Face of The Day: How to Wear Bright Blusher

So it’s really warm in England today and couple that with my skin having improved dramatically over the last few weeks, I decided to do my makeup slightly differently today. I very rarely wear anything other than Benefit Coralista as blush, which is something you are probably aware of by now, but today I wanted to wear a much brighter blush and the one in my Naked on The Run Palette certainly fit the bill! 2015-06-11 14.42.44So what did I use on my face today?


  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – I’m on a finishing up mission at the moment and I’ve had this little sample hanging around for over a year now! I’ve really enjoyed using it but I won’t be racing to buy the full size once it’s finished, I don’t think it makes my makeup last any longer or look smoother really.
  • Rimmel London BB Cream in Matte – When my skin is clearer I use this to show off my natural skin more, I was actually complimented by my friend on how good it looked and it was all down to this!
  • Clarins Instant Concealer – This is my go to concealer that is just the perfect shade for me! (I have the lightest shade if you were wondering!)
  • Benefit Hello Flawless Powder (Not pictured) – I take this all over the face but predominantly down the T-zone to ensure I will look oil free all day. I’ve never found a pressed powder I love and I really need to, this is okay but nothing ground breaking!


  • Benefit Brow-Zings – Nothing new here at all, my favourite brow product hands down, you’ve heard me ramble on many a time about this now!


  • Bronzer – Soap & Glory Solar Powder – I mentioned this in my recent favourites and I am still loving it, I think I underestimated it a little bit originally but I do really enjoy using it at the moment and it gives me a gorgeous healthy glow!
  • Blush – From the Naked on The Run Palette – This was the star of the show really, I haven’t used it that often and I am really pleased that I have rediscovered it. At the end of this post I am going to write my top tips on how to make a bright blush work so keep reading!
  • Highlighter – 50/50 (From the NOTR Palette) – Apparently this is technically an eyeshadow but it also makes a nice highlighter too!


  • All Eyeshadow were from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette! I used the darkest matte shade Nooner on the blending brush from my new favourite Lamora eye brush set and buffed that out into the crease and the outer corner. I then took the lightest matte shade Strange on the small shader brush, from the same set, and packed that onto the inner corner and the mobile section of my eyelid. It was all looking a bit matte for my liking so I took the shimmer shade Burnout on the same brush and pressed that onto the middle section of my eyelid. I ran a little of Nooner on my lower lash line to keep the look slightly smoky. For liner, rather than using a pencil, I took the darkest shade Blackheart on the angled detailer brush to make a subtle winged effect. I also took this on the outer third of my lower lash line too.
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara – Definitely one of my all time favourites! The brush is fantastic and has not deteriorated in the slightest the whole time I’ve been using this!


  • Mac Mehr – I had to trial out my new Lipstick from my most recent haul right?! This was the perfect colour to tie this look together and I was really happy with it!

Top Tips For Making Bold Blush Work:

  • Use a very light hand! Don’t go assuming you can apply it like your normal blush as bright blushes tend to be much more pigmented and you will look like a clown!
  • Use a big fluffy brush – This will help you buff it out and make it look a bit more natural.
  • Keep the rest of your base simple – don’t go thinking you can heavily contour and highlight and then apply a bold blush, you still want it to b subtle! Also if you wear a very thick and heavy foundation the whole look could look a bit cakey, which is never good! Stick to a light foundation or a BB or CC cream!
  • Stick to one tone of colour – I new I wanted a bright pink blush so I went for eyeshadows that were a tone of pink too and the same goes for my lipstick. You don’t want everything to clash so keep it all in similar tones!
  • Wear a nude/nudeish lip colour – the blush is meant to be one of the main focuses so you don’t want a bold lip too, keep it simple and it will look fab!

And here’s the finished look:2015-06-11 11.19.52I was really happy with how this has turned out and I am also so happy with how my skin is looking now. This photo has not been edited in the slightest and my blemishes are really minimal now which makes me so much happier and more confident! Let me know what you think of this look and if any of the products mentioned are some of your favourites too. By the way I have linked any products that I have already written a full post on to that post, so if you want to read more then just give them a click!

Much Love


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43 thoughts on “Face of The Day: How to Wear Bright Blusher

  1. This looks so lovely! I’m a fan of the way your skin is so glowing… I’m struggling with finding new makeup looks that still look really natural but this is really pretty.

    Really awesome blog 🙂

    Danika x


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I am definitely putting the whole improvement in my skin down to two things: Body shop skincare and also not using face wipes any more! The improvement has been remarkable. I no longer have to use acne cream and my skin just feels so hydrated. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post ❤


  2. Your skin looks lovely here! I love the lipstick too really ties the whole look together! Wish I had the confidence to do more posts like this! I’m such a novice with applying stuff like eye shadow I just always worry I’m doing it wrong, would love to see a post on top tips for a smokey eye or something like that 🙂 xo


    1. Okie dokes, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely give it a go! I’m sitting down and properly planning my blog posts tomorrow so hopefully i’ll get one sorted! Thank you for the lovely comments, I really enjoy playing around with make up and have watched endless eyeshadow tutorials lol so I just hope for the best now and if it turns out okay it ends up here! 😛 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂 I find planning posts really helps and gets me feeling really motivated! We will have to sort out our collab soon 🙂 xx


  3. Before I was super into makeup, a friend gave me a Benefit Brow-Zings she had and didn’t use and because I didn’t know/care to fill in my brows I gave it away and I really regret it. 😦 That’s my sad story for the day haha. You look lovely as usual!


    1. I can definitely go into more depth on it of course! I have written a little bit more about it so if you click on the hyperlink it will take you to a post where I wrote more about it! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read and I am glad you liked the post! xxx


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