Review: Laura Mercier Hand Creams 

Now I have mentioned before about my love for the Laura Mercier Bath & Body range. The scents are good enough to eat, the packaging is gorgeous and the products are well worth the money, in my opinion. So today I thought I would review the hand creams from the range and let you know my thoughts on them and whether I think they are worth splashing your cash on!  

 I have two of the hand creams from the range and I have them in my favourite scents: Creme De Pistache and Ambre Vanille. When I was looking online for the prices of these they really did vary but on average they are around the £13 mark, so not break the bank but not ultimate budget either. The packaging of these is so sophisticated and really fits in with the Laura Mercier style, despite being the cheapest products in the range. I have to be honest and say I am not blown away by these. The scent is nice but it is way too strong for a hand cream and it lingers for ages! Some people may like that, however, I apply hand cream before I go to bed and it was so strong I struggled to get to sleep! If I use them after applying perfume, I honestly cannot smell my perfume on my wrists. If the scent was a little milder and didn’t linger so long it would be lovely as they do smell good enough to eat! 

Finally, the actual formulation of the hand cream is not my favourite, it’s very thick and doesn’t soak in too easily so it’s not an ‘apply on the go’ type of hand cream. My l’occitane Almond hand cream is definitely better in comparison to these. It’s a shame as I love everything else from their range that I’ve tried so far. I don’t hate these but I just wouldn’t recommend them or buy them again when there are definitely better and cheaper alternatives. 

Have you tried these hand creams? If so what do you think? What’s your favourite hand cream? 

Much love 


15 thoughts on “Review: Laura Mercier Hand Creams 

  1. Ha! I have the pistachio sitting at my desk right now! They are very strong aren’t they? But they smell so lovely. I’m not sure if I would repurchase though – a bit heavy for me.


      1. yeah! I think i’m going to do the same with mine soon. If only it didn’t cost so much…


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