Ms Flow Monthly Box Review!

I went to the Notts Alzheimers Meetup on Saturday and alongside lots of other goodies I managed to snag during the event, I managed to win a couple of prizes in the raffle. I am going to do a whole post on the event and some of the other bits from it, but today we’re focussing on one of the raffle prizes I won and that was one of the Ms Flow Monthly Boxes!

Ms Flow are a subscription service that deliver a box to you just before your period each month. Each box is meant to help get you through the ordeal that is mother nature and help you be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The box contains a good mix of the essentials: tampons & pads or whichever is your preference. It also includes other little goodies that are either edible treats to just satisfy that chocolate craving or miscellaneous beauty items to make you feel a bit happier!

The price depends on how heavy your period is so you can select how many tampons and pads you would require to cover your period.Light Flow costs £12.99 plus £2.95 p&p;
Regular Flow costs £13.99 plus £2.95 p&p and Heavy Flow costs £14.99 Plus £2.95 p&p. It definitely isn’t the cheapest service around but you can cancel anytime as long as it is at least seven days prior to your next delivery.

Inside the box (which was the May box) I got:DSCF9621_Fotor.jpg

  • 1 variety bag of tampons with about 8 in in total.
  • 1 variety bag of pads with again about 8 in in total.
  • A lovely little lilac candle in the scent Mediterranean Fig.
  • 1 sachet of Clipper Instant Hot Chocolate
  • 1 Yogi Tea Bedtime Teabag
  • Fudge Kitchen Double Trouble Chocolate Fudge
  • 1 Cura-Heat Patch
  • A tube of TIME BOMB Cleanse & Buff Mini Cleansing Facial
  • 1 Bar of Strawberry & Marshmallow Soap from the Milk Bar Soap Company
  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Champagne Shimmer Powder

As you can see, it’s quite a rounded box that I received. For me, the box was pretty much paid for by the Bellapierre Shimmer Powder (£12.99) and this was by far the most exciting product in the box! The colour is stunning and can be used on the eyes or as a face highlighter! I’m not a candle person but the Fig scent was surprisingly light and the hot drinks and fudge are always a nice addition! I love hot chocolate but I’m not really a tea drinker so I’ll be intrigued to see if I like the tea! I have always used the cure-heat packs if I have an ache or pain so that’s a nice addition to the box for me! Naturally I am most pleased with the beauty side of the box, I am looking forward to trying the cleanser and the soap smells delicious!

Overall I think the box is a great idea, particularly for busy working women who want something practical delivered to their door each month in time for their period along with a couple of nice treats for themselves. Personally I couldn’t see myself purchasing this subscription as I do think it’s a tad overpriced for what you get. It was nice to see a full sized beauty product in it though and it’s nice to try different brands of tampons and pads but I usually just stick with the ones I like or buy whichever’s the cheapest at the time. I’m not that fussy! I feel like the best target market for this box would be young girls who are just starting their periods, a treat like this each month would be a welcome surprise and would also encourage them to keep track of their periods! So any mums of young daughters, I would definitely encourage you to check this out and there was a coupon code in the box for 30% off your first box with the code SPECIAL30.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ms Flow and the team for donating this box to the raffle, all the money raised from it went straight to help sufferers of Alzheimers and helped make us all more aware of the condition. I was very grateful to be able to try this box out and I won it on just the right day to make the most of it thankfully!! Have you tried a subscription service like this? Do you think it’s something you would consider using in the future?

Much Love



Lip Balms For All Occasions!

Sadly, we’re rapidly heading towards Autumn now and before we know it, the weather will be back to it’s horrible cold, dull days again! If there’s one thing I hate about the colder weather, it’s chapped lips and I thought I’d write a post today to give you my top picks for lip balms to suit every occasion! This post is very kindly sponsored by EOS but of course, all opinions are my own!

The All-Naturale One – Sweet Cecily’s Mojito Lip Balm £3.50 I’m not massively fussed on the ingredients of products (please don’t shoot me!) but it is always nice to know that something is naturally sourced, handmade and contains no nasties! This Mojito lip balm ticks all those lovely boxes and also smells heavenly! This comes in a handy little tin and is a firmer formula compared to the likes of Vaseline etc meaning you don’t run out too quickly.

