14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Blusher! Now I don’t know about you but blusher is something I reach for on a daily basis. I feel like it really finishes off a look nicely and leaves your skin looking healthy and youthful. My favourite blusher of all time is the Benefit Box Blusher in Coralista. 


As you could possibly guess from the name, this is a gorgeous coral colour that has a slight bit of shimmer to it so also doubles up as a bit of a highlighter when applied correctly. This is my second box of this blusher and I think I’ve also been through a miniature too. As soon as I finished my last box my boyfriend took it upon himself to buy me another as he said he thought it looked nice on me. He’s a keeper. And clearly this product is too! I have well and truly hit pan on this blusher again and I’m pretty sure it won’t last me past summer. I do already have another miniature lined up which may be appearing in a post later this week, so I am well prepared. The only thing I would say is between buying my last box, and this box, Benefit have changed the packaging from a pull off lid to a hinged lid, which is actually more practical, however, I don’t know what they’ve done to the print but all the pattern is rubbing off the outside of my box and within around 3 months of having this it looked so grubby! So here we are 2 and a half years later and it now looks awful!! Its a shame as the product inside is great and they also smell amazing! The box has a little mirror in the lid and it also comes with quite a nice little brush, but my boyfriend nabbed that to clean dust out of small spaces in his car, so I use the Real Techniques blush brush which works wonderfully. I feel like this blush would look great on a lot of skin tones but I particularly love it on fair skin tones like mine as it looks so natural!

What are your favourite blushes? Have you tried Coralista?

Much Love


11 thoughts on “14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge: Day 5

    1. I don’t know whether stock is the same in boots in Ireland to here in the UK but boots used to do a trial set with a small Coralista Blush and a Coralista Lipgloss in for £9.99 rather than the £22-23 for the full blush. I don’t know whether they still do it or whether it was limited edition but if you can find it you should get it as it is such good value for money if you want to give the blush a try! xx


      1. wow! I must look this up it could be on the site if so I can get them to deliver into the shop! thats amazing! I actually seen a benefit kit of small samples too and it included hoola too .. but I think it was along the 30 euro mark :/ xx


  1. You’ve definitely got your boyfriend well trained! I absolutely love the benefit blusher, I’m using Sugarbomb at the moment but thinking about changing it up, so might have to give this one a try! xo


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