What’s In My ASOS Saved Basket: Shoes & Bags

Since writing my WishList post yesterday and seeing RavishingRoses ASOS post, it got me looking at what’s in my ASOS saved basket. At the moment there are more shoes and bags than anything else as I am going through a bit of a phase with them, so I thought I’d do another ‘wish list’ style post but on whats actually sitting in my saved basket right now. image1xxl-2_Fotor_Collage

  1. Dune Mariella Rose Gold Platforms £85.00 image1xxl-2The only thing that has stopped me buying these is the price. I simply cannot warrant that at the moment as a poor little student! The really are beautiful though and if there is a magic shoe fairy out there who would like to grant my wish then I would be forever grateful!
  2. Steve Madden Dence Leather Mid Heel 2 Part Sandals £65.00image1xxl-3I love a good pair of tan sandals for summer and I have tried on a few pairs from Steve Madden in the past and loved them. I am determined that this year will be the year that I eventually own a pair!
  3. Steve Madden Flute Woven 2 Part Flat Sandals £55.00image1xxl-4As you can see, I do love Steve Madden’s designs, these are just the perfect neutral, flat sandals for on holiday and with nice floaty summer dresses!
  4. Truffle Collection Zada Strappy Heeled Sandals £28.00 (in the Sale)image1xxl-5I really fancied a white pair of heeled sandals this summer and these look lovely. Perfect heel height, not completely white as the would just end up filthy, and plenty of straps. I just love how they look with those turned up dark denim jeans! They should have been £42.00 as well so maybe I should get them while I can as ASOS have an extra 10% of the sale for the next few days!
  5. The Leather Satchel Company Pixie Bag £58.00 (in the Sale)image1xxl-6I have already expressed my love for Mint Green on this blog and this bag is just gorgeous for spring and summer! It should have been £116.00 originally so again, maybe I should take the extra 10% off as a sign! I am always one for lugging around huge bags full to the brim of anything I might ever need but I would quite like a small bag for just running to the shops or meeting friends for coffee.
  6. River Island Tassel Slouch £32.00 image1xxl-7I saw this this morning whilst browsing and instantly fell in love. The style, the colour, the tassel! Heaven! It is also a pretty reasonable price for such a lovely bag too! It’s also big enough to fit my endless supplies of handbag junk in too! Win!
  7. River Island Orange Winged Mini Tote £32.00image1xxl-8Again, we all know I lust after anything in the colour orange, yet I don’t actually own a bag in that colour! This is another lovely mini sized bag for those days when I don’t feel like being a pack-horse! I did not realise how many nice things River Island actually sold and for such reasonable prices too! This is no exception!

Which one of these do you think should be top of my to-buy list? Are you as obsessed with shoes and bags as I am?

Much Love


15 thoughts on “What’s In My ASOS Saved Basket: Shoes & Bags

  1. Those. sandals. are. beautiful. Oh my god. I am currently the heart eyes emoji! I really, really hope you get to own a pair of Steve Madden this year! Crossing my fingers for you. 😉


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