Review: The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel

Since I’ve been using cleansers rather than face wipes to remove my makeup I have constantly been on the look out for a facial cloth that is a little more gentle on the skin for those days when you don’t want to exfoliate your skin in the process or you need to be a little gentler around your eyes. I discovered the Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel on a trip into town and I was so curious about it I picked up two! The flannel comes in a packet when you buy it as is a little damp and very flexible like a normal face cloth. 511Is+sMVAL._SX466_It has quite a squidgy texture to it and is more like a very soft sponge texture that is very silky to the touch. The cloth claims to enhance cleansing and be gentle on the skin, so this would be perfect if you have sensitive skin or find muslin cloths too abrasive. I have to say that this product is amazing at getting rid of makeup! Any cleanser I have used with this, be it Liz Earle, Clarins or Body Shop, it has removed my makeup quicker than normal and doesn’t tug at the skin in the slightest or leave it looking red from all the rubbing. It is so gentle on eye makeup and I don’t end up losing that many eyelashes like I can occasionally do when using a muslin cloth. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and smooth and soft and it is genuinely a pleasure to use. Another amazing thing about this product is the fact that the makeup doesn’t stain the cloth like it does with a regular cloth. As long as you rinse it under water once you are finished the makeup residue just seems to run straight off. I do still like to pop these in the wash with whites every now and again to give them a good clean but they are pretty low maintenance.

There are a couple of things I’m not too keen on about this product though, firstly, the price, these are £4.50 each if you don’t buy them on an offer which I think is quite pricey for a glorified cloth! However, I got mine during a 40% off event and they are definitely worth picking up during an offer! The other thing is that when these dry, they dry absolutely rock solid, they are so brittle and hard until you add water to them again which I find completely weird! You have to fold them when they are wet otherwise you will never get them back in your drawer again without breaking them. Because of this one of mine does have a tear in it but the other is still holding up great.

Overall, I am very happy I picked these up and I think they are great for a quicker and more gentle cleanse and I think they would be essential for anyone with sensitive skin as they really don’t aggravate the skin at all. They are a little bit more pricey but if you compare them to other cleansing tools like the Clarisonic they are incredibly cheap so it depends which way you look at it.

Have you tried these cloths before? If not, what do you use with your cleansers to take off your makeup? I am keen to know what everyone else uses so let me know in the comments. Also, I need some advice, I really want to buy a cleansing brush but I don’t know which one to try! Have any of you tried one and if so how did you find it?

Much Love


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16 thoughts on “Review: The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel

  1. At the moment I’m just using a flannel for my cleanser Which probably isn’t the best…so I might give this a go! Shame it’s a bit expensive xxx


      1. Yeah for sure! I’m on there mailing list so I’ll be on it next time haha xx


  2. This sounds like a really good companion to cleansing! Right now I just double cleanse, but I’m sure with something like this I could get even more grime out. haha I’ve had cloths that have been super soft, but when they dried, they were so brittle (they were body cloths, though). It is a little weird how they do that. 😕


  3. I have one of these – bought them when I bought the Camomile cleansing balm (during a sale). I do agree, they have an odd texture that I don’t love. I still prefer using cleansing oils / balms using just my fingers. Good tip about folding it while it’s still wet! 😛


    1. I don’t find that if I just rinse with water I get all the makeup off. I need to give it a bit of s scrub with something to get it all off. Yes I used this with the cleansing balm last night and it was so quick to remove all my makeup!

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  4. I’ve got quite sensitive skin and always have used Simple make-up wipes & cleanser to remove my make-up. This looks like it’s worth a try though so I’ll keep an eye out for any offers it may have on it! x

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