The Quick Fix One – Eve Lom Kiss Mix £16.00 This has a nice tingly sensation and is more of a quick fix than a long term protection product. It ever so slightly plumps lips and leaves them feeling glossy and smooth. It has SPF in and is menthol fragranced which explains the lovely fresh feeling. The nice thing about this is that it can also be used over lipstick too!

The On-the-Go One – EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm* £6.50 This little balm has really taken the world by storm and with it EOS (or Evolution of Smooth) has become somewhat of a household name both stateside and her in the UK! This lip balm is so handy for chucking in your handbag and using on the go as you don’t have to dip your finger into a tin and get all grubby! This strawberry scent is incredible and I can see why they’ve become something of a collectors item with women as the colours and scents available are just dreamy!

The Ones With a Hint of Colour – Clarins Natural Lip Perfectors £18/£18.50 Available in both a gloss and a balm format, these little tubes are just heaven! There are a variety of colours available and they look lovely and natural on the lips whilst still adding a little something something. I can’t even describe how amazing the scent of these is and it always makes me want to eat them (not advisable!!). I have had my eyes on the red shades for a while so I think i’m going to have to try that in the future! The gloss can also be used on top of lipstick for a glossy finish!

The Intensely Moisturising One – Clarins Hydraquench Lip Balm £19.50 – The only lip balm I use if my lips are in need of a huge moisture boost. One application is enough to sort them out and the rose wax in the formula leaves them silky smooth. The tube is nice and handy to avoid any grubby fingers which I really hate! The formula is by far the thickest of the ones I’ve mentioned so it’s better used at night time but it does soak in reasonably quickly so is okay for the day too but will last a lot longer on the lips than most others!

Have you tried any of these lip balms? What are your favourites?

Much Love


*Product reimbursed as part of the sponsored content.

Boyfriend Vs Brother Makeup Challenge!

The other day my brother, Tom and I decided to have a bit of fun and try one of the challenges that’s going round Youtube and blogs at the moment! We did the ‘Guess The Price’ makeup challenge and my brother and boyfriend competed against each other to make it a little bit more amusing.

Firstly, I probably better introduce the two competitors!

Meet my boyfriend Tom:IMG_1706.JPG

Age: 22

Occupation: Buyer for Boots (Currently Haircare but previously Beauty – tad of an advantage there!)

And my brother Alfie:12401782_10208123017210278_6448119647521136032_o

Age: 15

Occupation: Secondary School Student

For the challenge I picked 12 makeup items (it was going to be 10 but the boys were having so much fun they wanted a couple more!!) and they took it in turns to guess the price of the product based on the packaging, swatches, smell etc. Genuinely both of them have a reasonably good knowledge of makeup compared to a lot of other guys so they knew what all the products were and also had a good idea of some of the brands. I didn’t include a MAC lipstick as both of them have bought me them in the past and at the start of the challenge they both stated that they knew MAC lipsticks were £15.50. Impressive but pointless knowledge as it wasn’t included in the challenge. Sorry boys!

  • First up was the Urban Decay Moondust Palette that retails for £35. Tom said he thought the packaging was cheap and you were paying for the glitter and Alfie said he thought the colours were a bit bright. IMG_1567_Fotor

Alfie’s Guess: £29.99

Tom’s Guess: £60


  • Next was the Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette which retails for £9.99. Although Tom knew of the brand, the gold packaging and the fact that there were four colours in there confused both of them! IMG_0805_Fotor

Alfie’s Guess: £25

Tom’s Guess: £20


  • Next was a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick which retails for £23. Both boys liked the packaging and thought that it looked quite expensive. Alfie hadn’t heard of the brand before so decided to base his guess on what he does know and that’s MAC products! IMG_1583

Alfie’s Guess: £15.99

Tom’s Guess: £22

WINNER: TOM!! + a bonus point for being only £1 off!

  • Stila’s Liquid Lipstick was next and these retail for £16. Both boys thought this was a cheap product and Tom said if I’d paid over a tenner for that I’d been ripped off. Oops.

