50 Things That Make Me Happy!

I realise that I have been a little bit rubbish at keeping up with tag nominations recently and for that I am sorry, however, the lovely Karen from Confetti & Curves nominated me to do the 50 Things That Make Me Happy tag and I felt like I could do with some positivity in my life so here I am! I am a bit of a pessimist but there are quite a few things that make me really happy and I thought I would share them with you all today!

  1. My Family – This kind of comes as standard but they mean the world to me!
  2. Tom – Who could resist his beautiful beardy face!?
  3. Receiving Parcels in the Post – Honestly, I’m like a child at christmas and always go running to the door with a little squeal!
  4. Dogs/Puppies – I love their happy little faces and the love that they just seem to ooze!
  5. Driving – One of the only things to calm me down during anxiety is driving, I love the sense of freedom and independence it gives me.
  6. Baths – Who doesn’t love a good long soak in the bath?! All warm and snug with loads of bubbles, perfect!
  7. Snow – I get ridiculously excited when I see flakes of the white stuff falling from the sky, I just love everything about it!
  8. Hot Chocolate – I love drinking this on winter evenings after uni, all snuggled in bed like the grandma I am!
  9. Holidays – I love going on holiday and having a good old relax, sun sea, sand and swimming, what more could you want?
  10. Finishing your last exam – Nothing can beat that feeling!
  11. Taking Your Bra Off at the End of a Long Day – It’s like your shoulders are breathing a sigh of relief!
  12. Shaving Your Legs – Particularly if you’ve been meaning to do it for ages, surely it’s not just me who makes everyone touch my legs for the net day?!
  13. A Clean Fresh Bed – This is honestly the making for a great night sleep, it is just the best!
  14. Reading a Good Book – I love getting stuck into a story and that feeling of not being able to put it down is great!
  15. Baking – I love making cakes and the smell is so good!
  16. Eating Outside – This is one of my favourite things about summer!
  17. Pay Day! – Speaks for itself really, everyone likes a bit of money!
  18. Cuddles – I am a massive touchy feely person and a hug speaks a thousand words for me!
  19. Photographs – Capturing moments is really important and looking back on them is even more special!
  20. New Stationary – (Sorry Karen for stealing this one!)
  21. Waking up and realising it’s the weekend!
  22. Waking up before your alarm – Being able to go back to sleep for another hour is like a blessing in disguise!
  23. Taking the Roof off my car – Particularly with music playing and sunglasses on!
  24. Reading Comments from my Blog – Please leave me them, they make me so happy!
  25. Working – Now not all jobs, but I do love working at my current job, it’s nothing exciting but the people I work with are amazing!
  26. Uni – I never thought I would write this, but it really does make me happy!
  27. Baby animals – They’re just so bloody cute!
  28. Waking up after a long lie in and counting how many hours sleep you’ve had.
  29. Parking perfectly first time – I am now the master of parallel parking. Just Saying.
  30. Beating Google Maps’ Estimated Journey Time – I am not competitive but this makes me very happy!
  31. Having a really good laugh – They say laughter is the best medicine and all that!
  32. New Makeup!!
  33. Chocolate & Sweets – My dentist doesn’t agree. Bitch.
  34. PUGS – Anything with pugs on it, cards, bedding, doorstops (I am honestly not listing everything I own with a pug on it…)
  35. Waking up to great Weather
  36. Coffee – (Decaf obviously)
  37. A really great Cocktail – You know when you find that perfect combo that you think, yep, this is the only alcoholic drink I ever want to have in my hand from now on… until the next one!
  38. Yorkshire – Maybe it’s because my grandparents live there but I adore it so much!
  39. Fresh Bread – From the shop or homemade, I’m not too fussy.
  40. Coffee Art – You know when people make patterns in the foam of a cappuccino?! It is like the gift that keeps on giving.
  41. Giving presents – I love to give someone a gift I have thought long and hard over. I love seeing their reactions.
  42. Solving a hard maths equation – sad I know but it has a great sense of satisfaction.
  43. Finishing Work or Uni for the day – Kind of contradicts what I said earlier but I love being at home too!
  44. Days in Bed – In my pyjamas, with a film on and only getting out for a wee or to get food. Perfect!
  45. Music – I love listening to all kinds of music and I really do vary my playlist to tie in with my mood.
  46. Checking your phone to see loads of notifications – It makes me feel popular hahaha!
  47. Being organised.
  48. Friends Who are Honest – I love people who are straight talking!
  49. Meeting New People – I love making new friends!
  50. Seeing Tan Lines Form – You know that first day on holiday when you come in to see tan lines? I love that!

I hope you’ve liked this slightly different post! Thank you so much to Karen for nominating me, I have really enjoyed doing this post! I’m not going to nominate anyone in particular but rather anyone that needs a boost of positivity in their lives and wants to give this a go. Sometimes sitting back and thinking about all the great things really improves your mood! Would any of these make their way into your favourites?

Much Love


P.S If you read number 24, please leave me a comment!

P.P.S Number 51 would be if any of you scrolled back up to see what 24 was!

13 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy!

  1. I did this tag too and was the one that nominated Karen lol. I really enjoyed reading your 50 things. I can’t believe though that I completely left out taking my bra off at the end of the day. That’s like the best feeling ever!! lol. 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

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