How To Survive A Pretty Shitty Day

So, today has been pretty crap. I woke up this morning and instantly wanted to go back to sleep and wake up when the day was over. There was nothing specific about today that I was worried about or dreading but you know when you instantly get that feeling about a day? I worked today but I’ve had a headache all day and amongst a few other things, I have managed to lose a ring that my boyfriend had bought me as a gift only a couple of weeks ago. I am so upset I can’t even explain it. I am one of those people who hold great sentimental value to small items and this was one of those things. I am still optimistic about finding it but I have spent the rest of the day crying at absolutely everything. Female hormones are seriously the worst thing ever when it comes to crying!! So, how to make yourself feel a bit better when you have days like this? I have compiled a few steps, which have all been put to use tonight:

  1. Eat something that you enjoy -within reason eat whatever you want. Obviously, if you are on a diet don’t go and blow it all as you’ll feel guilty which will make you feel worse, but eat something that makes you feel a bit better. I opted for a M & S Deli Lasagne and a tub of pic ‘n’ mix. My mum had also made Toffee Popcorn Panna Cotta (I can do a post on it if you are interested?) so I ate my own body weight in cream. Nice.
  2. Have a nice long shower/bath – I find that a nice long bath is good when you are achy and tired but a shower is good when you want to wash away the shitty attributes of the day! I used my Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel which made me feel a lot better!
  3. Take your makeup off – I love taking my makeup off, it’s so satisfying and leaves you feeling fresher which can really make all the difference!
  4. Watch a film/some TV – Take your mind off the day by watching something that will help!
  5. Talk to Someone – Your boyfriend/girlfriend, Mum/Dad, friend, grandparent, whoever is most important to you, get them to give you a few minutes of their time and a good cuddle. My boyfriend is the best at this and instantly makes me feel better. He brought pic ‘n’ mix with him and a good shoulder to cry on!

I’m sorry that this post is a bit of a Debbie Downer but I just didn’t really have anything else to write about today other than my rubbishy day! What do you do on days like these? Tomorrow is another day and I will be back with a more upbeat post I promise!

Much Love,


13 thoughts on “How To Survive A Pretty Shitty Day

  1. I typically do similar things. Good food – a shower – take off makeup – watch an upbeat tv show or movie – talk to someone. Maybe I’ll do some online shopping or go to the gym and run it off. Hope you’ll have an amazing day tomorrow !

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  2. Love these tips. I read somewhere that taking a shower or going for a swim is one of the best things you can do when having a bad day. For some reason, water’s cleansing powers work on the mind as well.

    Either way, thanks for sharing! If you’re ever interested in some similar inspirational musings or quality book reviews, be sure to follow! Thanks!

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  3. Awwwh I’m so sorry to read about your bad day, it really sounds like you’ve had a tough one 😦 Hope the ring turns up huni and that tomorrow is a much better day for you!! Karen xo


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