One More Guest Blogger Space Available!

Hello lovely fellow bloggers, my blog needs you! If you aren’t aware I am having a guest blog post week starting on the 6th July and I need 1 possibly 2 more bloggers! I have some fabulous bloggers lined up for you, all of whom have some wonderful ideas for posts! I won’t spoil the surprise but the week is lining up to be a goodun’. Now I’m back to working full time, posts may be a little harder for me to write everyday so I am looking for some talented people to help create some wonderful posts. Starting with the week in July! The post can be on anything you like although there are two conditions: 

  1. You supply good quality pictures alongside well written text.
  2. The nature of the post is relevant to my blog in some way, I.e fitness, beauty, style, food etc. I mean this leaves it pretty open to be honest I’m just meaning no posts on Lego or COD etc!

If this interests you, please drop me an email at [email protected]’d love to hear from you! 

Much love 


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