Alfie’s Guess: £6

Tom’s Guess: £7

WINNER: TOM!! (Just)

  • Next was Bourjois’s Aqua Blush that retails for £8.99. Neither of them were entirely sure what this was or how much it would be but both were familiar with the fact that Bourjois was a lower end brand.

Alfie’s Guess: £12.99

Tom’s Guess: £5

WINNER: TOM!! (By a penny!!)

  • I just had to throw the Beauty Blender in as a bit of a spanner in the works! Unfortunately for Alfie, Tom was aware that these are crazy money so Alfie was a bit disadvantaged on this one as he thought it was a cheap sponge but they actually retail for £16!IMG_0384

Alfie’s Guess: £4

Tom’s Guess: £17.50


  • Next up was the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector which retails for £32. Neither of them had heard of Becca but the packaging told them both it was quite expensive. Tom spent a very long time studying the packaging as he is a proper packaging nerd! Tom said he thought the powder looked quite cheap (awkward!).IMG_1519_Fotor

Alfie’s Guess: £24

Tom’s Guess: £20


  • I thought I’d throw in a MAC product for them in the form of my Studio Fix Powder that costs £22.00. Both boys thought this would be really pricey and they liked the packaging! DSCF9611

Alfie’s Guess: £32

Tom’s Guess: £30


  • Up next was the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette that retails for £9.99. Now Tom had heard of the brand and realised that it would probably be lower end but Alfie based it similarly to the Moondust palette!

Alfie’s Guess: £38

Tom’s Guess: £15


  • I gave them the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation next to see what they thought when they saw the word ‘Chanel’. Obviously they both went really really high on this one when actually it’s only £33!2015-04-17 17.43.21

Alfie’s Guess: £44

Tom’s Guess: £49


  • I threw in the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation for good measure as they thought the Chanel packaging wasn’t that great and this foundation has lovely packaging! They both liked it and Tom thought it was worth more than the Chanel for that reason! This retails for £29.50IMG_0077

Alfie’s Guess: £23

Tom’s Guess: £44


  • Finally, I gave them the Bodyshop Instablur primer to price! This retails for £14 but looks a little cheaper so I thought this could be a good curveball for the final round!IMG_1640_Fotor

Alfie’s Guess: £3.99

Tom’s Guess: £5


OVERALL WINNER: TOM with 8 wins to 4!

This was such a fun challenge to do and something I would definitely recommend you do with some of the men in your life! The shock on their faces at the price of some items was hilarious and definitely something I wish I’d caught on camera! If only I did YouTube hey?! Let me know if you have a go at this as i’d love to read your posts!

Much Love








Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupe?!

I have been a lover of the Naked 3 palette ever since I first got my hands on it. It is an incredibly wearable and flattering palette, particularly for fair ladies like myself. The one downside is that it is just so expensive! I believe the price has gone up to £38.50 which does make it a very high-end item and so I set about finding a dupe that I could share with you all to see if there was a cheaper alternative! Cue Mummy Beauty Files who conveniently brought home the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palettes in her shopping which only costs £9.99! I thought I’d put the shades to the test today to see if there were any good dupes and how the formulation competed!

Each palette has 12 shadows in and some of them are very obviously incredibly similar! If we start from the lightest shade in the Naked 3 palette and work our way across to see if there are any similar shades in the Blushes Nudes (BN) palette:

L-R: BN vs Strange; BN vs Dust; BN vs Limit; BN vs Mugshot; BN vs Trick

UD Strange – This is a light matte creamy shade that is great for under the brow bone or a subtle inner corner highlight. The top right shade in the BN palette is the closest match in terms of tone but this does have shimmer in so it’s not an exact match and may be a touch shimmery for the brow bone.

UD Dust – This is a very glittery light pink colour that has quite big chunks of glitter in. There were no chunky glitters in the BN palette but the second shade on the top row is the closest shade in terms of tone. To be honest I think I prefer that one better than the UD as the chunky glitter sadly doesn’t give off a lot of pigment whereas the BN shade does!

UD Burnout – A slightly darker pink shade. No dupe for this one sadly!

UD Limit – A muted pink matte shade. There is a very obvious dupe for this in the BN palette. This is the shade second from the right on the top row. They are almost identical in colour and tone and the pigmentation was pretty great too.

