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Follow-me-small-newI used to have a personal twitter account but deleted it for the sheer fact that I simply used it to vent all my angers of the day into a form of social media. Not healthy. However, I have decided to give it another try for any of you twitter lovers out there who would like to hear a bit more from me each day. There may be pictures (occasionally of me if I’m not feeling too shy) and general beauty twitterings. You may also get the odd angry ramble about something thats happened during the day. If all this hasn’t put you off, then please follow me I’m @RoseBeautyFiles and I will follow you back and would love to get to chat to you all a bit more!

Much Love


23 thoughts on “Follow Me on Twitter!

      1. I need to have a look at this sidebar as I don’t know if my blog theme even has one. Everything I think I put in the side bar appears on the … bit at the top of my page. Strange. I’m not very technical, it’s a bit of a problem really! xxx

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      2. It’s a widget you make – so – go in widgets and see if Twitter timeline is available – and then it will redirect you to twitter and then copy and paste – I think most themes support it xo


    1. Haha thank you so much Cat! My boyfriend used to work in web design but he’s never worked with wordpress so it’s thrown him a little bit too! I need to keep having a play with it! He picked this theme so lets blame him for making it extra difficult!! xxxx

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      1. Haaaa I’m right there with ya – it’s such a pain in the rear! 😀 Thank you so much for the follow also, great to connect via our capped Tweets now too lol X

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