Review: Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Yes, you read correctly, another Clarins product that I am going to rave about. I can’t help it if the brand is so good! Sadly none of these posts are sponsored and all products have been bought with my own money!  

 If you are like me and have a ridiculously pale face then this product is something you need to invest in. This retails for £18.00 for 15ml of products and is for use exclusively on the face. They have now released the same product in a body formula I believe but I am yet to get my hands on that! I hate normal fake tan and always lean towards tinted moisturisers or gradual tanners as they look more natural and don’t go so patchy. However, the mositurisers are always rubbish, smell gross and aren’t targeted towards your skin type. This is where this product steps in! You put a few drops (more or less depending on your desired tan) in with your night time moisturiser and apply it to your face like normal. The next day you wake up with a lovely natural looking tan. It really is as simple as that. You can do it daily to build up a nice colour or just a couple of times as a one off. It lasts for a while but obviously the more your cleanse and tone etc, the quicker it fades. When you open the top up, there’s a tiny little dropper to help only get a couple of drops out rather than accidentally pouring the whole thing out! 

 This tiny bottle will last you absolutely ages so again it is great value for money! The only downside I found is that I was once lazy when it came to washing my hands after applying this and my finger nails actually stained yellow! They were like that until they grew out, it was awful! So make sure you wash your hands afterwards! I have had no staining of bed sheets or clothes with this and it didn’t break me out either! 

Now all that’s left to do is get my hands on the body version! Have you tried this? What facial tanner do you use? 

Much Love 


15 thoughts on “Review: Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

    1. It’s not highly scented and as you mix it with your own moisturiser I would imagine it would be okay. I’ve never had any reaction to it or any clarins products before but my skin is not overly sensitive. Your best bet would be to go and speak to one of the girls just to double check but I would imagine it should be okay 🙂

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  1. I have this too and I love it! Oh btw I went to Boots today and got the same cleanser as you did and the energy moisturizer! I got the lovely bag and the samples as well which was amazing and I can’t wait to try everything! xx

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      1. I got the blue moisturizer and the cleanser like you and also got the peeling 🙂 Will keep you posted! How do you like the cleanser so far? xx


      2. I like it actually! Left my skin feeling very soft and clean without being too dry! Took all my makeup off really nicely. I love the blue moisturiser! Glad you got some good bits!! Xxx


  2. i wanna try this – everything i have tried – face wise – tanning stuff has left me kinda peachy -= hello not natural –
    i do Love Clarins …..
    it’s amazing That they are available almost everywhere xo

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  3. hey this product seems awesome…im always scared to use tanners on my face as you can get pimples…or i tend to:( and clogged pores…


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