My New Favourite Eye Combination?!

So today’s post will be short and sweet, I’ve had my first exam for this semester today and I think it went okay thank God! I was getting ready for my exam and decided to give my new Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate ago. The colour is just so rich and unique that every time I pick it up I just want to swatch it!2015-05-20 21_Fotor So I pressed this all over the eye and then buffed it out in the crease but I felt like I wanted a bit of extra sparkle. My friends and I were deciding to start a new trend ‘Exam Glam’, where you spend half an hour applying makeup to destress but get carried away and end up applying it a bit too glam! Does that make sense or just student silliness? So, for the extra sparkle I reached for my Lancome loose pigment, which I believe is from one of their holiday collections. The shade is10 À la Belle Étoile and is a stunning rose gold colour. I absolutely loved the effect this gave when it was pressed over the centre of the eye! It really complimented the deep berry tone of the cream eye shadow. Here’s how the two colours look together:2015-05-20 13.16.30 What do you think of this look? I absolutely love it and although it is probably more of an autumn/winter look, I think I will be wearing this a lot over the next few weeks as it is so easy! I hope you guys don’t mind a shorter post today, I am so tired tonight but I want to keep up my daily posting. I should of listened to my own advice and scheduled a post but I completely forgot!

Much Love


29 thoughts on “My New Favourite Eye Combination?!

    1. The Lancôme one Molly has is super pretty!!!! I don’t know the cost on those. I have some mac ones that are nice. Not glittery though, more shimmer. Not too expensive either.

      I do love glitter though😄💖

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  1. Wow this looks amazing, thank you for bringing about just the look I’ve been trying to master!! I’ve been at a loose end looking for a shade just like this when actually applied and it looks fab! Xx


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