Review: Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Lotion

So in my recent Body Shop Haul I purchased the Vitamin E Moisture Lotion as I had run out of my Kiehls moisturiser and I feel like at this time of the year, my skin needs something a little lighter, yet still hydrating. Throughout summer I usually opt for a lotion rather than a cream as I find creams are a bit too heavy whilst my skin is a little less dry. As a bit of a side note, my skin is a little bit blemish prone, is combination, dehydrated and not very sensitive. I have been seriously impressed with the Body Shop lately and this product has only helped to enhance that view. I absolutely love it! img_1595-1_FotorHere are the reasons why I feel like this has been such a skin care game changer:

  • My skin is incredibly soft, now I mean that whole ‘touch my skin’ soft. It is so lovely and silky smooth, it’s amazing, I have never experienced that with any moisturiser in the past, even expensive ones.
  • It is only £12! I am a person that has spent up to £40 on a moisturiser before and this is a bargain!
  • It has SPF 15, now I know most moisturisers have SPF in nowadays but I really like the fact that this is helping to protect my skin now it’s getting a little bit sunnier.
  • It is absorbed so quickly into my skin, there is no waiting around to apply makeup in the mornings, it’s great!
  • Now the big one: my skin is now neither dry nor oily, there are no dry patches and there is absolutely no oil, it’s incredible! I am honestly amazed at how it’s done this and although it doesn’t claim to be a mattifying lotion, I have really noticed the difference throughout the day with how my makeup wears.

There are a couple of things I’m not mad on though:

  • The smell – it just smells a little cheap and not very luxurious. I know scent isn’t everything but if it smelt a little bit more like Clarins, that would be the icing on the cake!
  • The tube – it feels a little bit like a 12 year old trying out skincare for the first time. Maybe it’s me but again it’s not very luxurious. I do love skin care and for me, everything about the product adds to the experience and I am a little picky when it comes to the small touches.

Overall though, I am thoroughly happy I purchased this, it has really improved the condition of my skin and hasn’t caused any break outs or any other adverse reactions. If like me you have combination skin that during this time of the year leans slightly more on the oily side, this is a real winner. I think I am going to try the cream version of this when my skin is drier as it gets towards winter as I’d love to see how that fairs too. I think I would give this 8/10 as I am really happy I am using this now. This tube will easily see me through the summer and I love what it’s doing for my skin. Have you tried this or anything else from the Vitamin E range?

Much Love


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