Budget Beauty At It’s Best: 17 Lipsticks

I have a serious obsession with lipsticks and when things are cheap, I tend to go a bit wild. Now, I have currently put myself on a bit of a product ban until I finish some things up so that is my latest mission! I will keep you posted with how that goes but at the moment, it’s going pretty slowly! Today, I want to talk to you about the Supreme Shine Lipsticks By 17I discovered today that I have 6 of them whilst ‘shopping my stash’. A little obsessive I know but the colours really are great! When trying a budget lipstick brand out, I like to go for a wide range of colours to see if the formulation is the same across all the shades. These ones hold up pretty well actually! IMG_1417I think the packaging is pretty cute, the colour range is great and the price is amazing! At the moment they are only £4.99 a piece or buy one get the second half price, even more of a bargain!! Here’s a picture with swatches in:IMG_1418From left to right, the colours are: Pink Posey, If You Please, Hot Flash, Hot Stuff, Barely Blush & Rich. As you can see, I have tried everything, nudes, brights, darks and even a purple! The pigmentation is really great and as the name would suggest, they are really shiny. They last quite well and leave a bit of a stain behind which only helps to prolong the colour. They are really creamy and easy to apply and feel quite moisturising on the lips. If you are looking for a budget lipstick this spring or summer I would definitely check these out as they are the perfect way to try a new colour without forking out the world! Unfortunately, these are exclusive to Boots but I hear that they are shipping to more countries now so you should definitely still check them out!

Have you tried these before? Which colour is your favourite? What are your go to budget lipsticks?

Much Love


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