Outfit of The Week 14/06/15

I haven’t really done many fashion posts on this blog so I thought I might start a bit of a series where once a week I do an Outfit of the Week (OOTW) Post, let me know what you think of this as obviously if it’s something you guys aren’t too keen on I won’t continue to do it. Anyway, this week I have been wearing a lot of dresses with heeled sandals as its finally got a bit warmer in the UK (Hurray!!)! Today’s outfit is pretty simple as I’m not really into piling on loads of accessories as it’s more stuff for me to think about or lose! I hope you like this out fit and this post and I will leave all the details of each item if possible.


Main Outfit Details:

My dress is from ASOS and I bought it in the sale just after christmas for £16.00, this item is no longer available but I did find the link to it incase you wanted to look at the pattern and a few more pictures in more detail. I love the pattern on this as it is just so different to anything else I own. I love the fact it has sleeves so that if I am waiting to do my at home waxing again I don’t have to worry about my armpits being on show. I am a huge lover of shift dresses as I feel that because I am quite petite they just look pretty relaxed and stylish at the same time. I can also eat as much as I want without feeling restricted by my clothes! Win!

My shoes are from Truffle at ASOS again (there may be a bit of a recurring theme) and you may remember them from my ASOS wishlist post and I picked them up for only £28.00. These are still available in a few select sizes so i’ll leave the link here. These shoes are so comfy and I get complimented on them every time I wear them. They have a subtle heel which gives me a bit of extra height without being ridiculous for the day time! As a little side note, I get my toenails done with gel polish at my local salon so I have no idea on the colour for you I’m afraid! I do know that it is a bright blue layered with a shimmery blue from the Bio Sculpture Gel range but that’s about the extent of my knowledge! Sorry! IMG_0661_Fotor


IMG_0660_FotorI like to keep my accessories relatively simple and every day at the moment I am sticking to the same three things on my right hand:

  • My Olivia Burton Watch – You may remember this from it featuring in my ‘what’s on my hand’ post. It is the Big Dial Mink & Rose Gold it costs £75 and I absolutely love it. I wear it every single day although I do have a separate watch for the evening. It is the most comfortable and easy to read watch I have ever owned and I am really keen to get it in another colour too!
  • H Samuels Ring – This also features in the what’s on my hands post and again this one was bought for me by Tom. It is so sparkly and I love it. I wear it every single day and it is just so comfortable to wear. I couldn’t find a link for this one online but they do have some similar styles if you like it.
  • My Pug Ring! – A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had lost one of my favourite rings that Tom had bought me and I did a whole post on how to survive a shitty day. Although we never found it, Tom being the best boyfriend ever did buy me a replacement for our 3 year anniversary! I am completely obsessed with pugs and this ring is the best thing ever! It is $25 dollars from Adorn The Hunter and it is so cute. Here’s the link if you love pugs as much as I do and if you prefer a different breed they have Dachshunds and French bulldogs along with plenty of others so you should have a browse!IMG_0666_Fotor
  • Earrings – Just a simple pair of hoops from ASOS. I have numerous other ear piercings but the all just have surgical steel rings or bars through them which are permenantly in my ears so nothing new there! IMG_0665_FotorI’m just going to list the makeup items that are on my face as there isn’t much that I haven’t already mentioned:
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  • Rimmer Matte BB Cream
  • Clarins Instant Concealer
  • Benefit Brow-Zings
  • Maybelline Brow Drama Clear
  • Benefit Coralista
  • Soap & Glory Solar Powder
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo Pink Gold
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
  • MAC False Lashes Mascara
  • No7 Gloss Stick in Delicate Pink

I hope you liked this more style focussed post, let me know if you’d like to see more of these either once a week or once a month maybe? What’s your favourite piece from this post?

Much Love


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