How To: Make MAC Saint Germain More Wearable!

Back when I was about 14 I bought my first ever MAC product, Saint Germain Lipstick. This is hands down the most unwearable product I have in my collection but the 14 year old me thought the Barbie look was fabulous! Being one of those people who is reluctant to throw out products, particularly if they were expensive, I have devised two ways to make this a more wearable product so I can finish it up!

Firstly, lets see how it looks straight from the bullet:Finished SG 1It’s pretty bright and barbie-ish and no other makeup that I apply looks quite right with it. It is a very ‘out-there’ colour, which looks lovely on some skin tones but does not complement mine very well. Due to the fact it is quite a cool-toned pink, it makes my teeth look quite yellow unfortunately. So, onto the backup plans:

  1. Make It More Neutral With A Nudefinished SG 2This is MAC Saint Germain layered with MUA’s Lipstick in Shade 14 Bare. I also used Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Tantalising Taupe. You just need quite a beige nude colour to tone down the pink. I feel like this is so much more wearable and is not too nude and not too pink. This is perfect for the day time as it is quite complementary to most of my makeup choices.
  2. The Bold Ombre LipFinished SG 3This is one of my favourite lipstick combinations to wear. It’s so bold and the subtle ombre look is really on trend at the moment! I line the lips with No 7’s Precision Lips Pencil in Plum and blend it into the centre of the lips. I apply Saint Germain to the centre of my lips only and blend the two together with my lips. You need to keep adjusting the amount of lip liner and lipstick until you are happy with the ombre effect. This is quite simple to do, yet looks really effective!

HandSwatches from left to right: MAC Saint Germain, MUA Shade 14 Bare, No 7 Lipliner in Plum.

products on floor

Do you have Saint Germain in your collection? What other unwearable lipsticks do you own? Which is your favourite look? I’m hoping to have more higher quality photos from now on, my lovely boyfriend has been helping me out and he is much better than I am, thanks T!

Much Love


16 thoughts on “How To: Make MAC Saint Germain More Wearable!

  1. Haha! I have a lipstick from elf that is quite similar to that shade! Totally unwearable, indeed! xx


  2. I also have Saint Germain! And I believe it was one of the first MAC lipsticks I purchased as well. I have never worn it alone lol. I always pair it with nude lipsticks too! I’ve used it with MAC creme d nude. Other unwearable lipsticks I own are surprisingly from MAC too lol, I have both of the Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipsticks the super hot pink shade and the lilac purple shade. I’ve seen soo many people pull these off but I just can’t! I look weird and they also make my teeth appear yellow. I guess I just can’t pull off bright lippies lol


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