14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge: Day 14!

We’ve made it! It’s the final day of the challenge and I have loved doing it, it’s really got me thinking and also got me some great recommendations from you lovely readers! The final day is all about my favourite YouTubers and for me this was pretty simple. I’ve narrowed it down to my favourite 5 who all have amazing blogs too!

  1. Vivianna Does Makeup IMG_8813Anna has taken the top spot in this list. She is just amazing, I love her blog, I watch every video, I listen to her advice, I buy all the products she recommends. I just think she is the best and I find her really easy to relate to unlike some other YouTubers. Her blog is: http://www.viviannadoesmakeup.com
  2. Lily Pebblesimg_2331-jpgHow can you talk about Anna without talking about Lily? They are very similar in style and often have similar posts but different products included in them! I love Lily, I find her so down to earth and she gets up to some great stuff in London which makes me want to live there a little bit more! Her blog is:http://www.lilypebbles.co.uk/
  3. Essie Buttonget-the-gloss-essie-button-1Estee from Essie Button is so cute and quirky, she has a great range of videos and her instagram is full of great pictures! She made me love Grey Hounds from her amazing clips of Reggie and I always make sure I stop by her blog and her YouTube Channel! Her blog is: http://www.esteelalonde.com
  4. Amelia Liana IMG_9021Amelia is my high-end favourite, she posts about products that I lust after on a frequent basis, yet still does drugstore beauty too. I love the way she edits her videos and I find her really easy to watch! Her blog is: http://amelialiana.com
  5. Fleur De Force maxresdefaultI have watched Fleur for years and years now and I find her videos really easy to watch. She appeals to a wide audience range and I find her recommendations amazing. She has great style and has also just released a book which I am yet to get my hands on. I feel like unlike other very popular YouTubers, she hasn’t let fame get to her head and is still the same genuine woman she was when she started. Her blog is: http://fleurdeforce.blogspot.co.uk

Theres my top 5 YouTubers! I could go on forever as there is so many I love and not all of them are makeup related. Shock Horror! Who are your favourite YouTubers? Are you subscribed to any of the ones I have mentioned? I hope you’ve enjoyed my 14 day challenge as much as I’ve enjoyed doing it! I am now about to start my exams so my uploading schedule may be a little bit all over the place. I would still like to do a daily post but I am aiming for 3 posts a week until exams are over, if I can fit any extra in it will just be a nice bonus! However, I really do love blogging and I find it a good de-stress so it may end up staying as daily posting, but definitely not twice daily! Good luck to anyone else who has exams, here’s a Ryan Gosling MeMe to get you through! (There was about a thousand I could have chosen so picking one was pretty difficult!) :hey-girl-good-luck-on-your-exams-i-believe-in-you

Much Love



Giveaway Time: Win a MAC Lipstick of Your Choice! *Closed*

100-followersLast night I went to bed with 98 followers and this morning I woke up and I had hit the 100 mark! Thank you so much for following me, I am so happy that so many of you are actually interested in reading my little blog! MAC-Fantasy-of-Flowers-Lipsticks_Fotor_CollageAs promised, I have decided to do a little giveaway to say thank you to everyone for following! This is my first giveaway so bare with me as I’m not entirely sure how I want it to to work, but I’ve come up with some rules:

  • You must be a follower of this blog
  • For an extra entry, you must also follow me on Bloglovin’
  • You must like and reblog this post
  • Finally, drop me a comment to say that you’ve done so!

This giveaway is open internationally, I don’t know whether it will be international in the future as I am unsure on the costs! But for the purpose of this giveaway, no matter where you are, you can enter! The prize is one of MAC’s Original Lipstick line in any colour that you desire! This giveaway is going to be open until 23:59 GMT on the 2nd of June, a long time I know but I have exams until the 2nd so I want to be able to enjoy going to buy the lipstick without feeling guilty about not revising! This also means it allows the maximum amount of people to enter! The winner will be found using a random generator online which means everyone has an equal chance but if you follow me on bloglovin’ too you have twice the chance!

All that’s left to say is a huge GOOD LUCK and thank you so much for following me!

