-hate relationship with this foundation but the match and finish were absolutely spot on and it covered the many spots that had appeared, perfectly. It also stayed on ALL DAY and I am completely back to loving this foundation and wondering how I survived without it! The only thing that annoys me is the lack of pump with this, but at that point I really couldn’t be picky and I also didn’t fancy paying for one!! I followed this with a rediscovery of mine, the MAC Pro Longwear concealer! I’ve had this before and got on with it okay but I think it must just suit my skin better now as this has become a complete and utter staple ever since! I wore the shade NC30 as they come up very very light! This still gave a slight highlighting effect to my face without looking OTT. I set my concealer in place and dusted any areas that were looking shiny, with MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder and that was the base done!


When in MAC the sales assistant used a beautiful bronzer on me that I was actually going to buy but they’d sadly sold out! I believe it was the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark Golden which is ironic as being so pale, i’ve never had a product with the word ‘dark’ in it before. So on the day I actually used Benefit’s Hoola but have no fear, I’ll be back in MAC for that pronto! For blush, again I fell for the charms of MAC and bought the blush she’d used on me when I visited. It was the infamous Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul and boy is it bloody beautiful! It’s a subtle beige toned blush that just gives you that naturally flushed look. Finally, onto highlight we went for MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle, which thankfully I had at home. Well I’d given it to mum but swiftly took it back for the day!! Clearly the Mineralize products just work well for me as they just blended like a dream and didn’t look too heavy at all!


Quick and easy, this is just my usual: Benefit’s Ka Brow! I love this product and use it daily with an angled brush! I did randomly discover on the day that it applies better if the brush is ever so slightly wet. Random but it worked!


This was the bit I was lacking inspiration for as my dress was cool-toned so I couldn’t opt for my usual very warm toned eye look! Before I went into MAC I had messed around with some cooler shades in my collection and cobbled together something, but it wasn’t quite right. I used the Morphe 35O palette (yes there are a couple of cool-toned shades in there!) with some of the ashier browns in the crease and lower lash line and the pinky nude full on glitter in the centre. As I say there was still a little something something missing. Cue Kerrie from MAC again! She said she loved what i’d done (I was still very dubious about it all so her praise definitely helped!) but what about trying a warmer tone through the crease too so it was more of what I was used to?

At this point she could have suggested lime green and I’d have been all for it so I was only too happy to let her show me. She popped MAC’s Soft Brown Matte Shadow over what i’d done and it was literally a hallelujah moment. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is in that little pan of goodness but it just lifted the whole look. But wait, she wasn’t done there! She then popped Folie in the outer corner just to smoke it out a bit. Absolutely perfect! Unfortunately, they didn’t have Folie so I got Swiss Chocolate instead which is almost identical and what she thought she’d actually used anyway! On the day, I took Swiss Chocolate on an angled brush and popped it along as liner too.

For mascara, I took a risk and tried a new one. Thankfully the risk paid off and it stayed put and looked incredible! The mascara I’m now in love with is Tarte’s Light’s Camera Lashes. Oh. My. God. This stuff is incredible! Amazing rich dark colour, separates, lengthens, doesn’t clump. It’s literally mascara heaven. I have two samples but I WILL be buying more!!


I didn’t want too much on my lips as I wanted it to be all about the flawless base and a really good, soft smoky eye. I chose to tie in with the subtle warmth in the shadow and went for MAC’s Satin Lipstick in Mocha. I love the satin finishes and this stayed on all morning!

Setting Spray:

Finally, a quick spritz (or 10) of Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and I was good to go!

