July Empties!

It’s that time of the month again where I show off all my empty bottles and tubs and exclaim that I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of another month! You know the drill guys! Any ways I feel like I’ve really excelled myself for two reasons today guys:

  1. I have managed to hoard all my empties until the end of the month!! Round of applause please!
  2. Yet again, I have finished off a ridiculous amount of products! *pats self on the back*

Before I get into the actual empties, I want to pay a small tribute to 3 products which were cruelly taken from us by the evil men in airport customs. Apparently the plastic bag has to shut now, who’d have thought it!? How do they sleep at night?!

  • First to be snatched out my luggage was the Mark Hill Cover Up! Sun Protection Spray. To be honest, I picked this to go as I was just trying to finish it up. My hair very rarely gets greasy but this did a good job at proving otherwise. It was only a mini, but still a little depressing to watch the man throw it in the bin!
  • The second Custom Casualty was the Bumble & Bumble Curl Creme which again was something I was trying to finish off anyway. It didn’t weigh my hair down but didn’t really do much for my hair either. For a pricy item I would have expected more from it to be honest!
  • The final item was my Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Gel which I was gutted to have to get rid of! The only reason I did is that it was half full and I could very cheaply replace it. I will definitely be buying this again and I was very sad to see that one go!

So onto the actual empties now, sit tight, grab a cuppa, this could will be a long one…



  • Body Shop Virgin Mojito Shower Gel – I love this, the scent is incredible and I cannot believe that it is only limited edition! It lathers up really well and I also loved using it as bubble bath as it created mountains of mint and lime smelling bubbles! I would definitely buy this again if I hadn’t just bought 4 other body shop shower gels! I didn’t really think that one through well did I?
  • Body Shop Mango Shower Gel Mini – Tom & I took these away to Budapest with us and even he said that he really liked the scent of this one! Naturally it was very fruity and the scent lingered for just the right amount of time.
  • Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel Mini (Not Pictured) – Some how this one has made a bid for freedom and I cannot find it anywhere! I normally hate sweet scents but this one literally smells of strawberry laces and I will 100% be buying this one again. Definitely one of my favourites from the body shop!
  • Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Cleanser Mini X2 – I was very pleased to see these in my hotel as I have heard Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup rave on about Peter Thomas Roth. They were a rather weird jelly like consistency but has a really nice orange scent and lathered up really nicely. The full size is quite pricy so I wouldn’t buy the full size but they were nice to try!
  • Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Lotion Mini – Again this is from the hotel we stayed in in Budapest and was a nice handy trial size. The lotion was really light and soaked in well. Nothing that I haven’t tried before though so I wouldn’t buy the full size.
  • St Tropez In-Shower Tanning Lotion Travel Size – Where do I even start with this product?! I absolutely love it! I have since picked up another travel size and two full sized bottles as this is definitely going to be the only self tanner I use for the foreseeable future. I will be writing a full review of it when I can find the time, but take my word for it, it’s amazing!
  • L’Occitane Amande Hand Cream -Hands down my favourite hand cream ever (Pardon the pun!). I buy this over and over again as the scent is just gorgeous, the lotion isn’t sticky and it soaks in really quickly leaving you with gorgeously smooth hands. I have already picked up two more tubes of this in Duty Free as it is about half the price!


  • J’adore Dior Sample – This is a perfume that I absolutely love, it lasts all day and is such a great scent for both day and night. I have been really sparing with my full sized bottle as it is bloody expensive but Mum had a sample lying around so I took this away with me! Thank God I did as my toiletries bag was bursting and I would have probably lost it if he’d tried to make me ditch this!
  • Miss Sixty Elixir Perfume – Now technically this isn’t completely finished but the scent just doesn’t suit me anymore and I won’t ever wear it. It is really old though and I don’t know whether they even make it anymore. I won it in a competition from Shout! Magazine when I was about thirteen so I think it is time to bid this a fond farewell! Please tell me other people remember Shout! ?!


  • Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush – I always have a can of Batiste on the go and I fluctuate between the different fragrances. This one was really nice and really refreshes my hair, I know it sounds gross but this can stop me washing my hair for an extra 2 days so it’s always a winner in my eyes! I have a cherry one on the go at the moment and will always be repurchasing!


