Starting My Christmas Wishlist…

I’ve decided to log my Christmas wish list here on my blog this year as I always find things that I want and the forget what they were! This way I can keep a track of things I’ve had my eye on and share it with you guys! Here are the things that have made me swoon so far:


Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms – I had my eye on this last year and didn’t manage to get one before they sold out, therefore this year it’s high up on the list! It’s 3 miniatures of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s most popular lipsticks and it looks gorgeous! The colours included are all from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range and are the colours: Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect and So Marilyn. I’m in lipstick heaven! They are available from Charlotte Tilbury here.


Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise in Silver Leopard + Black Magic – I thought I’d stick with Charlotte Tilbury and show you one her new launches! The idea is you can create a gorgeous, dramatic smoky cat eye with just this one eyeshadow and eyeliner. This one is specifically for blue eyes and looks beautiful! It doesn’t take much to sell me on a Charlotte Tilbury product but i’ve watched the promotional videos and tutorials and it looks easy as pie! Sold.


No I don’t want to get married, don’t panic! My Great Grandma left my mum an Opal ring with diamonds and sapphires in too and my Mum mentioned getting it reset for me to wear. I never met my Great Grandma but she and my Mum were really close and I’d love to have a bit of that amazing family history to wear every day. The current ring is set in quite an old fashioned setting and is also in gold, which is not my cup of tea to be honest so I’d like it set in a more modern setting, a little like the one in the picture and also in Sterling Silver or White Gold. I think my Mum and I will do some more investigating on this over the next few weeks to make sure it’s perfect. I will keep you updated if we make any progress!


Urban Decay Naked Palette – I’m lucky enough to own the Naked 3 and Naked Smoky palettes, but the original one does really draw me in. I’ve heard loads of good things about this palette and I would like to broaden my little Naked family that bit further. A girl can dream right!?


Finally, I’ve always wanted a necklace with my name on, as sad as that sounds, and i’ve found these lovely ones made by Anna Lou of London! They are rose gold plated and I think they are perfect! Naturally, I want one saying Molly not Natasha but they didn’t have a picture of that! They are available in silver, rose gold or gold here so check them out here if you like the look of them as much as I do!

I hope you like my little wish list, a girl can dream right?! What’s on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love



Autumn Lipstick Picks To Suit Every Budget – Including NARS, Benefit & Charlotte Tilbury Dupes!

I’ve seen a multitude of these posts scattering the blogosphere, however they have all been different so I thought I would share my picks with you too to show you how I like to rock a dark and sultry lip at this time of the year! Ive picked different finishes and also some lighter shades too for those of you who don’t want to wear a berry lip in the day or to work for example.


  • Charlotte Tilbury – Night Crimson (£23.00)
  • SEVENTEEN Supreme Shine Lipstick – Rich (£4.99)
  • Benefit Full Finish Lipstick – No Competition (Discontinued)
  • NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Walkyrie (£19.00)
  • Soap And Glory Marvelips – As Good As Nude (£8.00)
  • No 7 Moisture Drench Lipstick – Cranberry (£9.95)


  • MUA Lip Liner – Brooding Plum (£1.00)
  • MUA Eye Liner – Berry Wine (£1.00)

The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and the SEVENTEEN Lipstick are very similar in colour actually so if you can’t afford to splurge £23 on a lipstick then the SEVENTEEN one is a really good dupe and for £4.99 you can’t go wrong! I wrote a whole post on my love for these lipsticks here so if you want to see the other colours I have then please check that out! I do love the Charlotte Tilbury formula more but they both pack a punch in the colour department! Here’s them both swatched on the lips:

Charlotte Tilbury – Night Crimson £23
SEVENTEEN – Rich £4.99

If you prefer a more purple based colour then Benefit’s No Competition is perfect, however I am really disappointed to say that they have discontinued it! I have yet to find any lipstick formula that I like more than this or a colour that comes close to this one so I had to include it in the mix for those reasons! If you ever see this in a blog sale or on eBay, snap it up! You will not regret it, I promise you! The only one I have in my collection that is close to this is No7’s Moisture Drench Lipstick in Cranberry. It’s also is only £9.95 so it’s quite a bargain! Boots are also giving out the £3 off No7 Makeup vouchers at the moment so its worth picking one up for Autumn and Winter!

Benefit - No Competition (Discontinued)
Benefit – No Competition (Discontinued)
No7 - Cranberry £9.99
No7 – Cranberry £9.95

Finally, for those of you who don’t feel comfortable wearing such a dark colour in the day or to work then you should try one of the two options I have included in this post. Again, there is a budget and a more expensive ‘dupe’ to suit everyones bank balance! I didn’t plan the post to be like this but when I put all the lipsticks together I realised I’d done it by accident! The high end option is one of NARS’s Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Walkyrie. Its a beautiful deep rose matte shade that looks very Autumnal when on the lips. A more budget-friendly option is Soap & Glory’s Marvelips which is a dual ended pencil that is designed to create full looking lips. As you can tell I have used a lot of this and I really like the way it makes my lips look!