I forgot to put my lippie on before this picture but thanks to Chanelle who asked what lipstick I was wearing in this picture. I totally appreciated the little ego boost! 
Phew that was a long ramble and I’m sorry this post is so hefty, I just wanted to get every little bit of information in! Finally I just want to say a few things on how I found the day in general. Honestly, I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! It felt very very emotional to walk across that stage and collect my degree and it will be a moment that I will treasure forever! Seeing all my friends and celebrating with my family was so special to me and the pride I felt of my achievement that day almost made me burst. Having panicked the night before about tripping on stage, I was definitely relieved to have made it across without falling! IMG_1144.JPG

If you are graduating then make sure you make the most of the day. Invite the people who mean the most to you and just soak up your achievement. Make sure you take lots of photos and treasure it as it’s likely that that may be the only time you graduate! In the evening we booked a lovely meal at Harts restaurant in Nottingham which was such a treat as it’s definitely more on the pricy side but was so worth it to finish off the day in style!

If you’ve already graduated, I’d love to know what you did on the day! If you are graduating any time soon then good luck, enjoy it and most definitely be proud of yourself! Please feel free to call me by my full title now: Molly Rose Ashton BSc (Hons). Don’t worry, I’m just kidding!

Much Love


P.s this post is not sponsored, nor does it contain affiliate links despite featuring a hell of a lot of MAC. I mean, can you imagine if they’d sponsored little old me, I’d feel like I was graduating twice!


The Travel Diaries |Whistler April 2017

Whilst on my travels around Canada & The States, we headed up to a little village called Whistler so I could attempt to try learning to ski in one day. I’d never put skis on before so I had no idea what to do, but I’d always wanted to go to a ski resort to see what all the fuss was about. Whistler is a gorgeous place in British Columbia and is a favourite with skiers worldwide. Even the winter Olympics has been held there so I knew I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to pay it a visit!

There’s actually a fantastic transfer service from Vancouver to Whistler, so we jumped on the bus at about 5am and trundled off through the mountains. I have to say that the scenery on the way there is simply breathtaking and had I been driving myself, it would have taken so much longer as i’d have been stopping for pictures all the way! Think mountains, waterfalls and roaming elk and you’re probably still not even close to how beautiful it was!

Getting off the bus, optimistic about my skiing abilities. 

We got off the bus at the entrance to whistler village and headed off for a breakfast of nutella crepes and strawberries at a cafe called ‘Hot Buns’. Even though it wasn’t peak season, the village had a real buzz about it and I enjoyed just watching people lumber around in their huge ski boots! We decided to check into our hostel which was only a very short bus ride away after breakfast so we weren’t carting around loads of bags. As I mentioned in my hostel post, we had such a good hostel that was very synonymous to a log cabin and very very cosy! As ski passes were really expensive for me, we decided to go tubing on day one and skiing on day two. I have tubed before but I forgot how much fun it was! You’re only a small way up the mountain but by that, you are still above the cloud bank so it’s pretty high! We paid for an hours tubing and it was so much fun! You basically fling yourself down an icy hill in a rubber ring and its brilliant! Strangely, it’s really tiring trudging back up the hill with your rubber ring through shin deep snow!!

Dragging my ring up to the top!

I’ve got to say we were absolutely soaked after tubing as you can’t wear any kind of boots to do it in! Clearly, trainers offer next to no protection from the snow and they were like little pools by the time we’d finished! Tired and hungry we headed to an Italian in the Village called Pasta Lupino for some much need carbs! This is such a lovely little Italian and was really reasonably priced! Its set at the back of the village and has a lovely family run feel to it!

All the gear but no idea.

Day two saw me finally tackle the challenge of skiing and its safe to say I was pretty crap at it!! We started off on the nursery slopes to get me used to it but the snow was very slushy so Emily said I’d probably find it easier higher up. I’ll let you into a secret, I didn’t. The slopes were green runs obviously, but in my eyes they were so steep! I don’t think I could count the amount of times I fell over, cried, swore, had a strop or even told Emily to leave me there for the wolves to eat. By the times i’d done 5 hours skiing I was exhausted and in agony so I headed off with my tail between my legs to have a hot chocolate and told Emily to join me later. I would definitely like another go at skiing in the future as I do think I was pretty hard on myself as it was the only time i’d ever tried to ski before. I’m not easily defeated so I’m going to try at the local snowdome sometime soon!

A common occurrence throughout the day.