  • Nails Inc Mini in Birdcage Walk – I adore this colour, it is a really lovely grey toned pink and is perfect if you want a subtle wash of colour on your nails. If they still sell this colour, I think I will pick up another bottle as it looks lovely on and I love the Nails Inc formula!



  • Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter – This makes taking my makeup off so incredibly easy, it’s so subtly scented with chamomile which is perfectly soothing before you go to bed! This tin lasted me quite a long time and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed without a greasy film! I do have a lot of cleansers to finish up at the moment but I think I will end up buying this again as it may possibly be my favourite of the bunch.
  • Garner Simply Essentials Makeup Remover – I have got a bit lazy recently when it comes to taking my makeup off and this has been a real saviour. I have been using this to get the majority off before I go in with my cleansing oil and my Magnitone Lucid and it really cuts the time down! I’m quite sad that this has finished but I want to try a few other makeup removers so I may repurchase it in the future but not yet!
  • Clarins Beauty Flash Balm -I do enjoy using this as both a primer and also a face mask. It leaves my skin feeling lovely and plump and, if worn as a primer, makes my makeup look a lot brighter and more dewy. This is a great multi purpose product that is great to have hanging around. I have a few more bottles of this as backup so I’m all good for a while!
  • Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner – This technically is a bit of a cheat as I haven’t finished it, I have just decanted the half that was left into a spray bottle. I am really enjoying spraying my toner on at the moment rather than using a cotton pad as I find it more refreshing. Humour me please!


  • Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara – I really love the way this mascara makes my eyelashes look! They rarely look clumpy and have a really full and thick look to them. The brush is a really strange wiggly shape but I really loved using this! Sadly it started getting very clumpy towards the end so it was time to go. I will definitely consider this when I need a new mascara.
  • Benefit Porefessional Primer Mini – Got to say that I don’t really find this does anything for my skin or makeup but I do like the feel of it when I use it. I won’t be repurchasing this!
  • Rimmel BB Cream Matte – If you read my BB post recently, you will know that this is my Holy Grail BB cream, and in fact I miss it already. I think you and I both know that this means I will be buying this again very shortly…
  • Model Co Lip Enhancer Illusion Nude Lip Liner – Not the most catchy name but quite a good product all the same, the only thing is it was very creamy so I did find that after you sharpened it the tip pretty much always snapped off and stuck to my lips. Not the most attractive look I have to admit but I did go amazing well with the next two products I am going to mention. I have tried better lip liner formulas so I think that this is the end of the liner for me and this one!
  • Benefit Lipstick in Ladies Choice – Easily my favourite nude lip product of all time. There, I said it! However, the love affair is over as Benefit have discontinued both the formula and colour of this lipstick. *sobs uncontrollably* I am genuinely so disappointed that they have decided to do this as the formulation and colours of this range were second to none, even MAC! If I could, I would repurchase.
  • No7 High Shine Lipgloss in Happy – This went really well over the Lipliner and lipstick mentioned above, it gave a nice pinky sheen and mad not sticky in the slightest. I really liked both the colour and the texture, if you are looking for an easy to wear gloss definitely head to No7!


  • Dentyl Active Mint Mouthwash – We took this away with us on holiday but to be honest I definitely prefer the fresh clove one over the mint. I really like the clean feeling they both give but they do also leave a bit of an after taste which can effect the taste of whatever you eat next, no matter how much time has passed since. I do always buy the clove one though and will carrying on doing so!
  • Arm & Hammer Advanced White Toothpaste – Now I wouldn’t normally mention a toothpaste, but I was so impressed with how much whiter this made my teeth, even after only a few days of use! It uses bicarbonate of soda to rid your teeth of stains and it’s really effective! I am heading out to buy the full size tomorrow as I have noticed the difference since I have stopped using it!
  • Nivea Pearl Beauty Spray Deodorant – I have had this a few times now and the scent is really light and girly! It is probably one of the only ones I don’t get sick of by like the second week of use! It will no doubt end up in my basket again some time in the future!

You’ve made it to the end! Hoorah! This has gone down as my longest post to date on The Rose Beauty Files so a massive thank you if you have actually made it to this sentence! How many empties are we thinking there’ll be this time next month then? Have you tried any of these products, if so what did you think? I hope you’ve all had a lovely July and fingers crossed the weather picks up again here in the UK

Much Love


P.S Do you prefer the empties post to be like this or last months? Please let me know!


