University Update: End of First Year

I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but I have completely finished my first year as a University student! The time has literally flown by and I am at a bit of a loss as to how to fill my days now my friends have all gone back to their home towns. If you didn’t know, I have chosen to live at home whilst at uni rather than move into halls. There were various reasons behind this but it meant I was so nervous that I wouldn’t meet friends or integrate well into the uni lifestyle. Well, a year on, I realise I was completely stupid to think that! I have made some amazing friends both on my course and off and I am really starting to miss it already! Who’d have thought it hey?!

So, the main reason for this post was to update you all a little bit on the other side of my life and give a few tips to people going to uni in September on what to expect in your first year! Yesterday I took the nervy drive to uni to go and pick up my results for this year and I am so pleased to say I got a 2:1 for the whole year! I am so proud of myself as this time last year I didn’t even know if I was going to take up my place or not! I just need to try and repeat that performance for two more years now, easier said than done! I even managed to get firsts in a couple of modules so I am so so happy! It makes me just want to start second year now and keep going, although come September I know I will be regretting saying that!!

There are so many things that I was worried about in first year but actually, the reality is nowhere near what you think it will be like so I’ve made a little list of all the things I found out during my first year that I think some of you may find useful or interesting!

  • Everyone turns up to lectures in the first week and then each week after you lose more students! Its funny actually as in the first week you struggle to find a seat and I remember thinking ‘god, I’m gonna be standing up for the whole semester’ but by week 4 you can pretty much have three seats for yourself and one for your bag too.
  • Don’t buy stationary! In freshers week you get given a ridiculous amount of pens and pencils so don’t bother buying any before like I did! A year later, they are all still in their packets!!
  • No one cares if you don’t turn up. If you don’t turn up to a lecture or don’t fancy your tutorial that day, no one cares! There’s no getting your mum to ring up with an excuse anymore, you’re on your own! If you don’t do the work, your exam results will reflect that so there’s no teachers guiding you through it and making sure you turn up on time any more.
  • You will definitely make friends. Everyone is in the same boat and no one looks like billy-no-mates. In that first week people come up to you and just start talking and you should do the same too! The more you chat, the more friends you make.
  • Linking with the point above, the friends you make in the first week may not necessarily be the people you hang around with for the whole year! My friendship group completely changed when semester 1 ended and semester 2 started and I have made two amazing friends who I have loads in common with!
  • Uni years are split into semesters. It’s a weird thing to get used to after years of school ‘terms’.
  • Exams are no worse than A-Level exams. The set-up is a little bit more relaxed, but it’s basically the same. Single desk, no talking, put the lid of your calculator on the floor etc etc.
  • The work load is not as bad as you think. If you keep up with it as you are going along, the workload is not too bad! They don’t want to scare you off and make you all fail first year, but you do have to put a bit of effort in!
  • People who say first year doesn’t count are stupid. Yes it doesn’t count towards your degree, but how are you going to explain awful first year grades in an interview? Employers like consistency so start as you mean to go on!

I hope you like this rambling post! I’m sorry, this was meant to go up yesterday but I just kind of dropped everything and did nothing last night and finally chilled with a completely switched off brain which was lovely! I hope anyone else who has had results recently, has got what they wanted and I hope anyone considering uni this year finds some of these things helpful!

Much Love


21 thoughts on “University Update: End of First Year

  1. I just finished my first year too! Congrats on your results 🙂 I’m still awaiting mine which is’t fun but hey! Totally with you on the point about lecture attendance, its funny comparing how busy lectures are at the start to the end of the semester when you are left wondering if more people are going to join you haha!

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      1. Thanks 🙂 I’m studying Business, forgot to ask what you are studying haha? Will do! I only did one exam so I am just waiting for one result but I have no idea when I am going to get it haha! I know haha!


  2. congrats!!! I just finished my second year and I can’t believe it. Time really flies. I agree that the first year does counts, every year does!
    Hope you have a nice day! Xo.

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  3. Thanks for all the advise! I won’t be going for two more years until I complete an access course, but at least I know it isn’t as scary as people make it out to be! Also well done on your finial score!xx

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  4. Congrats on completing your first year! I’ve just finished my second, so sad I’ll be graduating in a year 😦 really sounds like you’ve made the most of it which is great, the time really flies! Xx


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