After a bite to eat in Starbucks our short time in Whistler had come to an end and it was time to head back to Vancouver. I honestly loved the place and I would go again at some point in the future. For reference, a days ski pass and boots/ski hire was about $150 so it’s definitely not a cheap day, but worth it if you’re in the area!

Emily has the patience of a saint.

Have you ever been to Whistler or any other ski resort?

Much Love


Summer Essentials| Travelling in Style With Cabin Zero!

A few months ago I was sent a backpack from the team at CabinZero to put to the test over summer. The idea behind the bag is that it is the perfect size to use as hand luggage on an aeroplane whilst being so light (only a mere 760g!!) that you can make the most out of your 10kg allowance. As a frequent traveller and also someone who often travels with just hand luggage to avoid unnecessary cost, I was eager to see if this would work out well for me!

There are actually a variety of different capacity bags available but knowing I always over pack I picked the biggest, the 44L bag in the colour Blue Karma*.  When it arrived I actually was a little concerned that it was going to be a bit too big for me, however since travelling with it a few times I’ve found it to be absolutely perfect! There are a series of pockets inside which makes the bag incredible handy for cramming things in and also not losing things to the depths of your bag! On the inside of the main pocket there is a padded laptop sleeve and also a small zipped pouch which I used for underwear or things that I wanted to keep separate from the rest of my luggage. The most deceptively useful pocket is the main one on the front. This looks incredibly flat and if i’m honest, a bit useless, however it has some amazing ability to fit all my shoes in! Every time I’ve travelled i’ve had at least two pairs of shoes AND all my laptop cables in there and it closes perfectly!

The bag also has a couple of nifty little features that you perhaps wouldn’t have expected! Firstly, it can be carried in three different ways. It can be carried as a rucksack with two padded straps; it can be carried vertically using the strap on the top of the bag, or it can even be carried horizontally as there is another strap on the side of the bag. The other feature that I was surprised to see is that there is actually a little tag on the bag that can be registered online so you can track it if it goes missing. This is amazing if it ever gets lost or stolen and is just something that I would never have thought to add, but really makes this bag stand out from the rest! IMG_3083.JPG

The actual material of the bag is a robust canvas material that is lined on the inside. I’ve just checked on their website and the bag is actually waterproof which is an even bigger bonus for me! I honestly didn’t think it was as it doesn’t look like that horrible anorak material!  I’m notoriously quite a clumsy person and often am a bit carefree with my belongings but so far so good with this! It’s incredibly durable and hopefully will stand the test of time! Talking of time though, should anything go wrong, each bag has a 10 year warranty that comes with it and this is upgraded to 25 years if you simply like them on Facebook! I’d be pretty damn impressed if it lasted 10 years never mind 25!!

The bag I picked retails for £60/$78USD/€68 (other currencies are available!) and their website offer free worldwide shipping so you can pick up one of these bags no matter where you are in the world! I personally loved though that they are based in Leicester, which is only a stones throw away from where I live. I love supporting start-ups and local brands and this is honestly a product that I love and will be using for years to come. If you fancy supporting the brand too, they’ve kindly given me a discount code to share with you which will give you 10% off! Simply enter CZROSEBEAUTYFILES at the checkout. But be quick as it’s only valid for the next 30 days!

Where are you planning on travelling to next? Let me know what colour you like the best from their range, we’re definitely planning on picking up some more so we all have one to travel with!

Much Love


*I have been sent this product as a PR sample in exchange for a review however all opinions remain my own. This post does contain affiliate links. It sounds cliche but this product has been a lifesaver this summer with the travelling i’ve done so far and for the trips i’ve still got to come!

Summer Essentials |Custom Sunglasses by CrossEyes Nottingham!

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be gifted some fantastic summer appropriate items this year and I thought I’d make a little series of posts all about them and how i’ve gotten on with them. Earlier this year the lovely Indy from CrossEyes Nottingham and I discussed an idea regarding some customised sunglasses. I was only happy to get involved as I adored the CrossEyes brand when I headed to their blogger event in February. We managed to get them sorted so I could take them with me to America and I thought now summer was here, it was about time I told you all about them!