My Experience With The Magnitone Lucid!

I know there have been a lot of posts about the Magnitone Lucid* popping up on blogs over the last few months, but as a complete cleansing brush virgin, I was thrilled to be able to give it a try! Now, as a bit of a side-note,  my skin is quite blemish prone and is a combination skin type. I have had many periods, particularly through summer, when my skin can get quite oily but during winter it gets so dry it could even be described as flaky. Gross, I know! One thing my skin isn’t though, is sensitive. Very few products have caused my skin to have an adverse reaction so I know it’s quite resilient in that aspect so I was very excited to get stuck in when my Magnitone arrived!

The brush heads on the brush and at the back of the box are the Silk Bliss Luxury Brush Heads and the one at the front of the box is the Active Clean Brush Head.

There are many things I love about this product, but my reviews are also honest so I will also be mentioning the things that I wasn’t so impressed with too, later on in the post. First off though, lets start on a high; I absolutely love the design of this product! The chunky brush and stylish choice of colours make it a lovely addition to my dressing table! I picked the colour Aqua Green for mine as I love anything that is a minty colour, as I feel like it looks so modern and fresh! This particular brush does come in three other colours though, Blush Pink, Dazzling Blue and Sunshine Yellow, and there is also a limited edition version by Pixie Lott! All of the colours retail for the same price of £69.99 which I think is quite a reasonable price as you do get one brush head included in that price. I have seen a lot of brushes on the high street that are between the £20 – £30 mark so, seeing as this is a more high-end product I feel like it priced much more reasonably than the Clarisonic for example.

The designers of this brush have really thought about ever aspect of this brush and to be honest, there is not one thing I would change about it in that aspect! Firstly, there are two settings, Regular and Sensitive which is great as you can decide how intense a clean you would like to have just through the click of a button. The brush also comes with a cap to cover the bristles when it is not being used or while you are travelling, to keep things much more hygienic! The main thing that has impressed me though is the incredible lasting power of the charge on this device and also how the charger actually works! Rather than plugging the charger into the device, which would run the risk of damaging how waterproof the device is, you rest the charger on top of the handle and a magnet secures it in place. Personally, I love this feature as Tom’s Mum uses the No7 Brush which runs on batteries and each time you replace the batteries the waterproof seal is broken and the brush only lasts around a year. You want something like a cleansing brush to be a more long term investment so I feel like Magnitone have got this element spot on! There are also lights to let you know what setting you are on and also if the device needs charging, which I have yet to have to do, even after a month of using this product every night! I cannot believe how well the battery has lasted and I am seriously impressed!

Now, onto how the Magnitone Lucid has actually effected my skin! The brush head that comes with the brush is the Active Clean Brush Head which is meant to be suitable for daily cleansing. I had read on a lot of blogs that your skin gets worse in that first week of use before it gets better, so I was prepared for that, however after three weeks of use, my skin was still very spotty and it was starting to get me down a bit! My skin definitely looked healthier in terms of plumpness and it had a bit more of a glow, but the spots seemed to be springing up everywhere! It was then that I decided to get into contact with the lovely ladies at Magnitone to see what they suggested as I thought perhaps I was doing it wrong or maybe it just wasn’t suitable for my skin. I spoke to two very helpful ladies who suggested that I try the Silk Bliss Luxury Replacement Brush Heads* which are slightly more expensive but a lot softer and may be more gentle on my skin. They retail for £19.99 for two replacement heads compared to £15.99 for two of the replacement Active Clean heads. Less than 48 hours later they arrived and I was seriously impressed by how soft they were! Silk bliss is definitely an apt name for them! The bristles are much finer than with the Active Clean heads and they are so silky and soft! I am also really happy to say that they did the trick and within less than a week, my skin had dramatically improved in terms of how many spots I had. I am going to continue using these for the next few months and I may do another post with how my skin is holding up further down the line if this is something you would like to read?

The main thing I love about this brush is simply how easy it is to use! When you turn the brush on it beeps at both 20 and 40 seconds and turns off after 60 as that is how long you are meant to us it for. This makes it so easy as I start on my forehead, when the first beep sounds, I move onto the right side of my face and neck and after the second beep I more onto the left hand side. They could not have made it any simpler really!

