Guest Blogger Week: Day 4: Valentina’s Top Summer Nail Picks!

Hello, Molly’s followers! My name is Valentina and I’m honored to be writing a guest post on the lovely Molly’s blog today. I was so excited when she asked me to be featured on her site and of course, I had to think long and hard about the perfect idea for such an awesome opportunity! Ultimately, I went with something that was just perfect for the time of year and something I haven’t written about endlessly before, and thus we have today’s post on summer nails!

You may or may not know that I work at Universal Orlando Resort (yes, the theme park). This means that as far as nails go, my choices are pretty slim — all we’re allowed to wear are nude colors that match our skintone. At most, I can get away with a light peach color, but it doesn’t leave me a lot of options, which means my nail polish collection, which I’ve spent years and years crafting to perfection, goes to waste unless I have more than four days off in a row (which never happens).

Therefore, this post is the equivalent of me living vicariously through all of you. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to go out there and try out some new summer nails.


First up, we have a color I picked up at H&M called Want a Lemon. I got it because it was on sale and the beautiful pastel yellow just caught my eye and I fell in love! It’s actually surprisingly good quality and one of those polishes I pick up whenever I’m feeling particularly bright.

Next, we have a Sinful Colors polish in Endless Blue. It’s a beautiful slightly lighter than royal blue shade, and I’ve had it for years and I love it! Sinful Colors is a great brand for a good price, and I find it quite easy to pick up more and more of these when I go to Sally’s to buy my hair dye.

Peachy Queen by Nina is a color I got from Sally’s when my friend was letting me use their discount, and I’m so glad I picked it up! It’s a safe for work color that’s a tad brighter than the nudes wear, but still light enough that I can get away with. The brush is particularly easy to handle and it makes for a smooth application, which helps me as I am a total klutz!

Then we have Shell Me More from Pop-Arazzi, a brand I stumbled into at my local CVS when I was looking for MUA makeup. I bought ten of these babies for 99 cents each, so even if it’s not the best quality, I don’t mind it! With a lot of patience and devotion, it’s really not the worst polish I’ve ever used. It’s a light mint color (though it looks more blue in the picture) and it’s one of my favorite colors to have on my nails!

Last but not least is another Sinful Colors polish! This one is called Boogie Nights, a bright reddish orange (blood orange, heh) that I honestly don’t have any idea where I got it! It’s a bright and bold color that is most appropriate during the summer, though if you feel like wearing it in the winter, more power to you.


So there we have it! What are your essential summer nail polish colors? Or have you worn any of these before?

P.s Make sure you head on over to Valentina’s Blog to show her some love!

16 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Week: Day 4: Valentina’s Top Summer Nail Picks!

  1. I’m a huge Universal fan but I find it a little disappointing that employees are only allowed to wear nude! I mean seriously don’t they know that a girl and her nail polish is a necessity?


      1. I personally don’t see anything wrong with any nail polish. I can understand not wanting really long nails that look like talons especially if a person works with food. A local grocery store near me has a women with 5 inch talons. I get so grossed out as I watch her handle people’s food. I don’t know how she hasn’t punctured a package of meat. It’s giving me the willies just thinking about the yuckiness she is possibly spreading around!

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      2. It’s about keeping everyone looking uniform and I don’t know what else, to be honest. I’m hoping one day I can work there but in an office and have less limitations about what I can and can’t wear!

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  2. Nice picks Valentina! I’m kind of surprised it wasn’t a post about summer lipsticks, lol! 😉
    That Pop-Arazzi in Shell Me More is so cute! You can’t go wrong for $0.99.
    I’m partial to corals / orange for the summer, I love Essie Braziliant! 🙂


  3. Oh yeah all of these colours are gorgeous. I think peach queen is my favourite. I’ve got a load of Sinful Colours nail polishes but I didn’t find them to be that good to be honest.


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