As I write this post I’m sat wearing the sunnies on our balcony in Portugal and I’m really feeling the summery vibes! The whole idea behind CrossEyes is that all the frames are the same price and you simply pay the price for your lenses or coatings. I chose to have non-prescription sunglasses as that is usually what I wear the most with my contact lenses. Typically I am now having trouble with my eyes and can’t wear contact lenses, but I love my glasses so much I’m wandering around in a blurry haze. That’s serious dedication for you!

What I loved the most about picking the glasses was how personal the experience was. Indy helped me pick out frames that he thought would be cool and was completely honest when he thought something wouldn’t work. I much prefer people to be honest rather than try and simply get the sale done and dusted. With CrossEyes there’s no pressure to upsell you a pricier frame as they are all priced equally and the pricing system is incredibly transparent. img_2396

When I headed to the blogger event, I fell in love with two frames. One was a olive green pair that, in my opinion, would make fantastic daily glasses. When I start my job in September I’m heading to pick them up so I have two pairs of daily glasses. The other pair was wooden frame that was so unusual and unlike any other pair i’d seen. These were the frames I eventually opted for and they are a dark grey wood that actually has bamboo in the frames. They’re also a matte finish which makes a really nice change from the shiny acetate pairs I usually choose. IMG_8825

Now I find picking a tint incredibly difficult on glasses as I always end up looking a little bit blind. Indy told me that the Grey-Green tint was the one that’s in most Ray-bans and seeing as I really like that finish, that’s what I went for this time. But we didn’t stop there! I fancied something really different to the other glasses I have and I wanted a mirror effect wrap on the lenses. There are so many different shades that I spent ages popping the lens under the frames and running backwards and forwards to the mirror. There was a Rose Gold that really caught my eye but didn’t quite work with the dark grey frames I’d chosen. It was only then that I caught sight of the Mauve and it was love at first sight. The slight purple tint worked so well with the grey frames and I was determined that this would be the pair for me. It only took a quick glance to have Indy convinced too and my first ever pair of custom sunglasses were ready to be made. DSCF0233

From here the order is sent over the Denmark (CrossEyes is actually a Danish company!) and they are made in their warehouse to order. They don’t take too long but I would say allow two weeks just to be on the safe side as they are completely custom. We managed to get them to arrive the day before I went to America and they were even better than I had pictured in my mind! I sound like a right Mum when I say this but I do feel very cool when I wear them and that they really finish off an outfit! IMG_2707.JPG

There are CrossEyes stores around the country but it would take some beating to match the care and attention that you get in the Nottingham store. For a pair exactly like mine, you are looking at £165, for a regular tint (no mirror effect or prescription) it’s £115 and for an ultimate bargain, there are ready made sunglasses now that you can take home that day for only £75!  A huge thank you to CrossEyes Nottingham for working with me on this post and look out for more frames of theirs gracing my face in the future! What are your go-to pair of sunglasses?

Much Love


Disclaimer: I received these sunglasses free of charge but all opinions are my own. As a regular glasses wearer the brand really struck a chord with me and was something that I really wanted to share with you all. I hope you liked it!


My Reading Challenge 2017 |Where I Stand at the Halfway Point & my Top Books!

Okay, I’m a day late on this post. That just about sums up how productive i’ve been on this blog recently but i’m on holiday at the moment and it’s quite nice not to be glued to my laptop! So at the start of the year I set myself a challenge on GoodReads to read 150 books in 2017 and now we’re at the halfway point (plus one day) I thought I’d give you a little recap on where I stand and some of the best books i’ve read!

So in terms of numbers, I’ve read 68 books and i’m nearly halfway through my 69th. Due to exams I am a little behind schedule to the tune of 6 books but I’m not too worried as I’m off to Portugal on Tuesday and I should be able to speed through at least 4 or 5. Rather than trying to tell you all about every single book i’ve read, I’m going to do a brief run-down of the ones I ranked as 5 stars! It takes a lot for me to rate a book 5/5 so these are the ones I really really loved.