Have you tried the Magnitone Lucid or any other cleansing brush? Would you like to see an update post in the future?

Much Love


* Magnitone very kindly offered me the Brush at a cheaper price and sent me the Silk Bliss Brush heads for free. I am very grateful for their generosity but I must stress that all opinions are my own. I have given this brush a thorough test run until I was confident that I could give you a genuine review.

The BB Cream You Don’t Need In Your Life!

A month or so ago, I realised I was running out of my beloved Rimmel BB Cream in Matte and I thought I would try something new for a change. Particularly since starting blogging, I have been trying to replace products with different alternatives rather than buying the same products over and over again. This blog would get bloody boring otherwise! So, when I went and had my bodyshop makeup consultation a few weeks ago, I thought I would give their offering a try, the Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream.

I mentioned I wanted to give it a try and the lovely assistant put some on along with a few other products and it felt like a really lovely light base. It was definitely lighter than my Rimmel BB cream which provides a surprising amount of coverage, however, it felt nice on the skin! So, in my basket it went and I trundled home with my new purchases, however, when I got home I realised just how light the coverage actually was! I know we’re all trying the no-makeup-makeup-look, but this literally looked like I hadn’t bothered in the slightest! I thought that maybe, the shop assistant had been a bit sparing with the product so I decided to reserve judgement until I’d applied it on myself.


I was recommended the shade 00 which is the lightest shade they do in this product, which is not unexpected as I do have a very pale face! When this product squeezes out, it is a white liquid that is meant to adapt to your skin colour to guarantee a colour match. For me this sounded perfect as it meant that I could use this all year round with no need to worry what colour my skin was underneath. However, when I came to rub this in, the moment when the magic is supposed to happen, absolutely nothing happened! The cream did not change colour, it’s very gritty in texture which makes it rather uncomfortable to actually rub into your skin and it doesn’t change the appearance of your skin in the slightest. Now this is not me exaggerating, there is no evening of the skin-tone, no coverage at all and no blurring of imperfections.

Coming in at £12, this is near enough double the price of my Rimmel BB cream and I am kicking myself that I didn’t just stick to my old faithful! I have tried quite a few BB creams over the last few years as I always opt for them instead of foundation during holidays and the warmer months, but sadly, I would have to say that this is the worst one I have tried to date. I’m using this almost like a primer at the moment, before I apply a lighter foundation, just to try and get some value out of my purchase, but I am not happy. There is one thing I do like about this product though and that is the packaging! I love the shiny chrome effect and that coupled with the nice slim tube really makes it feel quite high end. I would like to point out that I am really disappointed that I don’t like this product as I love the Body Shop and everything they represent, this could simply be a matter of it not suiting my skin. However, if you are thinking of trying it out, make sure you give it a good test as it is an incredibly light base!

I think I am off to stock up on the Rimmel BB Cream Matte again, it’s only £6.99 and it is so lovely to wear. Before I do though, do you guys have any good suggestions for BB creams, high-end or drugstore, i’m not too fussed? I would love to try something new though, but bare in mind, I do like a little bit of coverage! I can’t wait to hear what you guys suggest. Have you tried the Body Shop BB Cream? If so, what did you think of it?

Much Love


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Behind The Blog… featuring Molly from The Rose Beauty Files

Yay! It’s finally the day for my feature to appear on Karen’s blog! Please have a read!
Much love

The Rose Beauty Files

Hey Chums,

How’s your week been? I have to admit it’s been a tough one here, but you guys never fail to perk me up & keep me going, I never realised the impact a blog would have on my life, the impact of words from people I’ve never met is just awe inspiring. I’m still reading amazing comments on Mondays post Saying Goodbye, so thank you – I know I keep saying it but I mean it, you lot are beyond awesome ❤

Talking of awesome, there’s someone I’d love to introduce y’all to this morning, it’s the lovely Molly from The Rose Beauty Files. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her stylish little corner of the inter-web then be sure to take a virtual trip over pronto, it’s a fantastic online haven filled with sassy beauty & lifestyle features that’s sure to keep you reading…

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My Latest Obsession: Nude MAC Lipsticks

Now my idea of a nude is probably completely different to most peoples. I absolutely hate the stereotypical ‘nude’ shade and veer towards pink, orange or taupe based nudes compared to browns as I feel like they make me look ill. Forget Velvet Teddy and Hue, I did not like the way they looked on me in the slightest! This lead to a lot of searching and I feel like my nude ‘work and uni appropriate collection’ is near enough complete! You may feel like these all look the same, my boyfriend definitely thought so, but they all have a different colour as an undertone and that is why I love each one individually and I HAD to show you them!

