How To Pack Lightly!

Everybody knows how easy it is to over pack for a holiday! There are so many things you want to take and you are sure you can definitely get through 10 outfits in 7 days no problems, but you always bring back an excessive amount of unworn clothes and shoes! Over the years, to save money I like to try and travel with either one suitcase between two people or with just hand luggage if I can. This means that I have had to turn into a bit of a savvy packer! I thought for today’s post I would share with you my tips to make your bag a bit lighter!

  1. Think about the type of trip you are going on. Are you going on a city break where you’re going to do a lot of walking and need more comfortable clothes? Are you just going to be laying by the pool for a week sipping cocktails? Each type of holiday is different and you will need different items for different trips.
  2. How many days are you going for? I tend to go by the rule of ‘one of everything for each day and one spare’. So for example, I am going away for 3 days so I will take 4 tops just to make sure I am prepared for every eventuality!
  3. What’s the climate like? Is it likely to cool down in the evenings or can you leave that cardigan/jacket at home? Check the weather forecast before you go, paying particular attention to the highs and lows. The chances are at this time of the year its going to be hot pretty much permanently.
  4. Limit your footwear. I have about 10 pairs of shoes I love wearing, but am I really going to teeter around Budapest in my court shoes?! The answer is obviously no! Make sure you are covered for every eventuality : comfort, keeping cool and dressing up. I am taking a pair of heeled white sandals for the evenings, that will go with everything; a pair of flip-flops for chucking on when it’s hot and a pair of comfortable flats for when I have to do a bit of walking!
  5. Wear your heaviest footwear to travel in! There has been many a time when I have clumped up the plane steps in a pair of ridiculously high wedges, just to save space in my suitcase! Trust me, it works!
  6. Only take toiletries that you will actually use! When I was younger, I literally took every beauty product you could ever imagine with me on holiday. It was ridiculous! Half my suitcase was made up of toiletry bags that made the lid impossible to shut! Buy miniatures where possible or buy things from the Boots/Superdrug etc at the air port. That way it doesn’t count towards your weight limit! Sneaky huh?!
  7. Take products that are nearly empty. That way you can finish them up during your trip and come back lighter and clutter free! There is something ridiculously satisfying about leaving loads of empty stuff behind. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s less to put away when you get home which is always good!
  8. Plan your outfits in advance! That way you’ve got full outfits rather than bits and bobs that you like and none of them actually going together. It also means you take so much less!

I hope you like these little tips i’ve put together. Make sure you leave any of your own tips in the comments so we can share our wisdom together!

Much Love


9 thoughts on “How To Pack Lightly!

  1. Great points — I really wish I had not brought a blazer on my trip to Southern Europe (just got back) because it was sooo hot! I ended up leaving the blazer at a hotel (it was old anyway) so I could make room for some of my purchases, lol.

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  2. I’m going to Jamaica in November. It will be cold where u live when we leave, but I am gong to suffer though it so I dint have to worry about snow boots and a coat. I am the WORST packer. I certainly over pack.

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