UD Buzz – A mid tone rosy pink glitter. The closest dupe in terms of tone is definitely the shade second from the right on the bottom row in the BN palette. Despite not being ‘glittery’ it is a lovely shimmery shade and the colour match is pretty good!

UD Trick – This is a really interesting rose gold glitter! There is a lovely rose gold shade on the left hand side of the bottom row of the BN palette. When swatched the colours are pretty close but again the glitter can’t be matched.

UD Nooner – A darker muted mauve matte shade. This is probably one of my most used shades in the palette but sadly there wasn’t a dupe in the BN palette.

UD Liar – A mid tone rose gold shimmer shade. This is an incredibly flattering colour and although there wasn’t a direct dupe there was a slightly similar colour but it matched another colour a bit better so I included it with that instead.

UD Factory – A pink toned taupe that has a shimmer finish. There was no dupe for this in the BN palette.

UD Mugshot – This is a slightly more brown version of liar and matches the shade I was talking about earlier better. The shade is the top right shade in the palette and has a really good colour pay off. The match isn’t exact but it is pretty close!

UD Darkside – This is a lovely taupe/grey and I use this for smoking out the outer corner or using along the lash line. There is a pretty good dupe for this one in the form of the second shade from the left on the bottom row. I would say the BN shade has a touch more shimmer!

UD Blackheart – This is one of the most interesting shades in the Naked 3 palette in my opinion it is a black shade with red glitter flecks running through it. The bottom right shade in the BN palette is clearly a great dupe for this and the swatches were pretty impressive. Potentially the BN shade was more pigmented!

L-R BN vs Darkside; BN vs Buzz; BN vs Blackheart 

You do get four slightly different shades in the BN palette, these are a light shimmery gold/silver shade; a baby pink shade with a slight shimmer; a beautiful rose gold/taupe shimmer shade and a more grey shimmer shade. All the shades are beautiful nonetheless and have AMAZING pigmentation. As you can see from the swatches, the BN shades swatch beautifully and very pigmented! I think the pigmentation is actually slightly better just looking at finger swatches with the drugstore palette than the high end one which I was really surprised about. They do have quite a bit of fall-down though as they are a bit more powdery.

In terms of the packaging there is one clear winner and that’s Urban Decay! The metal tin-like casing is much more aesthetically pleasing and robust than the flimsy plastic of the Maybelline palette. The Naked 3 also comes with a nice handy mirror whereas the lid of the BN palette is simply clear which in my opinion is a bit pointless! Finally, the Naked 3 comes with a really great double ended brush which has a flat end for packing colour on and a fluffy end for blending. The BN palette sadly has a pretty poor offering for a brush with one end a foam applicator and the other a rather pathetic excuse for a brush that is too small to do anything with!Collage_Fotor.jpg

Overall verdict: 

If you haven’t got £38.50 to spend then definitely try the Blushed Nudes palette, the pigmentation is great and the price point is so much more affordable! However, the Naked 3 does have a wider variety of finishes and slightly more unusual colours that just swing it for me. You are paying for the name and the packaging but I like to have a good mirror and brush included with my palette so it is worth it in the aspect for me. I would say the Blushed Nudes is a better options for beginners or a starter makeup kit as it has a handy diagram on the back that tells you which colours to combine and where to put them which is so so useful for eyeshadow novices! The palette is also designed into ‘quads’ that are meant to be used together and the tones of those are really lovely. But if you are the kind of person who would continue to lust after the Naked 3 regardless then just wait and save up as it is a really lovely palette to have in your collection and has a lot of very unique shades in!

Do you have either of these palettes? What do you think of them? Would you opt for the high-end of the high street?

Much Love



Review: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipsticks have been on my wishlist for some time now, but with many lipsticks already in my greedy little hands, I decided it wasn’t an urgent addition! Well as you know I returned my Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara and decided to exchange it for one of the Desk to Disco Lipstick Duo’s as nothing else was calling to me at the time of placing the order! They arrived the other day and I thought it was time to let you know what I think of them!