Much Love


How To Survive A Pretty Shitty Day

So, today has been pretty crap. I woke up this morning and instantly wanted to go back to sleep and wake up when the day was over. There was nothing specific about today that I was worried about or dreading but you know when you instantly get that feeling about a day? I worked today but I’ve had a headache all day and amongst a few other things, I have managed to lose a ring that my boyfriend had bought me as a gift only a couple of weeks ago. I am so upset I can’t even explain it. I am one of those people who hold great sentimental value to small items and this was one of those things. I am still optimistic about finding it but I have spent the rest of the day crying at absolutely everything. Female hormones are seriously the worst thing ever when it comes to crying!! So, how to make yourself feel a bit better when you have days like this? I have compiled a few steps, which have all been put to use tonight:

  1. Eat something that you enjoy -within reason eat whatever you want. Obviously, if you are on a diet don’t go and blow it all as you’ll feel guilty which will make you feel worse, but eat something that makes you feel a bit better. I opted for a M & S Deli Lasagne and a tub of pic ‘n’ mix. My mum had also made Toffee Popcorn Panna Cotta (I can do a post on it if you are interested?) so I ate my own body weight in cream. Nice.
  2. Have a nice long shower/bath – I find that a nice long bath is good when you are achy and tired but a shower is good when you want to wash away the shitty attributes of the day! I used my Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel which made me feel a lot better!
  3. Take your makeup off – I love taking my makeup off, it’s so satisfying and leaves you feeling fresher which can really make all the difference!
  4. Watch a film/some TV – Take your mind off the day by watching something that will help!
  5. Talk to Someone – Your boyfriend/girlfriend, Mum/Dad, friend, grandparent, whoever is most important to you, get them to give you a few minutes of their time and a good cuddle. My boyfriend is the best at this and instantly makes me feel better. He brought pic ‘n’ mix with him and a good shoulder to cry on!

I’m sorry that this post is a bit of a Debbie Downer but I just didn’t really have anything else to write about today other than my rubbishy day! What do you do on days like these? Tomorrow is another day and I will be back with a more upbeat post I promise!

Much Love,


14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge: Day 13

Who would have thought that we’d already be at the penultimate day of this challenge?! I feel like todays request is actually the hardest, I have to try and pick a favourite brand! This is pretty much impossible! For that reason, I’ve cheated again! I’ve picked a couple and separated them into categories!

The Best All-Rounder – Benefit 72c5562a118779f8dd56eacd10ccf725
Benefit have a product for everything, and there is only a very small few things that I have tried and wasn’t keen on. Perfect for women of all ages, this brand has cute packaging, great products and is of a reasonable price.

The Cult Brand – MAC

Everyone loves MAC, they have a wide range of colours and products with different finishes and textures. The packaging is classic and the products are renowned by all beauty bloggers across the world. I really have loved pretty much everything I’ve ever bought from there!

The Brand I Lust After The Most – Charlotte Tilburyct-for-dbSince trying the foundation for the first time, I am hooked. There will be no going back now with this brand, I just want to keep buying more as it just feels such a high-end luxury. I love watching Charlotte’s youtube videos too but they just make me want the products even more! The packaging is just dreamy and the whole brand feels so chic! Watch this space, I will be buying some soon!

What’s your favourite makeup brand? What are your favourite products from the brands I’ve mentioned?

Much Love


Budget Beauty At It’s Best: 17 Lipsticks

I have a serious obsession with lipsticks and when things are cheap, I tend to go a bit wild. Now, I have currently put myself on a bit of a product ban until I finish some things up so that is my latest mission! I will keep you posted with how that goes but at the moment, it’s going pretty slowly! Today, I want to talk to you about the Supreme Shine Lipsticks By 17I discovered today that I have 6 of them whilst ‘shopping my stash’. A little obsessive I know but the colours really are great! When trying a budget lipstick brand out, I like to go for a wide range of colours to see if the formulation is the same across all the shades. These ones hold up pretty well actually! IMG_1417I think the packaging is pretty cute, the colour range is great and the price is amazing! At the moment they are only £4.99 a piece or buy one get the second half price, even more of a bargain!! Here’s a picture with swatches in:IMG_1418From left to right, the colours are: Pink Posey, If You Please, Hot Flash, Hot Stuff, Barely Blush & Rich. As you can see, I have tried everything, nudes, brights, darks and even a purple! The pigmentation is really great and as the name would suggest, they are really shiny. They last quite well and leave a bit of a stain behind which only helps to prolong the colour. They are really creamy and easy to apply and feel quite moisturising on the lips. If you are looking for a budget lipstick this spring or summer I would definitely check these out as they are the perfect way to try a new colour without forking out the world! Unfortunately, these are exclusive to Boots but I hear that they are shipping to more countries now so you should definitely still check them out!

