Top Bathing Products That Do Good AND Smell Good!

2015-04-21 08_FotorSo, for the duration of the 14 day makeup challenge I am aiming to post twice a day, one post for the challenge and one post dedicated to something else in case the challenge isn’t your cup of tea! So today, as my ‘something else’ post I decided to focus on the bathing products I have that smell incredible as well as working great as a product. For me, scent is a massive deal breaker with a product. If it is too strong or I don’t like the smell, it will give me a headache and I won’t use it, but I like there to be some scent if that makes sense? Unscented products often feel a bit cheap or pharmaceutical and naturally, that is something I don’t want out of a product! I’m going to separate these by brand as I do tend to stick with brands that I know I love.

Laura Mercier 

2015-04-21 08a_Fotor

I have only recently got into Laura Mercier products but I have not been disappointed. My favourites included in this picture are (from left to right):

  • Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Honey Bath (with Honey Dipper!) This has a gorgeous sweet vanilla scent and fills your bath with lovely soft bubbles. You use the honey dipper included to get the right amount of product and you then proceed to swirl this under the running water. It smells good enough to eat and although it is expensive at £33.00 this lasts FOREVER! Well not literally forever, but I did get this in October and I have used it so much yet i’ve still got over half left. That’s getting your moneys worth in my books!
  • Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Scrub (With little Scoop!) Apart from the scent of Laura Mercier products I love that they come with a little tool for each product. This body scrub comes with a little scoop so you can avoid getting your nails all dirty by digging around in the pot. It is way more hygienic this way as well! I cannot even describe to you how amazing this scent is. It is like walking into a patisserie! The scrub is very fine but packed full of exfoliating grains so your skin really does get a good scrub! The scent lingers on your skin for ages afterwards and you are left with very silky smooth skin too! Again not cheap though at £37.00, I’m reserving this for very special pampering sessions!
  • Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Body Wash Now I have used this as a body wash a few times and a little does go a very long way. It foams up really nicely, as I mentioned above this particular scent is divine, which makes it even worse that they are discontinuing it! You can still get it online though so you have to pick some up while you have the chance! However, I have been mainly using this as a bubble bath! It creates bubbles like the honey bath does but in my favourite scent from the range. I like being able to have choice when it comes to my products so I pick between the two scents depending on my mood. It is marginally cheaper than the honey bath at £31.o0 but I think you would end up using it up quicker. All in all, this entire range is not one for people on a budget but if you are looking for a luxury treat for yourself then this range is absolutely perfect.


2015-04-21 08b_Fotor

Now you should all know my love of Clarins by now as I’ve blogged about it a bit too much, but their products are some of the best I’ve found! These bath and shower concentrates are no different! They can be used as shower gel or as a bubble bath and come in these two scents, ‘relax’ and ‘tonic’. These are gift with purchases and like the beauty flashbalm I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am yet to actually pay for one of these as they are always giving them out in their gifts. The full size is 200ml so double the size of these, but it shows you actually how generous they are with their gifts! The full size retails at £19.00 which puts these considerably cheaper than the laura mercier products. Again a little goes a very long way with these, just a tiny squirt fills your whole bath with bubbles.

The scents are very different actually, ‘relax’ (the blue one) is very calming, as you would probably expect, and has quite a herbal scent that initially I wasn’t too keen on but has really grown me since! It has extracts of Basil, Chamomile and Petit Grain (whatever that is) and also has a mix of St John’s Wort, Linden and Valerian extracts. St John’s Wort is a herbal remedy for improving mood and Valerian is used in herbal sleeping remedies. This would explain why I am always so calm and ready for bed when I get out of a bath after using this!!I would have been really sceptical about this fact but since trying it, I am hooked!

‘Tonic’ (the yellow one) is more of a aromatic scent, this is better if you are having a bath first thing in the morning as it’s a bit more invigorating and wakes you up quite gently. I would say I do prefer ‘relax’ to ‘tonic’ however, this is still a nice one to have in the cupboard. This has extracts of Rosemary, Mint and Geranium in it which perhaps explains why I slightly prefer the other scent as Geranium is not my favourite, however it really is only an undertone and I would say that the Mint and the Rosemary are more the dominating scents.


2015-04-21 08c_Fotor

L’occitane’s Almond Shower Oil is just beautiful. The scent is absolutely wonderful and they also make a hand cream in this scent which I one of my all time favourites! It isn’t a slippy oil as it emulsifies with the water when you apply it to form a kind of milk. It is lovely for cleansing your skin but also works great as a substitute for shaving creams. I use this when shaving my legs and underarms and it leaves my skin so soft it’s unreal! I have used this when in the bath and unlike conventional oils it doesn’t turn the bottom of the bath into an ice rink! Although I used to be an ice skater, this does often prove a problem when getting out the bath so I am glad this product tries to save me from those disasters! This retails for £18.00 so again, this isn’t cheap but it also won’t break the bank either. It also makes a lovely gift for a fellow beauty lover or skin care addict!

The Body Shop

2015-04-21 08d_Fotor

This is my favourite range from the body shop as the smell is just so fresh and zesty! It really sets you up well for the day and the scent lingers on your skin just the right amount! The whole bathroom smells like this for ages after you’ve used it in the shower which I really like. This retails for £12.00 and you get 750ml which without a doubt would last you ages. My friend has even said one of these has managed to last her an entire year. At the current rate at which I am lathering this on my body, this will not last me a year but it is still going down quite slowly! I am keen to try other products from this range as there is surprisingly a lot of products with this scent. The only thing I don’t fancy is their body butters as I find them way too heavy and the scent quite overpowering.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any ‘does good, smells good’ recommendations?

Much Love


2 thoughts on “Top Bathing Products That Do Good AND Smell Good!

  1. I love the body shop shower gels/creams in shea, coconut and brazilnut and mango was good too. I’ve tried that almond oil. It smells too good. You should try the Soap and Glory bath products. Those smell yummy!


    1. Oh I do love the soap and glory products, particularly the peaches and clean cleanser (although not from the bathing range it really does smell good!). Oooh i’m going to have to go into the body shop for a sniff of those soon. The mango one sounds right up my street!

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