The start of a fitness journey…

As cliche as the title sounds, its probably an apt description of my attempt to start a journey into the world of fitness. An even bigger cliche is how my decision to try and get fitter came about: think New Years Day, New Start and all that crap. The truth is I don’t want to lose any weight, I am just embarassed by how unfit I have let myself become. I want to tone and I want to feel fitter and healthier to try and get over a few issues with both food and myself that have been bothering me for years but I had no idea where to even start. I’m currently at uni studying a relatively time-consuming degree, so during my many hours of revision procrastination in January I sat down with my MacBook and tried to set a plan into motion. Naturally, this ended up with me buying plenty of sportswear (post to come!); parading round the house in it and doing the bare minimum in terms of exercise. Good Start!

So my first idea was to try and use YouTube videos like Blogilates by Cassey Ho (, as I was too self conscious to brave the gym, for fear of being laughed out of the place! I absolutely loved the videos, I felt they were the right side of challenging and the day after I’d done my first session of videos I was seriously hurting. EVERYWHERE! I took this as a very good sign and proceeded to stare at my abs every day in the mirror, convincing myself a six-pack was forming beneath my eyes. Spoiler: It definitely wasn’t! It was all going well until I finally knuckled down with revision; started back at work and the big deal breaker: dislocated my elbow! This put a bit of a halt on my dreams of looking like Millie Mackintosh. Bummer.

Take two. So my arm’s back to normal (ish); exams are done and any muscle I had gained through the videos had well and truly vanished again. So back at square one and with a slightly weak right elbow I went back to the drawing board and came up with running. God knows why, I hate running! I even went as far as to tell my Dad, serial half-marathon runner, that I wanted to run 5k this year and set it as one of my new years resolutions. Now 5k may not sound a lot to most people but I can’t run 5 metres without wanting to collapse never mind 5000! So I downloaded an app that told me it would take me from the couch (bed would definitely be more appropriate) to 5k in a matter of weeks. Sounded too good to be true to me but I thought I’d give it a go. So on went the trainers – straight from the box – along with all the other sports gear i’d yet to cut the tags out of. To cut a long story short, I put it off and put it off and ended up wearing that outfit all day but never actually leaving the house. Running was clearly another non-starter for me!

Third time lucky. I needed something I would stick to, something that would motivate me to keep going but was relatively low impact as my arm was still a little fragile. So I went back to my seven year old roots and decided on swimming. My motivation? Purchasing a gym membership from uni that set me back £80 and that lasts until the end of July. I bought it on a whim and instantly felt like I was onto a bit of a winner this time. Only draw back – no swimming costume and believe me, buying one that fits is not an easy task! I’m quite a short girl in general but clearly rather out of proportion, my legs are short but what I lack in the leg department I apparently more than make up for in the torso! Every swimming costume I tried on came up so short it didn’t even cover my nipples and on the off chance it did cover some of my modesty I won’t even begin to tell you what was going on in another area! I eventually found one but then I had, to use an awful phrase, ‘all the gear but no idea’. So searching for inspiration as to where to start on the internet I came across SwimFit, an online program that helps tailor make you a swimming plan. I am pleased to say that this was the perfect solution for me! I’m now in the fourth week of training and I can feel myself getting (marginally) fitter! Well i’m sticking to it at least and starting to get why people turn to exercise as a stress reliever finally!! I think in my next post i’ll explain a bit more about SwimFit and my regime – if you can even call it that – but for now i’ll leave it there as reminiscing about the last two months has pretty much traumatised me so much that I don’t think i’ll ever sleep again! Till next time…

Much Love


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