Have you tried these before? Which colour is your favourite? What are your go to budget lipsticks?

Much Love


14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge: Day 12

Now I’ll just come out and say it now, I’m not a massive lip gloss fan. As a girl with very long hair I am forever trying to unstick it from my lips. It’s just a lot of hassle and I hate it! However, there are two types of lip gloss that I do love and they are the Laura Mercier Lip Glaces and the Revlon Colourburst Lip Glosses. 

I have two shades of the Laura Mercier Glosses, both of which came in the limited edition Lip Trios that were available at christmas. The first colour I have is Ruby Spark which came in a set that looks like this:Laura-Mercier-Ruby-Spark-Lip-TrioThe three items used together create a gorgeous red lip but the gloss really does finish it off beautifully and makes my lips look lovely and full!

The second colour I have is Pink Spark which has taken a real battering since my mum has discovered she loves to wear it too! The unfortunate thing is that this one was limited to the set too so we can’t even replace it when it runs out! It is a gorgeous glossy pink with slight glittery particles which really looks lovely on the lips. I may have to hide this to save what is left of it as I am sure as soon as I leave the house Mum runs to put some on!! This set looked like this: Laura-Mercier-Pink-Spark-Lip-Transformer-TrioThis really is the perfect set for all occasions and the glosses in both sets are full size which really made the £25.00 well worth the money as the full size Lip Glace alone is £19.50! I will be keeping an eye out for any permanent shades so I can show you one that I love without it being limited edition for once!

One kind of lip gloss that isn’t limited edition and is also much more purse friendly is the Revlon Colourburst Lip Glosses. I have the shade ‘Hot Pink’ and it is so highly pigmented it is unreal! I wear this almost like a liquid lipstick and it is so bold and vibrant! I always get comments on this when I wear it! 1911776These are quite a bargain too at only £5.99 and they have a great range of colours for you to choose from. I really like the packaging too and colour in the tube is very true to what actually transfers on top your lips! As you can probably tell, I do love bright lips as I feel they complement my complexion better than nudes!

What are your favourite glosses? Do you have any recommendations that aren’t very sticky? Do you like bright lips or nude lips the best?

Much Love


Get the Look: Mac Woodwinked

So since posting my favourite eye shadow yesterday, I was asked if I could demonstrate the look I explained in the post. So when I woke up this morning and was getting ready for uni I just felt like doing it today! image1_Fotor_CollageMy foundation today is the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow in Fair 2 (i’m still trying the samples out to decide which colour I like best but this one does seem to be a particularly good match)! I also used my favourite Clarins Instant Concealer in 01 which I wrote about way back on Day 2 of my makeup challenge! As you can see this combo really does create quite a flawless texture to the skin and I am desperate to order the full size of this amazing foundation! My brows are my usual Benefit Brow Zings in Light and my blusher is also the predictable Benefit Coralista. To give a bit of a warmth to the skin I used the Soap & Glory Solar Powder which did the job nicely.

So onto the main event, the eyes! I primed my eye lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion and I only used one eyeshadow for the entire look and I achieved this by sweeping Mac Woodwinked all over the lid and using a clean brush to buff the edges out. I then went back to woodwinked and pressed the colour over the inner and middle sections of my eye. As you can see this really does create a lovely smoky look with quite minimal effort! I then used my Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen to create a nice winged line. I smudged some of the woodwinked eyeshadow onto my lower lash line to continue with the smoky effect. I used Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Grey to line my upper waterline and applied a couple of generous coats of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. I also did quite a bold red lip (which unfortunately you can’t see in the picture) but I used a red No 7 Lipliner and Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Lipstick 3 hours post application, the lips (and everything else for that matter!) are still going strong!

As you can see from the picture, this colour really does make my blue eyes look brighter, more blue and more awake! If you try this look let me know as I would love to see the result!

Much Love