  • The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson – Possibly my favourite book i’ve read this year and thats a huge statement from me! This is a story unlike no other and the plot is just so clever and unique. ‘The Gardener’ kidnaps young girls to keep in his so called ‘garden’ and treats them like butterflies in a greenhouse. He even tattoos a different butterfly across the backs of each of his victims and ensures that they are always on show. I’m going to be honest and say that this is quite creepy and if that’s not your cup of tea then definitely give it a miss as it is a little graphic and disturbing yet brilliantly written. The story is told through one of the captives once they are out and she’s being interviewed at the Police station, yet the plot keeps you guessing right until the very end!
  • Final Girls by Riley Sager – I think theres a running theme here with my favourite books and that is that the storylines are so unique! Final Girls is about a couple of women that survive mass murders and attacks and how they carry on with their lives afterwards. When one of the three women commits suicide, the others start to question how they can carry on if she, seemingly the strongest of the bunch, couldn’t. It’s such an interesting take on the usual ‘mass murder’ style story and does make you think about what happens when those books end.
  • The Thousandth Floor Katharine McGee – I found this book through another blog post and loved the sound of it. Its set in future New York and is very reminiscent of the much loved show Gossip Girl – think New York elite with a futuristic twist. In future New York the whole city now takes place in a thousand storey high building and the higher up you live, the better your status. The stories full of glamour, love triangles and just general Gossip Girl goodness and with a second book coming out soon, it’s a must read. I honestly loved it and I found the futuristic, tech elements a really interesting twist! 945c548e-8d8b-425f-9591-68090e68512f.jpg._CB282000438_
  • Chandler by Laurelin Paige – I’m not gonna lie, I have a real guilty pleasure for saucy romance novels. If I don’t know what to read, I’ll download one of these and it’ll be finished in hours, seriously, I love them. Chandler is actually a character from a series that was alright but not blog post worthy. However, once he got his own book, it was brilliant! His character really exploded and was laugh out loud funny alongside a good bit of romance. You could definitely read this as a stand alone book rather than have to read the whole series but if you love romance books then this is fab!
  • The Night Bird by Brian Freeman – A real psychological murder mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed. These kind of books are some of my favourites as they’re really gritty and keep you guessing right until the very end. When a girl suddenly gets out of car and jumps off a bridge, killing herself, her friend cannot understand what’s going on. She was a happy, healthy woman so why would she suddenly commit suicide? But then it happens again, another unexplained suicide and a pattern starts to emerge. This is the first in the Frost Easton series and really kicked it off with a bang. If you love unusual thrillers then this is definitely for you!
  • Bricking It by Nick Spalding – I’ve written about my love of this book before (here) and it really is worth mentioning again. Who’d have thought a story about two siblings building a house would be sidesplittingly hilarious but this really is. I think I actually cried with laughter a few times and the rest of the books from Nick Spalding were equally brilliant but this was the best in my opinion. Such a lighthearted and easy read and just cheered me up no-end!

So in 6 months, only 6 books made it to the 5 star category, I told you, I really am picky! I hope this has given you some new suggestions and the next post about my GoodReads challenge will now be at the end of the year… how scary!!

Have you got any good book suggestions for me? If so leave them in the comments please!

Much Love


How To Grow Your Instagram |600 New Followers in Under 4 Months!

I posted on Twitter the other day how proud I was of how much my Instagram has grown this year! I started March with just under 400 followers and I’m now sitting at just under 1000. So many people commented saying they’d love to know how I’d done it and some tips and trips for growing Instagram organically so I thought I’d share some tips today that i’ve found have made a feel improvement to my following!