The shades I ordered were Very Victoria, aptly named after one of my all time favourite celebs, Victoria Beckham; I also ordered Birkin Brown named after those gorgeous, lust-worthy bags! Very Victoria is pretty much the exact same shade as Velvet Teddy in my opinion and is a great, neutral everyday colour that is not too brown or too pink. Birkin Brown is a lovely warm chocolatey shade that is a little bit similar to MAC’s Whirl but perhaps a bit warmer.

The shape of the lipsticks is actually pretty ingenious, the end of the bullet has been squared off at the tip to make it easier to get a precise application. As someone who naturally shapes their lipsticks to quite a slant, the bullet is a fantastic shape for applying the colour and is  quite a fun change to the regular lipstick shape. The rest of the packaging is, in true Charlotte Tilbury fashion, fabulous! The rose-gold ribbed casing is just stunning and looks very high-end when placed on the dressing table!

The formulation of these is not too bad, I certainly wouldn’t call them matte, maybe satin at a push but 100% not matte! They do have quite a natural sheen to them which makes them a little slippy to apply which is very unusual for matte lipsticks. This also makes the colour pay-off not as good as expected. I do feel like you need to use a lipliner for both of these shades to help the colour intensify as they are a little bit sheerer than I would like. This is most obvious with the darker, Birkin Brown, shade as it can apply a little patchy and these are not very buildable. I have tried the other range of Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks, the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range and these are way way more pigmented than the Matte Revolution ones. I would describe those as an amplified formula and the Matte Revolutions as a slightly shinier satin.

On the whole I’m quite happy with these lipsticks, I love the two colours and the packaging is to die for. Despite the lipsticks being incredibly comfortable to wear, I am a little bit disappointed that they aren’t matte when they are advertised as being matte. I do like a matte lip and that’s why I bought these shades whereas i’d have probably bought a couple more from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range instead if I had known. All of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks retail for £23 each which is pretty pricey seeing that my beloved MAC lipsticks are only £15.50! I do love the shades I have though and I am sure they will get a hell of a lot of use.

Have you tried either of the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick formulas? What did you think of them? What are your favourite shades?

Much Love



My First Experience With Microdermabrasion!

Skincare is something that I take very seriously and my skin is generally not too bad apart from having a few spots from time to time and little scars from previous breakouts. For many years I’ve heard about the benefits of microdermabrasion and how it can help with issues such as scaring and blemishes. I’ve always been put off though as the price is pretty steep, around £40 a treatment, and around 5-6 treatments are suggested for maximum benefits! Clearly as a student, this is not feasible in the slightest! Cue my little bit of luck! I was contacted by a friend who knew a lady ,Paula (hi if you are reading this!), that needed a model for her mock and final beauty exams. I was free and as you all know I love beauty, so decided to give it a go. She contacted me and told me that I would be having an Indian Head Massage, Full Body Massage, Hot Stone Massage and some Microdermabrasion. It’s a hard life I know! I thought I’d let you all know how I got on with the microdermabrasion incase any of you are undecided about getting it done!

The process of microdermabrasion is aiming to remove the top 0.04-0.65mm of skin to get rid of dead skin cells and help skin look clearer, smoother and plumper. Paula asked me what I was specifically looking to target and for me it was black heads, acne scarring and the breakouts I do still get. Thankfully she said that microdermabrasion can help all of these areas! The treatment really is tailored to you so if you have specific issues, the treatment can be targeted to those more if need be.

So what actually happens? Well the technician will use a special machine that feels a tiny bit like a mini hoover on your face. It is a weird sensation but not at all uncomfortable or even scratchy! I expected it to be like a really concentrated exfoliator but it wasn’t at all! The technician then passes the novel over the skin in ‘passes’ and the number of passes determines on the severity of the issues you are trying to treat. Mine weren’t so severe so Paula settled for 2 passes. A smaller nozzle is used around the eyebrows, lips and nose to ensure that all the skin is treated.

So what happens next? Occasionally, some people can experience tingling and redness to the skin. My skin doesn’t go red that easily so that didn’t happen to me but I got a very very slight tingling sensation that was actually quite pleasant. Afterwards, she popped a mask on to keep my skin looking healthy and to take down any redness. It was such a lovely cooling mask and made my skin so so soft! I walked out feeling very glowing and my skin looking radiant.

