Review: The Primer That Actually Works!

This week I went and had a skincare and makeup consultation at The Body Shop as I wanted to hear a bit more about some of their other products. I had a half an hour session with their makeup consultant Tammy and was shown some of the lovely makeup products that they have to offer. One of the things I was really impressed with was the Instablur Primer, which is a 5-in-1 primer that claims to:

  1. Control Shine
  2. Reduce Appearance of Pores
  3. Hide Blemishes
  4. Unify The Complexion
  5. Extend The Wear of Makeup


The product retails for £14.00 and you get 25ml of product which I feel is quite a reasonable price for a drugstore product that actually works! This does has a very obscure texture though, as it’s quite jelly-like with a silicone feel but it leaves the skin feeling so incredibly smooth! So, are the claims actually justified? I definitely feel like this product leaves my skin more matte and less shine appears in my T-Zone throughout the day. Particularly in the summer, my skin can get a little oily in this area so this is a really good aspect of this product! I don’t like a matte finish to my skin but I hate it looking oily too. This leaves it more of a satin finish which is something that I am really happy about!

I can’t really comment on how it changes the appearance of my pores as I don’t have very big pores anyway. I can say that it does smooth out the skin so I can imagine it would be quite effective at blurring pores. My Mum does have some slightly enlarged pores so I will be trying this out on her at some point and I will let you know how it fairs! I have considered doing a FOTD ‘Mum Edition’ for when I do my Mum’s makeup, is this something that you may be interested in once in a while?

In my opinion, the ‘hiding blemishes’ malarky is a load of rubbish! How on earth can a clear gel hide a bright red blemish?! This is one of the only claims that I feel is completely unjustified and fell pretty flat. On the other hand, I do feel like this makes my complexion look more uniform. It doesn’t look patchy or different textures, it all looks nice and even which is a big plus for me as it would be great combined with a BB cream on good skin days! The final claim is the best one for me personally, and that is the extending the wear of my makeup! I can honestly say that I have noticed a significant difference in the wear time of my makeup. By the end of the day, my blusher, bronzer are much more visible than before and my foundation is less patchy and still looks quite fresh. It is nice to still clearly be able to see the products you have applied at the end of the day, rather than it all just smudging into a big mess, which up until recently, mine had been by the end of the day!

This is a great result for me as I have never really found a primer that has remotely effected the way my makeup looks or wears. I will be wearing this most days now it’s getting warmer to prevent my makeup from sliding around in the heat! I can really understand why this product has taken the blogging world by storm now as it is such a great quality product at such an affordable price! If you haven’t tried this, go into your local Body Shop and check it out as it is a real must have for your makeup bag this summer!

Much Love


23 thoughts on “Review: The Primer That Actually Works!

  1. I was in Ulta tonight. Looking for a new primer. Was going to spend 36.00 on Clarin’s primer and the salesperson said… Nah skip it. So…. Guess I’m going to check this one and a few others out. 😊 have you tried Nyx pore perfector?

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    1. I haven’t actually tried anything from Nyx! I don’t know where to get it in the UK? I’ve had the Clarins instant smooth (in the red pot) it was nice to use but I don’t really think it did much apart from even my skin out a little bit! Xx

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