  1. Picture Quality – I’ve found that taking more pictures on my camera rather than my iPhone or even just spending longer editing pictures definitely increases engagement! Having said that, the majority of my highly ranked pictures have been taken on Tom’s iPhone 7+ so you can work with what you’ve got!
  2. Follow People Back! – It may sound obvious but it seems so many bloggers nowadays feel ‘above’ us lowly small bloggers and refuse to follow you back in order to have a really high ratio of followers to following. It’s a load of crap! Follow back people who’s accounts you like and you’re more likely to keep your followers! Yes the whole follow-unfollow scenario is rife at the moment but this is a good way to maintain some of those new followers.
  3. Keep Track – I use Followers+ to keep track of my followers. This tells you new people that have followed or unfollowed you. If i’m following someone who unfollows me then I simply unfollow them. It sounds petty but if they can’t be bothered to engage with me then I can’t be bothered to engage with them. Simple.
  4. Post More Regularly – I was at the Ice Lolly Blogger At The Beach event earlier this month and Rhianna from Rhianna Olivia (formerly RoboweCop) and she mentioned that she had seen a real improvement from posting 3 times a day. Now I honestly do not have time for that everyday but since trying to post daily, I have noticed a vast improvement as you are constantly refreshing your presence in peoples feeds and hashtags!
  5. Join Follow Threads – I’ve been part of a couple of these through Twitter where people, fed up with low engagement and mass unfollowers, post their links in a thread and everyone follows each other. These have been amazing for growing my following recently and can increase your number by up to 30 or 40 in one day! If you are interested in one, tweet me (@RoseBeautyFiles) and I’ll set a new one up and tag you in it!
  6. Comment On Posts – If you engage with others then they are way more likely to look at your account and engage back. This also works with liking pictures you are genuinely interested in and leaving useful and unique comments. Nobody likes the standard ‘Great Pic’ comment. Quite frankly its annoying and shit!
  7. To Theme or Not to Theme? – I do not have a theme on my instagram. I see the appeal and I do admit the feed look ‘neater’ with a theme, but your instagram has to reflect your personality and your blog and inspire people to want to follow you. I love talking and posting about a mixture of things so I just post pictures of whatever takes my fancy that day. You can easily see a correlation with what your followers actually like so reflect on this but don’t let low likes on one picture stop you posting about things you are interested in.

    Just call me No Theme Molly
  8. Explore Hashtags – I was recently introduced to the wonderful world of the ‘Discoverunder’ hashtags, where you are appealing to people who are looking for smaller accounts. I always use the #discoverunder1k, #discoverunder10k and #discoverunder100k ones nows but I’ve found the under 1k hashtag seems to work the best. I often click on that one and look for new, likeminded feeds that I’m interested in and follow them and comment on their pictures. Most people, like I would, appreciate the engagement and do the same in return. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  9. Link your Instagram to other Social Media – Post your instagram pictures to your blog sidebar, your twitter and your Facebook to ensure that they get the maximum exposure! I often find that there’s people I love on Twitter that I hadn’t realised I’m not following on Instagram! This helps to easily allow people to associate the Twitter user they love with an instagram account to match!
  10. Questions – This final point is another Rhianna special that was too useful not to include. To increase your engagement, why not add a question to the end of your picture description! It almost seems like it’s targeted directly at you so you can’t help but answer it! More comments is always a good thing!

I hope you liked this post and that it helps you out. I often feel Instagram has become a bit of a chore but since i’ve been doing these things it’s really boosted my confidence as my followers have increased! Why not leave your Instagram handle in the comments so we can all find some new accounts to follow? FYI mine is the same as Twitter – @RoseBeautyFiles and my latest feed is always displayed in the side bar of this blog!

Much Love


April & May Empties 2017!

Last month, I decided I didn’t have enough empties to warrant a whole post as I’d used so many things whilst I was away and I hadn’t bothered to drag the empties back home! I thought i’d roll April & May into one post and now two months have gone by, my empties box is literally full to the brim! I wanted to try and use a lot of samples up as they seem to be taking over my room and I’m quickly running out of space! Hopefully that will explain the explosion of empties you’re about to see and why there are just so many minis!


