What’s In My Bag?

I am going to be honest and say that I chuck absolutely everything in my bag! Before I decided to do this post I had to have a bit of a clear out of all the kind of rubbish I was hoarding in there! There was everything from a carrier bag to receipts to a stray satsuma! Anyways, I’ve seen a lot of these posts and they always look interesting so I thought I would enlighten you into the numerous kilograms of excess weight I lug around with me every day!IMG_0677_Fotor

  • My Diary – I am kind of old school and love having everything written down. Despite my love of technology, I do not trust it to plan my day and therefore, my diary is like my lifeline and it goes wherever I go! My favourites are the ones from Moleskine, this is the Moleskine Minnie & Mickey Diary for 2015 and I just think it is so cute!
  • A Lip Product – At the moment it is the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01 Rose these are very like the balm ones I always rave on about but it is in a squeezy tube like a lip gloss.
  • A perfume sample – The one I am currently finishing up is the Serge Lutens L’eau Froide I got this as a sample with an order from Feel Unique I think and the fragrance is quite unusual! It is actually a unisex fragrance so as you would probably expect, it is a little more masculine than my usual choice. I actually really like it but I don’t think I would by the full size, it’s very pricey!
  • A Hair Scrunchie – I have very long hair so one of these is always stuck in my bag, particularly through summer as I get way too hot with my hair down!
  • Hand Gel – I am loving this Pink Grapefruit Hand Gel From The Body Shop it smells so nice and keeps my hands clean and fresh all day long!
  • A Memory Stick – This is more for when I am at uni but it always comes in handy. This is just a 2GB one that I got free from Barclays in Freshers Week!
  • Mini Makeup Bag – I don’t always have this in my bag but I stayed at Tom’s last night and that’s why its in here. I don’t regularly touch up my makeup throughout the day but sometimes it’s nice to have the essentials to hand just in case.
  • Purse – This is one from River Island that my friend bought me, to be honest I need a new one now as this one has taken a bit of a battering! I am looking for a really nice one to ask for for my 21st birthday so if you have any good suggestions please leave them below!
  • Chewing Gum – I am forever chewing gum and the Extra White Bubble Mint is my absolute favourite by a mile! It tastes of both bubble gum and spearmint at the same time and also helps to keep your teeth white! I have been through so many tubs of this and I will keep buying it as long as it’s available!
  • 4Head Stick – I get a lot of head aches, especially around hay fever time and I don’t always want to take painkillers. This stick works wonders and is lovely and cooling and just helps to release the tension from your forehead. I must slather this on at least once a day, I won’t go anywhere without it!
  • A Pen – Relatively self explanatory, useful for writing in the diary, signing autographs…etc.etc
  • A Stray Pound Coin – You’re probably thinking, why has she got that when she has her whole purse? However, there is method in my madness! I go swimming a lot and always need it for the lockers and also, if I very rarely go to the supermarket, I need it for the shopping trolley! This way I always know I have one to hand so there will be no last minute panicking!
  • My iPhone – I am a complete Apple addict and my iPhone comes with me everywhere! I am also addicted to pugs hence the rather gorgeous case my equally gorgeous boyfriend got made for me for Valentines Day this year. He really is a keeper!
  • Headphones – I always have these with me as if I get a bit anxious I like to listen to music or an audiobook to block the world out! It also helps me to focus on something else and just stay calm. It came in handy a lot when walking to my exams!
  • MacBook Pro – I am always typing away at something and seeing as my MacBook is so light and my bag has a specific padded compartment for it – Thank You Mr Michael Kors! – it does seem to always come with me! I just have a plain mint green case on it as I am quite accident prone and I would doubt that it would have lasted this long otherwise!
  • Toiletries Bag – This is a little bag from Cath Kidston that is looking rather grubby now! It is made from oil cloth and I just keep any medication I need to have with me and lady related toiletries in it so I they are always to hand. This never leaves my bag, apart from for this photo, and it just keeps me calm with the knowledge that I am prepared for every eventuality!

What do you guys have in you bag? Do you think I am a bit excessive about all the stuff I carry in mine? I dread to think how long this post would have been if I hadn’t taken some stuff out. It would have been like ‘mini can of lemonade in case I get thirsty’ and ‘satsuma for my daily vitamin C’, so think yourselves lucky I spared you that boredom!

Much Love


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24 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. In my daily use (giant) purse, I always have the following things: key ring, subway card, little zipper pouch (with $$ for subway tickets), my giant wallet, iPhone, headphones, mini umbrella, a pen or two, lip balm, UD pressed powder, a lipstick or two, allergy eyedrops, mini eyeglass cleaner kit. And quite often, I have my Moleskine agenda, a notebook, and my kindle.


  2. LOVE what’s in my bag posts – i’m far too nosey!!! lol Love the little polka dot makeup bag – that’s so my style ❤ PS: My brushes arrived in this mornings post – how fast was that?!?!? 😮 Too excited, they're beeeeeeeautiful! Karen X


      1. I’m currently saving up for one at the moment! Fingers crossed I don’t blow all my money on makeup first haha xx

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