Thinking of a Last Minute City Break?

I thought it would be fun to tell you about four of the cities I have visited within Europe to help you out if you fancy a last minute long weekend away. I like to visit a range of places if possible so some of these are probably not what you would expect to see listed but I thought that would make it all the more interesting! N.B I was going to make this post into 5 cities but it started getting ridiculously long! If you are ever going to Stockholm (that was going to be number 5) then please just email me and I’d love to tell you more about it!


This was the first ever holiday Tom and I went on together as I took him for his 19th Birthday. The city itself is very like London but probably more expensive! The Irish people are so friendly and as uncultured as it sounds, it’s nice to go somewhere where you can still speak in English without feeling useless!

Where to Eat? Our favourite restaurant was called The Church, the food was really tasty and reasonably priced and the atmosphere was really nice and chilled! Having said that, I’ve looked on the website today and it seems to also be a nightclub! Hopefully that chilled ambience is still there some nights of the week!

Where to Go? If like us, the bustling city became a bit much for you, take a trip on the train to Killiney and Bray. Bray has a wonderful long beach front where you can take in the sea air and they also have a really nice sea life centre that Tom and I loved! We went to a little cafe for a cup of tea to warm up and then to contradict ourselves entirely, we sat on the beach front with an ice cream. It really is a gorgeous place to visit! 4695407505_93849ebdd0

ROME rome1

After watching endless programmes about Italy and drooling over the pasta dishes, 2014 was the year I finally got to visit one of it’s many enchanting cities. My 5 days in Rome were absolutely incredible and the city should be on everyone’s ‘to-visit’ list! However, I went in July and it was RIDICULOUSLY HOT! Anyone that knows me at all, knows that I overheat at the drop of a hat so this was in a league of its own for me really. Saying that, Budapest is 38 degrees this week so Rome is quickly looking like it will drop down the overheating rankings soon!

What to See? You HAVE to visit the colosseum! I think it may be one of my favourite landmarks I have ever visited. I really didn’t know that much about what it was until I visited and the history behind it is amazing, if a little stomach churning! The place is a photographers delight, with an amazing picture to be taken at every turn. It would be good to book tickets in advance though, as we spent quite a long time in a very snaking queue and that was even after a sneaky bit of queue jumping! rometravelguide5

Where to Stay? We stayed in the H10 Roma Citta hotel just a short bus ride outside of Rome centre. I have to be honest and say it was perfect! It has a gorgeous roof-top infinity pool and the rooms were really spacious! When going to such a warm city, having a pool to jump in at the end of a long day is just what you need!

What to Avoid? This may just be personal preference, but unless you are REALLY into art, avoid the Vatican Museum! That was honestly the longest and hottest museum I have ever been in and it really does feel like it is never going to end! Also, don’t get a taxi around the Vatican City, they are so overpriced it is unreal!


View on Paris form Notre Dame cathedral

The romantics that we are, Tom and I took a trip to Paris last year. There is so much to see and do that I feel like no amount of time would ever be enough to compete it all in. Before you go, prioritise what you want to see to make sure you don’t go home disappointed!

What to See? The Eiffel Tower. Obviously! I am terrified of heights so the whole process took us 5 painstakingly long hours! Partly because I went into meltdown mode on level one and partly because I was so unfit that the stairs made me out of breath. I only realised how embarrassing this was when a family with 2 children under 6 overtook us and passed us again on their way down while we were still stationary. However, when you do, eventually, get to the top the views are phenomenal! It was so worth all the stress to be able to say that I have stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower and seen all of Paris! There are so many incredible sights in Paris that I could write about them forever, if you want any other recommendations then just comment below and I’ll tell you a few more of my favourites!First-Time-Paris-Eiffel-Tower

Where to Stay? If like us, you are looking for cheap and chearful, there are many IBIS hotels across all of Paris. We stayed in the IBIS Paris Eiffel Tower in Cambronne which had fantastic metro links! We could get absolutely anywhere from a stop just up the road from us and it was so cheap and efficient! The whole process was a bit more exciting as it gave the sense that you really were on a bit of an adventure. The rooms at the hotel were small yet suffice and we didn’t have breakfast, we just grabbed something whilst we were out. The hotels across all of Paris are crazily priced so don’t have high expectations about what your money will get you! We were incredibly lucky though, as our room had a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower, it was particularly beautiful at night all lit up.

COPENHAGEN 1428636048_wee_2014-05-03_lif_036_31493321_i4

I have visited Copenhagen many times now as one of my best friends lives there! It is a very interesting and beautiful city that many people overlook when it comes to thinking about city break destinations! If you’ve never considered a trip to Scandinavia, you really should as it is lovely!

What to Do? The best thing I would say to do, is to go on one of the boat tours. They are a great way to make sure you see all the sights and the tour guide ensures that you really get to know the history about this wonderful city. You get to see plenty of great sights like the Opera House where last years Eurovision Song Contest was held (Woo!) and also the Little Mermaid, one of the key things to see whilst you are in Copenhagen!

Where to Go? If like me, and the idea of visiting two countries in one trip really appeals to you, take a trip on the train over the bridge to Malmo in Sweden! It is such a surreal experience to be on a train, going over the sea on a bridge that connects two countries! Malmo is a little Swedish town that is lovely to spend an afternoon in, having a wander round or sat having a coffee watching the world go by. Bridge_3

Want Something Extra? As a little extra, you should visit the Somods Bolcher Factory. This is a tiny old fashioned Danish sweet factory where you can watch the sweets be made and you even get to try them whilst they are still hot! Make sure you buy plenty of bags too as they are very moreish! This will only take you half an hour or so, but I would recommend a visit. I go back every single time I go as it is so old fashioned and I love the smell you get when you walk in! somods-bolcher-shopok

So hopefully now, you have a few more ideas about where you may like to visit. Make sure you pop back next week if you want to hear about how I found Budapest! Writing this post has actually got me so excited now, I can’t believe its only two days away! If I have internet I will be tweeting about it so make sure you’re following me on Twitter! TheTravelLiz2

Much Love


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  1. My favourite places I went in Europe was Paris, the south of France, Stockholm. Nothing beats a city break. Last weekend I went to Melbourne and it was great just shopping and going to lots of nice cafes. 🙂 x

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