5 Pairs Of Shoes To See You Into Spring!

So it’s really sunny outside today and it just made me feel like writing more of a style post this afternoon! I am a massive sucker for a nice pair of shoes and being only 5″4 I particularly love heels! I’ve picked my five favourite or most worn pairs of shoes to show you guys what style I like to go for at this time of the year! Hopefully there is something to suit everyone in this post!

2015-04-23 15_Fotor

First up is my trusty Toms Wedges in black. These are made of lovely soft black suede and lace up the front. They add a bit of height yet are comfortable to wear all day everyday if you wanted to. They have been an amazing investment and since I got them 2 years ago I have had so much wear out of them and I always get complements on them! They hardly show any signs of wear and are suitable throughout the entire year. I have been wearing these on slightly cooler days with either a dress and black tights or turned up jeans! 2015-04-23 15a_Fotor

Unfortunately, my bad camera skills don’t really do these justice but if you’d like to look at them more or purchase them you can do so here. I am a little bit heart broken because, as I was searching for a link for these to show you where to buy them, I noticed that they are now 40% off! This makes the £47.99 rather than £79.99! I may be purchasing another pair in tan now after seeing this offer! Watch this space! The lovely thing about the Toms brand is that for every pair of shoes you buy, they donate another pair to a child in an underprivileged country! It’s a win win situation really!

The next pair of shoes were a ‘well done in your university exams’ gift from my boyfriend. They are the ASOS Molly Rose shoes in tartan! Now I was initially drawn to these as my real name is in fact Molly Rose, however for the purpose of this blog and the fact that I am a little shy online, I chose to write under my middle name ‘Rose’ instead. Nice little daily fact for you all there! These shoes are a perfect accompaniment to a nice pair of dark denim jeans, the look quite effortlessly cool, which is something I don’t often achieve very well! The only down side is that the back is a little stiff so there have been more than one occasion where these have shredded my ankle to pieces!2015-04-23 15.30.25 These retail for £22.00 but unfortunately have sold out! They do have a pair of black mock croc ones here but I’m not quite as keen on them as the tartan pair!

The next pair is for all you Converse lovers out there! I have the White Leather Low Top Converse and they just go with absolutely everything! They do keep my feet quite cool, they are comfortable to walk in and can just be wiped clean if they get dirty! Something that I would probably benefit from doing now! There’s not much else to be said about these apart from that everyone needs one pair of trusty converse’s in their wardrobe!!

2015-04-23 15b_Fotor

These retail for £45.oo and are available from Schuh, both in store and online I believe!

Now, as I said, I am quite a love of heels and would probably reach for them more than trainers or flats! I’ve perfected the art of driving in the now and feel great when I wear them! I picked up this pair from Dorothy Perkins in the sale a couple of weeks ago and I have worn them non stop ever since! They are a lovely taupe/grey colour and go with everything! I have some really nice black and white patterned trousers from Topshop and they look great with them! 2015-04-23 15.29.50

They have an adjustable ankle strap and peep toe detail and look like you’ve made more effort with your appearance than you probably have! The best thing is that they were only £20! Bargain! If you fancy them here is the link to them and they’ve randomly knocked another 50p off the price so they are £19.50 now. Even better!

My final pair is literally one of my favourite ever pairs of shoes. I bought these whilst with my best friend in Stockholm and lugged them back home in my hand luggage so they didn’t get bashed around. They are from & Other Stories and they are baby blue suede with tan leather inside and a chrome effect heel. I just absolutely adore these, I think they set me back around 600 Swedish Krona which is around £45.00 but I think it was nearer £50 by the time they had charged my card to be used abroad!

2015-04-23 15c_FotorUnfortunately I cannot find a link for these anywhere! I have no idea what they are called either and I don’t even know whether they were just exclusive to the Swedish branches or not! I just feel like these are too unique not to include in this post!

There you have it, my top 5 pairs of shoes that I’ll be wearing this spring/summer. Which pair is your favourite? What will you be wearing on your feet?

Much Love


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