One Brand Face: Benefit

Whilst having a browse through my makeup this morning I realised, that I had enough benefit makeup to do an entire makeup look! Call me a little obsessive, but I really liked this fact! Here’s what benefit makeup I used on my face today!
2015-04-26 20_FotorPrimer: The Porefessional This miniature has lasted quite a long time so far and create a nice smooth base for my foundation to apply to. This is from the set that I mention below.

Base: Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! I have a miniature of this in a set that boy friend got me for christmas, I am pretty sure that the colour is Ivory. This is a great way to try out some of benefits base products without having to fork out for the full-sized product!

Concealer: Boi-ing This set has two different shades of this concealer in and I love that I can blend the perfect shade to suit my skin tone whether i’m really fair or I’ve got a bit of a tan!

Powder: Hello Flawless Powder I’d never tried this before getting this set and I actually really like it! It is nice and light and stops me looking too oily.

Here’s a close up of the face kit:2015-04-26 20_Fotor

Brows: Brow Zings As I have mentioned before, I love this brow product. It contains everything I need for a well-groomed brow look!

Blush: Coralista Predictable me, yet again! This is just the perfect shade for me and for that reason, this probably won’t be the last time you see this mentioned in a post!

Bronzer: Hoola This made a bit of an appearance today, a lovely matte bronzer that is nice to warm up the completion and do a little bit of natural looking contouring.

Highlighter: Watts Up! This is from my Cheeky Sweet Spot blush palette I mentioned the other day and is a great cream highlighter! It blends into the skin pretty smoothly and creates a nice natural glow. I also sometimes use this on my eyelids for a subtle sheen!

Cream Eyeshadows: Birthday Suit Skinny Jeans I like to put skinny jeans all over the eye and birthday suit in the inner third for a bit of a brighter more wide awake look. The only grumble I have with these is that they dry out pretty quickly! I feel like I really have to work the product and warm it up before I can apply it properly.

Mascara: Bad Gal Lash Benefit’s original mascara that I have loved from the beginning. I like that it doesn’t have a plastic brush and creates nice volume and length!

Lips: Lady’s Choice I have had two miniatures of this lipstick not and I’m almost through this one. It creates a wonderful my lips but better shade, the formula is so creamy and has a lovely glossy finish. I have only tried two shades from their lipstick collection but I really would like to try more!

What do you think of the products I have mentioned? Do you like benefit makeup? The only thing I was missing was an eyeliner however, I don’t wear it every day! Do you have any benefit recommendations for me to try?

Much Love


7 thoughts on “One Brand Face: Benefit

  1. I love Benefit! Their Hoola Bronzer is my fave, its such a great matte bronzer! I love the Porefessional too, its the only thing I’ve found to minimise the appearance of pores!

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