My Morning Routine: Collaboration with LucieLeannexo

I’m sure most of you guys read her blog too, but my lovely blogging pal Lucie and I decided to collaborate and do posts on our morning and evening routines for you all. Lucie opted for evening and this post is all about my morning routine. I decided to actually do my weekend morning routine as I am now back to working most days of the week and everything is just a mad rush and would not make a very interesting read!

At the weekend, I tend to wake up a bit later, usually between 9 and 10 unless I have something that I have to be up for. I take 20 minutes to check all my social media accounts before finally making my way outside of my bedroom. Sometimes it can even be longer than this as it takes me quite a while to properly wake up in the mornings. I’m sure i’m not alone with this right? Sometimes I don’t eat breakfast as I’m not always hungry, however, my breakfast of choice is Coco Pops and a Coffee. My brother likes to wind me up about the fact that I still eat Coco Pops at nearly 21 but I love them! I have them with skimmed milk as I like to try and keep it a little healthy! In terms of coffee, I use the Nescafe Decaf Cappuccino Sachets as I love a milky coffee but caffeine does not seem to agree with me. These are so quick and easy to make and quite cheap too! You can get them in all supermarkets and if you like caffeine, they do LOADS of amazing flavours! IMG_0735

After breakfast I jump in the shower and make sure i’m fresh for the day. My favourite shower gel at the moment is the Body Shop Virgin Mojito Shower Gel as it’s so zesty and refreshing. It makes me feel so clean and much more awake! I also give my face a cleanse to make sure all remaining makeup has been removed! At the moment I am using the Biore Deep Charcoal Cleanser as it leaves quite a nice tingly feeling to the skin which again, makes me feel much more awake! At the weekend, I also like to exfoliate my face, and I am still using my holy grail Liz Earle Exfoliator as its nice and grainy yet doesn’t leave my skin dry or irritated. IMG_0738

Once I’m more awake after my shower, I get dressed before going onto my skin care and makeup. I haven’t done an outfit of the day as well, for fear that this post would become way too long and rambling! I did opt for a dress though, as the weather is getting seriously warm in England this week and I find that they keep me cool better than anything else! So, onto skincare next and the first thing I do is tone my face with the Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner as I had already cleansed my face in the shower. After toning, I use my serum and I am currently finishing off the final drops of my Clarins Hydraquench Serum. This makes whatever moisturiser I put on afterwards soak in much better and my skin stays much more hydrated throughout the day. The moisturiser I have been using recently is the Body Shop Aqua Boost Sorbet as it is so cooling and refreshing in the mornings yet leaves my skin so hydrated! The final step of my skincare is to use the Body Shop Vitamin E Eyes Cube which is a eye cream in a stick format that I just swipe under my eyes and pat in. It makes the whole process so much easier and is really cooling and I’ve noticed that my eyes look brighter and more awake! I like to have a quick spritz of perfume at this point and I am using up my sample of Chanel Chance Eau Vive which I am loving! It’s so summery and long lasting! IMG_0739

Finally, onto makeup! I was so happy with this makeup look, some things however, are regulars on this blog, so I will make a list of everything I used and elaborate on some of the new things so that this doesn’t get too repetitive.IMG_0736

  • Claris Beauty Flash Balm – Creates a gorgeous and hydrating base and keeps makeup looking dewy all day!
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
  • Clarins Instant Concealer
  • Maybelline Brow Drama in Clear
  • Benefit Brow Zings – Today I swiped through the brows with the brow gel and then used the wax from this palette first, followed by the powder. I don’t normally do this apart from when I want more ‘stand out’ brows.
  • Soap & Glory Solar Powder
  • Clarins Woodrose Blush – From the makeup palette shown. This is currently part of a promotion Clarins are offering and was actually a free gift! The blush is gorgeous and incredibly pigmented!
  • Benefit Watts Up Highlighter – This isn’t pictured but I just popped it on the tops of the cheek bones and down the nose.
  • Eyeshadows from the Clarins Palette – I used both shades, firstly, the light pinky shade all over the lid and the darker grey shade in the outer corner and in the crease. They are both lovely shades and complement each other really well.
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeliner – I used the shade Darkside along the top lash line and a little on the bottom lash line too.
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara – This was in a recent post and I am loving it! It makes my lashes look so full and fluttery in just a couple of sweeps. It’s great!
  • No7 Lipliner in Plum – This goes great with my new MAC lipstick and stops the matte texture of the lipstick being too drying!
  • MAC Mehr – A gorgeous matte shade and the newest to my collection!CIiCoOZWEAA803M

So there you have it, my morning routine for weekend days! I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and make sure you head on over to Lucie’s blog to check out her evening routine too.

Much Love


6 thoughts on “My Morning Routine: Collaboration with LucieLeannexo

  1. I love this collab, I think it’s an amazing idea and I would love to do it with another blogger. I love the coco pops pic, looks amazing! 😀


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