Post Results Clothing Haul Treats!

Okay, so not the catchiest title I have ever come up with but I sums up exactly what happened on Saturday. I constantly fluctuate between jean sizes and I never seem to have a pair that fits perfectly. I have a small waist and short-ish legs but my actual legs are probably normal size for my body shape, these factors all make it very difficult for me to buy jeans as if I pick up a pair of regular size 8’s the legs are too long and the waist too big, but if I buy petites, the actual legs are a bit tight for my liking. To throw more spanners into the works, I like high-waisted styles only as the balance my proportions out; I like them to just meet my ankles and I like them to have rips in the knees. The knee rips also proves to be quite a challenge as the rips often end up on my shins due to my midget legs. Jean shopping is not a challenge I set upon lightly! However, Saturday morning I dragged Tom into my car (not kidnap I promise!) and we headed off to outfit to find me some jeans and I may or may not have picked up some extra bits whilst I was there. Sorry-not-sorry!


I picked up 4 things in total and I am in love with everything I bought! And… I found my dream pair of jeans so the whole trip was a success!

  • Topshop MOTO Ripped Jamie Jeans – £42 – The perfect wash, the perfect length, the perfect comfortable waist, nice and skinny and they have rips! Thank you to the Gods of jeans for letting this PERFECT pair grace my wardrobe! I need these jeans in every single colour. Seriously Topshop, TAKE MY MONEY!!
  • Miss Selfridge Orange Crepe Jacket – £25 (in the sale, originally £45) – Orange is definitely the new black and it is one of my favourite colours ever! I bought this is in a much smaller size than I would normally buy but it seemed to fit perfectly and the sleeves are 3/4 length. It looks gorgeous over my jeans and I am so happy I picked this up, it’s going to look great for summer and is definitely going to get a lot of use!
  • Miss Selfridge Geo Crochet Back Crop Top – £10 (in the sale, originally £22) – I love sleeveless tops as I always get way too hot in the summer. The crochet back on this was too cute not to have and the pattern goes great with the jacket and my new jeans. This fits lovely and I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this over the next few months!
  • Topshop MOTO Vintage Mom Shorts – £28 – I’m really not a ‘sun’s out arse out’ kinda gal but I like to wear shorts in the summer, so like with jeans, there is a very long criteria list for my denim shorts! Again, I love the high-waisted style and I like them to look quite distressed. These are just that bit longer than normal shorts and because they aren’t tight around my thighs I don’t look 5 stone heavier than I actually am. I am really happy I got these and they will definitely be coming with me to Budapest next month!

I hope you like the cheeky treats I bought myself! I also get student discount – on of the many perks of studying at university – so the whole lot cost me £94.50 which I thought was quite reasonable for some real summer staples which I have been needing. I cannot wait to rock all these with a tan, as everything looks better with a tan right?!

Much love


5 thoughts on “Post Results Clothing Haul Treats!

  1. I totally understand your pain of jeans shopping haha! I always find that different shops fit differently and its so frustrating! I own those Jamie jeans in Black and love them! Most of my jeans though are the Joni jeans from Topshop but I find that the quality isn’t as good! I definitely need to get some more of the Jamie style! Great buys, I love that orange jacket too, super summery!


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