  • MAC Shanghai Spice Lipstick – This has been the most easy to wear lipstick! It’s a gorgeous peachy nude and just perfect for chucking on on a daily basis! I saved this for my back to MAC and I am hoping to get this lippie again in the future!
  • Body Shop Instablur Primer – I honestly feel that this is one of the only primer I have ever used that actually works! Ive written a whole post on it so I won’t go into too much detail but I am definitely sad that this is over! I would definitely pick this up again!
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal – This is a great concealer that also adds a touch of highlight under the eyes when you use a lighter shade! I’ve got some other concealers to use up but this is a bargain and I’d totally buy it again!
  • Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – I can’t believe how quickly I made it through this bottle to say I use so little each time! It provides a nearly flawless base and blends in like a dream. The shades do lean towards the yellow end of the spectrum but personally I really like this! I have a few foundations to use up but I’d buy this again!
  • Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation Sample – This is what started off my love for this foundation! This sample lasted ages and now I’m finally onto my full bottle!
  • 3 MAC Nail Varnishes – These were in the shades Nightfall, Steamy & Rougemarie (I think this was the red one, i’m not 100% sure). These had just gotten old and seeing as I have acrylics now, I thought I would back to MAC them so I could FINALLY get a new lipstick with my empties!
  • Chanel Mascara Sample – I honestly can’t even remember a) the full name of this or b) whether it was any good or not. In my mind that means it can’t have been too great so I’m not going to think much about it now!


  • Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Refill – My God Mother bought me a gorgeous Chanel perfume set at Christmas which came with a perfume spray and 3 20ml refill containers to fit inside. I have made my way through the first one and in typical Chanel Chance fashion, it is fresh and easy to wear on a day to day basis! Lucky for me I have two more refills to go!
  • YSL Mon Paris Sample – I can’t remember where I got this but it was pretty average. A bit sweet for my liking and not nice enough to make me want to buy it.
  • Chanel Chance Eau Vivre Sample – Nordstrom have this amazing sample system where you can try things out at your own leisure before you buy. I completely took advantage of this and got so many samples! This was one of my favourite perfumes last summer and having this sample rekindled my love with it. Now I want a full size bottle, damn!


  • REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial – I really like this face mask but it goes off so quickly! Once oxygen gets to the tube the product goes a really weird colour and has a pretty gross smell. Despite liking it a lot, I wouldn’t buy it again as I don’t use it often enough to stop it going off!
  • Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Serum
  • Simple Cleansing Oil – This is amazing and such a bargain! It left my skin clean and soft without feeling stripped! If you are on a budget then definitely pick this up, I honestly would pay double the price for this!
  • Dior Hydra Life Micellar Water – I LOVED this but I made a boo boo and dropped it and lost a good third of the bottle on the floor! It’s pricey but I found it to be one of the nicest micellar waters I’ve ever tried. I’m trying to psych myself up to shell out over £20 for the full bottle. Damn you Dior!
  • Lancôme Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover – I’m pretty sure i’ve had one of these before and its a nice eye makeup remover but not so amazing that I have to run out and buy the full size.
  • MAC Eye Makeup Remover Sample – I was pleased to see a new MAC sample available at the checkout when I placed an order a while ago! This was nice and unlike bi-phase it wasn’t oily in the slightest. I think I probably would pick this up at some point as it was so gentle yet effective!
  • Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter – By far the nicest eye cream I’ve ever got to use! It brightened and nourished and was really enjoyable to use! If it becomes easier to buy in the UK i’d buy the full size!
  • LUSH Ultra Bland Cleanser Sample – I HATED this with a passion! When I tried this in the store at the Nottingham event it looked really effective but one use of this at home on an actual face of makeup, it was useless. I didn’t even finish this sample and I definitely won’t be buying it as it left 90% of my makeup on my face!
  • Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Sample – In contrast to the LUSH sample, I really really enjoyed this and it was so effective at taking my makeup off without having to rub at my skin. I’ve got a stack of cleansers but I’m buying this when some of them have been used!
  • Eve Lom Cleanser Sample – This was lovely but it is pretty pricey! Did the job but I think there are plenty of other good cleansers that are a hell of a lot cheaper!
  • Kate Somerville Exfolikate Sample – I’ve read so many good reviews of this but I honestly found it did nothing. On my hand it showed great potential but on my face, nothing!
  • Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm Sample – I’ve never tried any Sunday Riley products and this cleansing balm really was lovely. It felt luxurious but I don’t think it’s worth £46 in my opinion so I won’t buy the full size!


