So Yesterday… Molly Got Her Spend On Again!

I went into Boots to catch up on my training, with the view to go in, do the training and get the hell out of there before anything could catch my eye! I went in, did the training, and on the way out…. Clarins may have got in the way. Naughty Molly! So the blogger in me thought ‘hey, this would make a great post’ and that is how I justified the purchases! Simple.

2015-05-11 13.49.49Let me get you up to date with the deal. When you buy two things from Clarins at Boots at the moment, one to be skincare the other to be whatever you like, you are entitled to a free gift which you can pick and choose yourself.

The free gift includes:

  • 1 Striped Clarins Beach Bag (I got one of these last year too and they really are a great size and quite sturdy!)
  • 3 Miniature products – I believe the offer is in store only so I can’t remember the full list of products but some of the things (that I didn’t choose)  were their face exfoliator, Tonic Bath and Body concentrate, Body Lotion and a few other bits and bobs.

So… what did I buy?2015-05-11 13_Fotor2015-05-11 13 2_FotorI actually only bought two things, the first being a full-size of the Instant Light Lip Balm in 01 Rose. Words cannot describe how much I love this, the smell, the texture, the packaging, the colour. It is just the most stunning product ever. They are £18.00 so not a cheap lip balm but if you buy it I swear you won’t regret it! I’ve got my eye on the red one next! The second thing I bought was the One Step Facial Cleanser to give my face a quick cleanse in the mornings as opposed to removing my makeup. I usually use their peach cleanser but they were out of stock and I was impatient! This is a bi-phase cleanser so you have to shake it to mix the oil and the water together. I used it this morning and it was lovely and refreshing. It had a lovely orangey smell too which I really like!

So, what did I get free? I picked the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel as I am a bit of a sucker for cleansers. I have never tried this believe it or not so I’ll maybe do a review on it at some point if you would all like that? My second product is my beloved HydraQuench Cream this is so moisturising and hydrating! I stock up when they are part of the free gifts as I only use it when my skin is really dry. This means I’ve never had to buy the full thing which in my book is a winner! It is too heavy for my skin now as it’s heading towards summer but come autumn time this will do wonders for my skin! The final freebie I actually got for my Mumma. Her and my Dad are heading off on holiday in two weeks so I got her her favourite moisturiser the Super Restorative Day Cream so she doesn’t have to take her glass pot with her. If you are early fifties, this is the Clarins cream for you. Boy is it pricey but my Mums skin looks incredible, plump, glowing and perfectly moisturised. If you don’t mind the price tag  and want something to help slightly mature skin then look no further!

Now, as if that offer wasn’t good enough, Boots have two more offers on. One that says when you buy 2 Clarins products you receive 1000 advantage card points and another that says if you spend over £35 you get 500 advantage card points. I spent £38 but received £15 back on my advantage card! That basically means I only spent £24 right?! Now, I have spent a lot of my advantage card points but this means I still have £85 there to spend. So I want to know, what products from Boots do I have to go and buy with my points?

Much Love


18 thoughts on “So Yesterday… Molly Got Her Spend On Again!

    1. Yep I use the Body Shop Vitamin E Toner 🙂 My favourite ever was by Estee Lauder but it’s been discontinued and its replacement is sooo not worth the money 😦 I did a current skin care post a little while back if you fancy a looksie i’ll pop the link here >>>
      I’ve also been adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil to my toner as exams=stress=spots! xxx


  1. Oh dear why do you do this to me? I’m about to go out for lunch, head to Boots and do what you did! The deal with the points is amazing and I really fancy some more Clarins products in my life! Aaargh! x


  2. I LOVE the gwp from Clarins! They’re always so generous! I have bought way too much skincare there due to gwp time lol. Oh that Instant Light Lip Balm looks amazing – they must be fairly new or else I would have owned one by now (am on a No-Buy this whole year). I may or may not own 4 shades of the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors…

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