The Budget Eye Brush Set You Have To Get Your Hands On!

So, earlier on this week, my favourite Facebook Page ’10 Ways to Have More Money as a Student, Without Working’ made me aware of a glitch that was happening on Amazon. The glitch was that a 7 piece eye brush set from the company Lamora was on sale from £39.99 to £11.90, and if that wasn’t good enough, there was a discount code that meant they ended up being entirely free! Seeing as I had nothing to lose, I frantically typed in all the relevant details and managed to secure myself one of these sets. They arrived a day or two later and I have to say I am seriously impressed with them! image1

Firstly, these are a vegan friendly set of eye makeup brushes that are made with synthetic hair that will wash better and hopefully keep their shape and last longer. I have been playing around with these already and not one hair has dropped out of any brush and they seem to be of high quality and really well made. The handles are a lovely smooth matte black that is nice to hold and has the name of each brush engraved in silver on them. They look really professional and make me think of the MAC brushes in both their looks and feel. The hairs are soft and rather similar to those of Real Techniques makeup brushes and even some of the cuts are very similar!

The brushes included in this set are:

  • Angled Shader Brush – This is very similar to the MAC 275 brush or the Real Techniques Angled Shadow Brush (From the Nic’s Picks Set). It is really fluffy and looks like it will be great for blending eye shadow into the crease.
  • Small Shader Brush – This is similar to the MAC 239 or the MAC 231, it is lovely and flat and would be perfect for packing on eyeshadow or particularly loose pigments. I’ve never owned a brush this shape, but i’ve felt its been something my collection has been lacking so I am really glad this was included!
  • Blending Brush – This is a long, very fluffy and very flexible brush that looks like it will buff out eyeshadow like a dream! It is so soft and is a lovely oval shape that tapers out ever so slightly.
  • Precise Shader Brush – I plan on using this on either the lower lash line or I may even use it as a lip brush as it is quite dense and is the perfect tapered shape. It is a very similar shape to the Real Techniques Detailer Brush.
  • Classic Shader Brush – This is similar in shape to the MAC 252 brush but perhaps slightly flatter. It looks great for packing on colour all over the lid again and I have a feeling this could become quite a well used brush!
  • Angled Detailer Brush – This would be great for eyeliner or for filling in your brows. It is very similar to the Real Techniques Eyeliner Brush from the Nic’s Picks collection or the MAC 208 brush.
  • Detailed Pencil Brush – I’ve never owned a pencil brush but I have really wanted one for the lower lash line and also for the inner corner highlight. I guess the closest MAC match would be the 219 but this is thinner and slightly longer than that brush, but they would both do a similar job.

image2I am so happy with all the brushes contained in this set and the quality is amazing. I would be very happy if I had paid £11.90 but as I got these for free I am ecstatic! If you fancy getting your hands on this set that contains some very good high-end brush dupes, then here is the link to the Amazon listing.This set comes in such a handy little tube that would be great for travelling and for a brand I had never heard of, I am seriously impressed!

Much Love


22 thoughts on “The Budget Eye Brush Set You Have To Get Your Hands On!

  1. What a lovely set of brushes! And free which is incredible xx Amazon have been doing some great offers recently – I managed to get the Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes for £4.99 rather than £21.99 which I thought was a bargain – but your find definitely trumps that; a great find! Xx


    1. I also got the Real Techniques Nic’s Picks for £13.00 rather than £29.99 so I was happy with that too! I think still got an amazing bargain! These really are amazing and if you ever are looking for a bargain set then you should consider these, they are so fluffy and soft!! Xx

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  2. Just came across this post!!! This is fantastic, really have to look into this – hopefully the offer is still on?!? Also only discovered I wasn’t following?!?! what the heck? I’m sure I was – is wordpress being weird or am I loosing plot?! Either way you’ve a new recruit lol Huge apologies huni, Karen XXXXXXXXXX


    1. Sadly the freebie offer is not but I believe they are still on sale for £11.90. Honestly, now I’ve used them all week I would pay double that for them! I think they may even beat my RT eye brushes! They have yet to shed one hair and blend out eye shadow beautifully! I feel like thats happened to me sometimes or that I have accidentally unfollowed when using the app on my phone? Don’t apologise! I’m just happy you keep stopping by and commenting! lots of love xxx

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      1. I got them Molly!!!!!!!! *squeals of excitement* Ordered them about 20 mins after reading your post – couldn’t resist! lol I got them for £8 + £5pp which I thought was pretty darn reasonable – especially as the reviews are incredible!!!! I shall literally be stalking the poor postman next week lol
        Awwh you’re so lovely, thankfully I’m DEFINITELY following now – it’s happened about 3/4 times, not sure if I’m doing something wrong or it’s a glitch. Either way I’m sorted now lol XXXX


      2. Yay! Im so pleased you got them! I am honestly tempted to buy a second set, as I have Amazon prime I think they are £11.90 free next day delivery! I have been so so happy with them! They have really improved my eyeshadow looks so I hope you are happy with them too! I haven’t washed them yet but they have been amazing for everything else and not one hair has fallen out which I think is pretty good going! xxxx

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      3. Ooh you should, especially if you’re getting them for even less than us non-primers!!! lol Cannot wait to try them!!!! If they work for me too I think I’ll treat myself to another set too… at that price it’s more than worth it before stocks run too low 😉 hehe Thank you again for sharing – this is why I looooove blogging so darn much!! lol X

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