  • Sephora Lotus Face Mask – Possibly the best sheet mask I have ever used! It’s so nourishing and soaks into the skin really well. Damn Sephora for not being in the UK as I would definitely make sure I had a constant supply of these otherwise!
  • Tony Moly Broccoli Face Mask – I’m still unsure whether the Tony Moly Masks actually do anything of real benefit. This was one of the better ones weirdly but not so much so that I want to buy more sadly.
  • Daiso BB Face Mask with Hyaluronic Acid – I picked this up from the Daiso store in Seattle and it came in a pack of 2 for something like $1.85. It was definitely worth the price and was quite plumping and nourishing! Give it a try if you have a Daiso store nearby!
  • Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser Sample – I didn’t like this at all, it felt very drying and stripping and just generally a bit too harsh for my liking. Totally not worth the hype in my opinion!
  • Tarte Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Patches – I really really enjoyed using these! They were so cooling and the jelly texture meant they actually stayed on my face for the duration! If I could pick these up easily, I would in a heartbeat!
  • Aesop Parsley Seed Mask Sample – I’ve heard great things about this from bloggers and I did really like it actually. It’s a while since I used this sample but I have another one too so I’ll give you a better review next time i’ve used it as I just cannot remember! I know I really liked it though!


  • Body Shop Vanilla Chai Shower Gel – I normally love Body Shop shower gels but this was incredibly thick and hard to get out of the bottle. The scent was a bit average too. It was limited edition at Christmas but i’m really glad I bought more of the Spiced Apple instead to last me throughout the year!
  • Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant – Randomly I had a deodorant change as I seemed to have waded my way through my huge backlog! This was pretty good actually and lasted well through out the day! Nivea, Dove and Vaseline are definitely my deodorants of choice!
  • Yankee Candle Small Jar in Sea Salt & Sage – Sadly another limited edition product! I couldn’t understand why as the scent was so lovely and fresh, however it was not very strong when it was burning. I mean I really don’t like strong candles but this was potentially even a little too subtle for me! I went through three of the votives in this scent too during May and I have one and a half votives left to use up.
  • Bath & Body Works Pink Hibiscus Hand Gel – When I was travelling with Emily, she gave me this as she said she was fed up with the scent. I actually really liked it as it was fresh and not too sickly unlike many of the other Bath & Body works scents! I wish I’d got another one in this fragrance!
  • LUSH The Mod Father Bubble Bar – This came from the Nottingham Event alongside a couple of other products in this empties post. However, this is the one i’m most sad about finishing. I think I counted that it lasted my 7 whole baths which is really good value for money! The scent was a refreshing orange fragrance and the bubbles were gorgeous! Thankfully it also didn’t stain the bath, which for LUSH is a minor miracle! It’s a real shame that this is only around for Fathers Day! DSCF0417
  • LUSH Tooth Fairy Sample – A very weird concept of using a powder rather than paste to clean your teeth, however I surprisingly really liked this! The flavour was bubble gum which would not have been my preference, however my teeth felt noticeably cleaner than when I use a normal paste! I think a little purchase may be in order!
  • Mark Hill MiracOILous Hair Mask – Any hair masks with argan oil in are usually pretty good on my hair and this one was no different. It was nice and nourishing without weighing my hair down or making it greasy! Quite a good budget hair mask option!

Thank god we’ve made it to the end! I’ve had this post in drafts for a couple of weeks now and i’ve been trying to build up to writing it as I knew it would be a long one! If you read all the way through then thank you, you deserve a medal! What did you finish up this month?

Much Love