First up is Shanghai Spice which I have raved on and on about on twitter since I bought it in my last haul. IMG_1050MAC describe this as a ‘frosted neutral pink’ but to be honest, I really don’t agree with that at all! I feel like it definitely has more peachy/orangey undertones than pink, however, in this picture it does look quite pinky. Strange!  This is a creamsheen finish which is a finish I hadn’t tried before this one and is definitely turning into a favourite of mine! It is so comfortable on the lips and, as the name would suggest, it leaves a lovely sheen as well as beautiful colour. This is such an easy to wear colour and is great for just popping on and heading out the door with minimal fuss or effort! I don’t feel like the colour is raved about enough and is definitely a great alternative for those of you who, like me, aren’t into the hyped up MAC nudes! Here’s how it looks on the lips:


Next up is Fanfare which again is a creamsheen finish. MAC describe it as a mid-tone yellow pink, which is probably quite accurate. I mean, I don’t know about you guys but I don’t really know what a ‘yellow pink’ is but it’s definitely a mid-tone pink so lets roll with it! IMG_1053

This is a real summery colour that comes off quite pink on the lips. I wore this with a bright dress that had pink in today, and it looked gorgeous! This does have very tiny shimmery specks in it which looks beautiful! This is slightly brighter than the other nudes but I really like it for that. Its going to look great all summer and it will definitely be coming on holiday with me! I really love the way it looks on the lips:


The third one I picked up recently is Modesty. Now this is about as ‘Kylie Jenner’ as it gets for me as I feel like this is more of a taupey nude. IMG_1048Again, it’s a cream sheen (Surprise Surprise!) but it’s definitely less pinky than the previous two. I bought this to replace my beloved Benefit Ladies Choice lipstick that has just run out. Sadly they no longer stock that colour or formulation so I am hoping that I enjoy using this one as much as I have loved that one! MAC describe it as a ‘muted neutral pink’ which is probably quite apt although, in my eyes this isn’t really that pink! Maybe i’m just colour blind, as looking at the picture again it does look quite pink! Just wait till the end for hand swatches and maybe you’ll not think i’m completely blind! I love the way this looks on the lips and it is so easy to wear. This will be a work staple I think just because it is so subtle yet still really pretty! 


Last but by no means least is Mehr which is a matte shade! I know, shock horror, no creamsheen! IMG_1056I do often find MAC matte lipsticks really drying but this one actually feels very creamy on the lips and you can still rub your lips together without feeling that horrible dragging sensation! MAC describe it as a ‘dirty blue pink’ and I know what they mean as it is very cool toned. It does come with the added benefit of making your teeth appear whiter although I have found that with all four of these shades! This is probably the darkest and least nude of the bunch but I think the colour is so beautiful! It really looks polished and sophisticated yet still a bit fun at the same time! I am so grateful that Lauren who won my MAC giveaway wanted this one as I never would have tried it otherwise! Here’s how it looks on my lips:


Now, if you are as bamboozled as Tom and think all the colours look exactly the same, then here are the swatches to prove that there actually four different shades there!


From left to right: Mehr, Shanghai Spice, Modesty, Fanfare.

Have you tried any of these shades? Which one is your favourite? I apologise in advance if this causes any of you to go on any naughty MAC spending sprees! (Sorry not Sorry!)

Much love


How To Pack Lightly!

Everybody knows how easy it is to over pack for a holiday! There are so many things you want to take and you are sure you can definitely get through 10 outfits in 7 days no problems, but you always bring back an excessive amount of unworn clothes and shoes! Over the years, to save money I like to try and travel with either one suitcase between two people or with just hand luggage if I can. This means that I have had to turn into a bit of a savvy packer! I thought for today’s post I would share with you my tips to make your bag a bit lighter!

