Brand Focus: Sweet Cecily’s!

A couple of weeks ago Ana mentioned a brand that I had never heard of, Sweet Cecily’s. There are many things I loved the sound of when I researched this brand and the all contributed towards me making a little order! I thought I’d tell you all more about the brand today and the things I like about it and also a mini review on the two items I purchased! Sound good?

Why do I like the brand?

  • They are based in Whitby! Whitby is a place where I have made plenty of fantastic memories and always makes me think of my Grandparents who used to take me there. We always walked along the beach, had fish and chips at the Magpie and bought rock to take home with us, the seaside town is very close to my heart. Therefore, when I heard that the brand was based there, I had to support it!
  • They hand make all their products! There is something lovely about knowing that someone has lovingly made your products for you and that it wasn’t just a giant production line!
  • They don’t test on animals! As I have been a veggie for the last 6-7 years, it’s always nice to hear that animals weren’t used for testing for cosmetic reasons, I think it is very uncalled for!
  • They don’t contain Parabens! I’m not gonna lie and pretend I know what parabens are, but I’ve heard it’s better for you if they aren’t in your products, so woo hoo the coast is clear here!
  • Their packaging is so cute and kitsch! I’m a sucker for packaging, enough said.

What did I buy? 

  1. Elderflower & Almond Hand Cream £6.95 for 50ml – I love the texture of this product, it is quite thick and luxurious feeling and I love how it comes in a little pot rather than a tube! The scent did get a bit of getting used to as I wasn’t too sure at first, but now I quite like it! It’s really hard to describe actually but it is quite a sweet scent but not too overpowering. I think the reason that I was unsure of the scent at first is because we are now so used to scents that are formulated in a factory to smell exactly what they say they are, however when you are using all natural ingredients, the scents will naturally be slightly different!
  2. Mojito Flavour Lip Balm £3.25 for 10ml – When this arrived, I was pretty shocked at how small the tin was, however after using it for a couple of weeks, I haven’t even made a dent in the product! A little does go a long way and it keeps my lips lovely and moisturised! I found the texture a little bit strange as the more I rubbed my finger in the pot, nothing seemed to be happening however I soon realised that there is still product on your finger but it is a lot thinner than vaseline for example. I quite like this factor actually as it doesn’t leave a greasy film on my lips! Finally, the scent is delicious! It’s so fresh and both minty and zesty at the same time, a perfect mojito scent!

Overall, I am really please I tried and supported a small company in a town I adore. If you decide to pick up anything from Sweet Cecily’s let me know as I’d love to know what some of their other products are like!

Much Love


P.s This post wasn’t sponsored in the slightest, I just wanted to share a unique brand with you lovely lot!

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