The Sports Wear Low-Down

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So as promised a quick post on all that sports wear I bought prior to doing any exercise. My first purchase was a pair of PlayerLayer Black Women’s Leggings. They have recently redesigned their leggings and i’m telling you, they’re comfy! These retail for £49.50 and are available to buy from you can even have them personalised with your name and initials to avoid any thieving fellow gym goers taking them. I tried to match the orange on my leggings by buying a similar coloured sports bra, genius I know. This one is from Nike and it’s their Mezzo sports bra in Mango/Ash. I bought this from ASOS in their sale for around £17.00 but I believe they actually retail for £35.00. Gotta love a bargain! I thought I was all set to go until I realised I had no trainers. Minor set back I thought but actually they probably could have waited till I actually went to the gym. No-one told me you don’t need running trainers to go swimming! So I bought these New Balance running trainers anyway. They are honestly the comfiest and most supportive shoes I have ever put on my feet if I could get away with wearing them to uni everyday I definitely would. I bought them from sports direct and I’m sure they were around the £30.00 mark, so not bank breaking in the grand scheme of things. Whilst there I picked up a Nike Dri-Fit white tee, I liked the idea that it kept you cool while you exercised, no-one wants to look like a hot mess right?! My swimming costume is just a plain Navy speedo endurance + one (not pictured) and my final purchase was a PlayerLayer LugLayer to chuck all this stuff in and they retail at £29.95. Clearly I was still on the same colour theme with the interior of this bag! So there you have it, my rather small yet adequate exercise gear collection. I am pretty happy with it but the lure of more Nike sports bras may get too much coming into summer! I’ll keep you updated…

Much Love


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