  1. Think about the type of trip you are going on. Are you going on a city break where you’re going to do a lot of walking and need more comfortable clothes? Are you just going to be laying by the pool for a week sipping cocktails? Each type of holiday is different and you will need different items for different trips.
  2. How many days are you going for? I tend to go by the rule of ‘one of everything for each day and one spare’. So for example, I am going away for 3 days so I will take 4 tops just to make sure I am prepared for every eventuality!
  3. What’s the climate like? Is it likely to cool down in the evenings or can you leave that cardigan/jacket at home? Check the weather forecast before you go, paying particular attention to the highs and lows. The chances are at this time of the year its going to be hot pretty much permanently.
  4. Limit your footwear. I have about 10 pairs of shoes I love wearing, but am I really going to teeter around Budapest in my court shoes?! The answer is obviously no! Make sure you are covered for every eventuality : comfort, keeping cool and dressing up. I am taking a pair of heeled white sandals for the evenings, that will go with everything; a pair of flip-flops for chucking on when it’s hot and a pair of comfortable flats for when I have to do a bit of walking!
  5. Wear your heaviest footwear to travel in! There has been many a time when I have clumped up the plane steps in a pair of ridiculously high wedges, just to save space in my suitcase! Trust me, it works!
  6. Only take toiletries that you will actually use! When I was younger, I literally took every beauty product you could ever imagine with me on holiday. It was ridiculous! Half my suitcase was made up of toiletry bags that made the lid impossible to shut! Buy miniatures where possible or buy things from the Boots/Superdrug etc at the air port. That way it doesn’t count towards your weight limit! Sneaky huh?!
  7. Take products that are nearly empty. That way you can finish them up during your trip and come back lighter and clutter free! There is something ridiculously satisfying about leaving loads of empty stuff behind. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s less to put away when you get home which is always good!
  8. Plan your outfits in advance! That way you’ve got full outfits rather than bits and bobs that you like and none of them actually going together. It also means you take so much less!

I hope you like these little tips i’ve put together. Make sure you leave any of your own tips in the comments so we can share our wisdom together!

Much Love


How To Calm Travel Anxiety

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I get really anxious about a lot of things and the process of travelling is one of them. I worry about getting ill abroad; not knowing what it will be like when I get there and even just the whole process of being away from home. This anxiety does not seem to gel well with my desire to travel the world which is very frustrating! Therefore I have to try and find ways to help me alleviate some of that anxiety. Here are a few tips I wanted to share with you in case you feel the way I do.

  1. Do your research! I find that by researching a place, I start to feel more familiar with it and familiarity calms my anxiety. Look into places you want to visit, how to get to and from the airport, the location of your hotel in regards to all the things you may need. This way you feel way more prepared and this in turn helps you to feel more relaxed.
  2. Make sure you are organised! Make sure you have everything prepared in plenty of time before you go. Have you got your currency sorted? Is your passport within arms reach? Do you have sun cream? Etc etc. Don’t leave things till the last minute is the key here!
  3. Don’t compromise on comfort for the sake of a few pounds. We’ve all been there, when we’ve been faced with two options: A cheaper, but lower quality option or a more expensive but higher quality option. When it comes to travel anxiety, I would tend to suggest leaning towards the latter. You want to feel as comfortable and safe as possible so going back to a nicer hotel at the end of the day or knowing that you will be well looked after can make you feel much more comfortable and it’s worth spending a few extra pounds on that!
  4. Distract yourself! Read a book, listen to music, talk to a friend, whatever it is that keeps you calm, do it! For me, it’s listening to audiobooks, so when we’re on the flight on Thursday and I start to get that queasy feeling, I will simply pop my headphones in and get lost in a story. I can not tell you how much this helps me and if you haven’t tried it, you really should!
  5. Control your breathing! If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a few minutes to control your breathing. Make sure you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and really focus on the exhale. Again, this can really help when you start to feel anxious.
  6. Enjoy yourself! This is the most important thing, you need to be able to have fun and enjoy your trip!

I hope these tips have helped you out, if you’re an anxious person like me! I’ll fill you in next week on whether they’ve worked or not this time! Fingers crossed!

Much Love