How To Calm Travel Anxiety

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I get really anxious about a lot of things and the process of travelling is one of them. I worry about getting ill abroad; not knowing what it will be like when I get there and even just the whole process of being away from home. This anxiety does not seem to gel well with my desire to travel the world which is very frustrating! Therefore I have to try and find ways to help me alleviate some of that anxiety. Here are a few tips I wanted to share with you in case you feel the way I do.

  1. Do your research! I find that by researching a place, I start to feel more familiar with it and familiarity calms my anxiety. Look into places you want to visit, how to get to and from the airport, the location of your hotel in regards to all the things you may need. This way you feel way more prepared and this in turn helps you to feel more relaxed.
  2. Make sure you are organised! Make sure you have everything prepared in plenty of time before you go. Have you got your currency sorted? Is your passport within arms reach? Do you have sun cream? Etc etc. Don’t leave things till the last minute is the key here!
  3. Don’t compromise on comfort for the sake of a few pounds. We’ve all been there, when we’ve been faced with two options: A cheaper, but lower quality option or a more expensive but higher quality option. When it comes to travel anxiety, I would tend to suggest leaning towards the latter. You want to feel as comfortable and safe as possible so going back to a nicer hotel at the end of the day or knowing that you will be well looked after can make you feel much more comfortable and it’s worth spending a few extra pounds on that!
  4. Distract yourself! Read a book, listen to music, talk to a friend, whatever it is that keeps you calm, do it! For me, it’s listening to audiobooks, so when we’re on the flight on Thursday and I start to get that queasy feeling, I will simply pop my headphones in and get lost in a story. I can not tell you how much this helps me and if you haven’t tried it, you really should!
  5. Control your breathing! If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a few minutes to control your breathing. Make sure you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and really focus on the exhale. Again, this can really help when you start to feel anxious.
  6. Enjoy yourself! This is the most important thing, you need to be able to have fun and enjoy your trip!

I hope these tips have helped you out, if you’re an anxious person like me! I’ll fill you in next week on whether they’ve worked or not this time! Fingers crossed!

Much Love


4 thoughts on “How To Calm Travel Anxiety

  1. This is such a good post! I hate flying and also worry about being ill when away so I am definitely going to remember these tips! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ xx

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