The Love/Hate Tag

Thank you to the lovely Styled With Joy for tagging me to do this! She has a great blog so you should definitely go and check her out!

The rules are pretty simple: In this tag we have to share 10 things we love and 10 we hate and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same.

So, 10 things that I love:

  1. Pugs. I am obsessed, they are just so funny and cute and I NEED one in my life!
  2. Sim City Build It. This app is probably the most played game on my phone! Its a little like the original Sims games but you have to build a town rather than one house. I absolutely love it and it is so addictive. If you get it, add me so we can be friends. (Omg I am so sad its unreal!)
  3. My Family. I am a massive family person and I love being around my family and love the fact that I still live with them so they are always there for support when I need them.
  4. My Boyfriend. T is just amazing. We have spent almost 3 years together and we still make each other laugh as much as when we first met. We have the same sense of humour and we are best friends. He is high on the things I love list!
  5. Coffee. I love lattes and cappucinos but they have to be decaf! Caffeine sends me all weird and makes me feel a bit sick. Nobody has time for that!
  6. Driving. I LOVE driving! I passed my test shortly after my 17th birthday and I have driven every day since, that’s over three years! My little car is just great, I love having the roof off when its warm and music up loud.
  7. Heels. I wear heels most days as I just love the fact they lengthen my legs. I find them pretty easy to walk in now and I would buy hundreds of pairs if I had the money.
  8. My Bed. I spend a lot of time in bed, particularly during revision as it is where I am the most comfy! I love the warm protective space it gives me!
  9. Numbers. I am a big numbers girl. Maths was my favourite subject at school and I find it comes relatively naturally. Give me Algebra over an essay any day! (Also sounding quite sad!)
  10. Cocktails! I love cocktails, I love making them, watching people make them and drinking them. They look amazing and fast amazing! I’m pretty sad at the moment as I’m on medication that means I can’t drink so I am pining after my cocktails!

10 Things I hate:

  1. Stereotypes. When I was in my teens I was very blonde and slim and I was forever getting dumb blonde jokes or people asking me if I had an eating disorder. As a young girl this is something that really effected my confidence.
  2. Thin Shaming. Kind of linked with the point above but I hate that now everyone is supporting curvy women, they are turning to shaming slim women instead. Megan Trainor for example is one of the guilty parties for this. We should be moving completely away from slamming peoples body confidence, not switching from curvy girls to slim girls! I could write a very long post about this as it makes me so angry!
  3. Revising! It’s that time of the year again and I am just ready for it to be all over already! There are many times when I have said to T ‘Kill Me Now!’.
  4. Anxiety. I do suffer from this and it really sets you back. It’s sad as you want to look forward to something but you just find that your head tells you to be anxious instead. Big hate for this!
  5. Bananas. Eugh, the texture, taste, smell, look. I hate everything about them, even the gross yellow colour!
  6. Cats. I am not a cat person. They are everywhere! and when you go to peoples houses with cats and they are on the worktops by the food or on the floor where a baby is crawling round it makes me want to be sick. Their hair gets everywhere, they make me sneeze, they are moody, they scratch you and most importantly the scratch my bloody car!!
  7. Bad Drivers. I get serious road rage sometimes when there is just an awful driver on the road. Like, how did they pass their test?! If they’re really slow, or really erratic I just get so angry!
  8. Removing Glitter Nail Polish. It shreds the cotton pad, it scratches your nails. Why is it so difficult?!
  9. Sore Losers. Particularly recently the Labour Party supporters. All those riots made me so angry, all because the majority of the public chose a different party! And defacing that statue dedicated to the women of war was disgusting!
  10. Mums With Pushchairs. Literally these women are on a different planet! I don’t know whether the whole process of giving birth lost them their common sense but they come at you with their buggy and try and fit through the smallest gaps or force you to walk on the road. When there are multiple children, on scooters too… Ugh don’t get me started!

So rant officially over! Bet Joy wishes she’d never asked me to do this tag haha! So, I nominate:

I hope you liked finding out a little bit more about me! I plan to do either the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag or something similar for my anniversary with T in just over a weeks time so you can find out even more then!

Much Love


25 thoughts on “The Love/Hate Tag

  1. Omg I actually ADORED reading this. SO with you on the body shaming. I’ve got it all my life and it’s really effected me! Damn you Megan trainer- it’s okay not to be curvy too!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So so true! I went to go and get my nails done and they made a comment like that too! It’s like as if I wasn’t conscious enough myself, now I’ve got other people saying it too. Eurgh I could rant forever about this!xx


      1. I have really bad cat allergies and they send me into an asthma attack 😔 I also don’t like that they walk on the worktops in the kitchen – icky! Xx


  2. Totally agree with the thin shaming! I recently illustrated a set of curvy fashion models, just for something a bit different and shared them on facebook. The amount of people who commented saying “It’s nice to see REAL women” really pissed me off. Just because someone is skinny doesn’t make them any less real! Urgh!

    Also pushchairs and glitter polish- Yes!


    1. I know!! Real women come in all shapes and sizes! Women who work hard for a slim figure or get one naturally are just as “real” as a woman who prefers to be curvier! People would never go up to someone and say you are too fat but they feel it’s acceptable to go up to someone and say they are too thin! It’s so biased! Xx


  3. Fun tag. I actually kinda hate driving. I find it stressful to be around other drivers, haha. Also, I grew up outside a big city where public transportation was always an option and was sometimes the better option. It sucks to now live in a place where driving is pretty much a necessity.

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  4. Wow it’s so funny what you said about thin shaming. I was just thinking to myself earlier about the last time I updated my wardrobe… it really has been a while. I was a size 3 when I met my husband (4 years ago) and a lot has happened since then to contribute towards me being a size 14 but I so feel like I don’t fit anywhere! All models these days are either super thin, or they are plus sized… and I think they are gorgeous no matter what but why can’t we all be beautiful no matter what size we are!? Ugh. Great, great list though I really enjoyed learning more about you (and I think pugs are super cute too, hehe)!


    1. I know what you mean, if you are just a normal size then it feels like either category won’t accept you. I think it’s so sad that that’s how things have become, I could honestly write such a long post about it! Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you liked getting to know me more. One day I will own one of my own! I’m determined!! Xxx

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