The next day I noticed a tiny bit of shedding but my skin did look smoother and clearer. I have heard that microdermabrasion has been called plastic surgery…without the plastic or the surgery. I don’t know whether I’d go that far but it definitely has some instantaneous effects and I would imagine the longer term effects are even better! I am hoping to have the full course of treatment to get the full effect and see what I think long term but so far so good in my opinion!

Some things to note though are that you need to wear a high SPF (i.e 30+) for the next few days as your skin is much more sensitive and the UV can damage it quicker. In addition to that, even if you see shedding, you shouldn’t exfoliate for the first 48 hours as you need to let your skin shed naturally. Treatments should also be carried out no earlier than three days apart as it gives your skin time to recover.

I can’t wait for my next session on Monday and to see if the benefits are even better. Unfortunately, the lovely Paula’s at home beauty service isn’t in my area, but if, on the off-chance, you live in Worcester make sure you check her out of Facebook here as she is absolutely lovely and so good at what she does! Even if you don’t live in the area, why not give the page a like to help support her as she grows her business!

Have you had microdermabrasion done before? If so how did you find it?

Much Love



Worth The Hype? – Grounded Coffee Scrubs!

These scrubs have really hit the beauty world by storm and have been the feature of many a blog post recently. I’ve been planning to get my hands on one for a few weeks now to see what all the fuss is about, so when I saw it in my Glamour Beauty box I was so pleased! This is a generous sized packet although there is no weight on it as it is a ‘sample pack’. The flavour I got was chocolate orange which would have been the one I would have picked anyway so that was great! I do love a good exfoliator but I can just simply forget to use them so I want a scrub that I love so much it encourages me to use it regularly!

Firstly, the packaging! I do like the packaging and I think it’s really modern and different to other products, however, a paper packet for a product to be used in the shower?! What a ridiculous idea! I left my packet outside the shower and grabbed some product half way through but it still need up getting a bit soggy, not ideal! The packet does have a re-sealable top, however the product gets stuck inside so it’s a bit pointless as it doesn’t shut. Potentially they would be better with a laminated style packet or even better, a tub!

The scent of the product is actually really lovely! They’ve hit the chocolate orange nail right on the head without it being too sickly or fake smelling. It’s almost like smothering Terry’s Chocolate Orange on your legs! However, be warned that as this is coffee based, when you add warm water, the smell does transfer to a strong coffee smell rather than chocolate orange. I like coffee and the smell is just to die for but this one felt a bit cheap. Think nescafe instant granules not freshly brewed Italian coffee!

The product itself is nice and gritty and does exfoliate your body well. The main dislike for me is that it is incredibly messy. I mean this got absolutely everywhere! It was in all the grouting in the shower, the bottom shower tray turned a muddy brown colour and the bag spilt all over the shower mat as the seal doesn’t work! I know this is the unique idea of the product, that it is a ‘loose exfoliant’ not based inside a cream or a gel, but there is a reason this hasn’t been done before and that is simply because it just is not practical! I had to use tiny amounts at a time to try and get this to stick to my body and even then it just went EVERYWHERE! I also find that the cream or gel that normal exfoliators are mixed with is actually what keeps your body moisturised at the end and as there was a lack of this, my legs did feel a little dry after use!

The final point that really got to me about this product was the fact that you’re meant to leave it on your skin for 10 minutes! 10 minutes?! Have you ever tried to keep dry coffee granules on your legs for ten minutes?! You obviously can’t keep the shower on as it just washes straight off so they expect you to stand there freezing cold and wet in the shower with coffee on your legs for 10 minutes. Honestly one of the most ridiculous ideas ever!

There are some lovely points about this scrub, the scent and the branding are great, however I think they are just trying to be too different in terms of there product and in my opinion it does quite work. It’s safe to say my experience wasn’t great and I won’t pick up a full size, which retails for £15, after my packet  has ended which is a shame as I desperately wanted to love it! I think Soap & Glory’s exfoliators are great as a budget option or if you really want to treat yourself, try the Laura Mercier ones which are heavenly!

Have you tried this scrub? What did you think of it?

Much Love