My Latest Obsession: Nude MAC Lipsticks

Now my idea of a nude is probably completely different to most peoples. I absolutely hate the stereotypical ‘nude’ shade and veer towards pink, orange or taupe based nudes compared to browns as I feel like they make me look ill. Forget Velvet Teddy and Hue, I did not like the way they looked on me in the slightest! This lead to a lot of searching and I feel like my nude ‘work and uni appropriate collection’ is near enough complete! You may feel like these all look the same, my boyfriend definitely thought so, but they all have a different colour as an undertone and that is why I love each one individually and I HAD to show you them!

First up is Shanghai Spice which I have raved on and on about on twitter since I bought it in my last haul. IMG_1050MAC describe this as a ‘frosted neutral pink’ but to be honest, I really don’t agree with that at all! I feel like it definitely has more peachy/orangey undertones than pink, however, in this picture it does look quite pinky. Strange!  This is a creamsheen finish which is a finish I hadn’t tried before this one and is definitely turning into a favourite of mine! It is so comfortable on the lips and, as the name would suggest, it leaves a lovely sheen as well as beautiful colour. This is such an easy to wear colour and is great for just popping on and heading out the door with minimal fuss or effort! I don’t feel like the colour is raved about enough and is definitely a great alternative for those of you who, like me, aren’t into the hyped up MAC nudes! Here’s how it looks on the lips:


Next up is Fanfare which again is a creamsheen finish. MAC describe it as a mid-tone yellow pink, which is probably quite accurate. I mean, I don’t know about you guys but I don’t really know what a ‘yellow pink’ is but it’s definitely a mid-tone pink so lets roll with it! IMG_1053

This is a real summery colour that comes off quite pink on the lips. I wore this with a bright dress that had pink in today, and it looked gorgeous! This does have very tiny shimmery specks in it which looks beautiful! This is slightly brighter than the other nudes but I really like it for that. Its going to look great all summer and it will definitely be coming on holiday with me! I really love the way it looks on the lips:


The third one I picked up recently is Modesty. Now this is about as ‘Kylie Jenner’ as it gets for me as I feel like this is more of a taupey nude. IMG_1048Again, it’s a cream sheen (Surprise Surprise!) but it’s definitely less pinky than the previous two. I bought this to replace my beloved Benefit Ladies Choice lipstick that has just run out. Sadly they no longer stock that colour or formulation so I am hoping that I enjoy using this one as much as I have loved that one! MAC describe it as a ‘muted neutral pink’ which is probably quite apt although, in my eyes this isn’t really that pink! Maybe i’m just colour blind, as looking at the picture again it does look quite pink! Just wait till the end for hand swatches and maybe you’ll not think i’m completely blind! I love the way this looks on the lips and it is so easy to wear. This will be a work staple I think just because it is so subtle yet still really pretty! 


Last but by no means least is Mehr which is a matte shade! I know, shock horror, no creamsheen! IMG_1056I do often find MAC matte lipsticks really drying but this one actually feels very creamy on the lips and you can still rub your lips together without feeling that horrible dragging sensation! MAC describe it as a ‘dirty blue pink’ and I know what they mean as it is very cool toned. It does come with the added benefit of making your teeth appear whiter although I have found that with all four of these shades! This is probably the darkest and least nude of the bunch but I think the colour is so beautiful! It really looks polished and sophisticated yet still a bit fun at the same time! I am so grateful that Lauren who won my MAC giveaway wanted this one as I never would have tried it otherwise! Here’s how it looks on my lips:


Now, if you are as bamboozled as Tom and think all the colours look exactly the same, then here are the swatches to prove that there actually four different shades there!


From left to right: Mehr, Shanghai Spice, Modesty, Fanfare.

Have you tried any of these shades? Which one is your favourite? I apologise in advance if this causes any of you to go on any naughty MAC spending sprees! (Sorry not Sorry!)

Much love


31 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession: Nude MAC Lipsticks

  1. I totally get the nude struggle… it takes me forever to find ones that don’t just look ridiculously concealer-y! Great post – wish I wasn’t on a no spending so I could pick some of these up…eeek! xoxo


  2. I don’t like MAC lipsticks but after reading your post, i want them! xo-xo
    P.S. If you like cats and cosmetics- you are welcome to my blog 🙂


  3. I understand what you mean about nudes. I don’t like them to have too much of a brown tone to them. I really love the shades you picked out though! Beautiful! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

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