NARS – Walkyrie £19
Soap & Glory – Marvelips £8

I also decided I needed some lipliners to go with the darker shades and headed to my local Superdrug to check out the MUA offerings as they are only £1! I thought I had picked up two lipliners but the shade Berry Wine is actually an eyeliner! Oops! However, I have used this on both my lips as a liner and my eyes and I love the way it works for both. I actually was tweeted by MUA to say that a lot of their customers use this as a lipliner too so at least i’m not the only crazy one!

L-R MUA Brooding Plum Liner, MUA Berry Wine Eyeliner, Charlotte Tilbury Night Crimson, Benefit No Competition, NARS Walkyrie, No7 Cranberry, SEVENTEEN Rich, Soap & Glory Marvelips

I hope you like the colours I’ve chosen, let me know if you have tried any of them and which one is your favourite! What lipsticks are you loving this season?

Much Love


P.S – Sorry some of the pictures look like I’ve applied the lipstick blind folded, by the time i’d done six my lips were really sore!!

What I Got For My 21st Birthday!

So Friday 9th October was my 21st birthday and I had an amazing day and night surrounded by family and friends and was truly spoilt. I absolutely love reading posts about what people got for their birthday so I thought I would share what lovely gifts I was lucky enough to receive this year! I’ll put it out there as a little disclaimer that I am not bragging at all and I am incredibly grateful for the gifts I received! So, without further ado, I’ll get into showing you what I got! Heres the beauty-related items I have now added to my ever growing collection!


  • Alfie, my brother, got me the new Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette and a little tube of the Urban Decay Primer potion! I am so excited to try this out and he has definitely earned some serious brownie points for this pressie! I haven’t used it yet as I have just been drooling over it but I will be sure to give you a review of this over the next few weeks!
  • Now this one was quite an unexpected gift as one of the lovely girls I tutor maths to and her family bought me a new MAC lipstick as they know I am obsessed! Lauren picked the shade herself and it’s Brave which is a satin finish! I absolutely love it and the formulation of the satin lipsticks is great! It’s everything I like about the matte finish formulation but without the overly dried lips feeling! The colour is perfect for my skin tone and is a great option for day or night!
  • Tom’s Mum used to work for Esteè Lauder so she knows what the makeup obsessives struggle is like! She and Tom’s Dad very kindly treated me to some Charlotte Tilbury goodies as they know I’ve been drooling over them for an incredibly long time! I got the Vintage Vamp Eyeshadow Quad, Night Crimson Lipstick & Love Is The Drug Blush. I have tried all of these out and they were so worth the wait!! I am going to review them and do a little look with them as put together they are simply stunning! I am so grateful and lucky to have added these beauties to my collection!
  • To co-inside with the other lovely Charlotte Tilbury goodies, my good friend Emily bought me the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in Fair 3. I have watched way way too many videos on this and the results amazed me enough to add this to my wishlist! I have only tried it once so far but so far so good! I love the finish it gives on the skin and it feels so light, again, there will be a review to follow so you can see the difference for yourselves!
  • As one of Tom’s gifts to me, he bought me the Smashbox #Shapematters Palette which he picked out all by himself so I am seriously impressed! I have given it a little go and I am really happy with it so far! There is a great mix of products inside and the palette has been really well thought out! There are 9 eyeshadow shades, a contour, bronzer and two highlighting shades, 2 eyebrow shades and an eyebrow wax.
  • My Mum & Dad’s friends bought me some lovely Molton Brown goodies, including two shower gels, a body lotion and a hand cream. I am excited to try them as they are in varying scents!
  • I got a lovely Almond & Honey hand cream from my friend Rachel. The packaging reminds me a little bit of L’Occitane and I am intrigued to see how it smells as the scent is delicious.
  • The final beauty pressie was from my God Mother who always buys fantastic presents! She bought me a day pass to Eden Hall Spa in Newark! I have never been to a spa for the day before so I cannot wait to go! I am going to go with my Mum and Auntie and have a lovely girly day together! I am so excited and I think I am going to add some treatments to make the day even more relaxing!


  • My grandparents bought me a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne which is always a lovely gift for a special birthday! I love champagne so I like the idea of drinking a really nice bottle!
  • My oldest friend Megan bought me the new book by Millie Mackintosh, Made. She is literally my style icon and body inspiration so I am really looking forward to having a good read of this. It contains everything from fitness and recipes, to fashion and makeup so I can tell I am going to enjoy this!
  • Now onto what my parents bought me! They bought me an absolutely stunning necklace and jewellery set from Swarovski that is rose gold with dark grey Swarovski crystals. They are beautiful and I have bought myself some earrings and a ring to complete the set with some birthday money. I will insert some closeups below so you can see them in all their glory! And if like me, you are wondering what the New York trade guide was for, then I am so excited to say that I am going to NEW YORK!!! I never thought I would actually be able to say that but I am, next year hopefully! I am so so grateful that they are willing to pay for me to go with my friend Emily and the excitement has already started to set in! I am going to read this book cover to cover so I know exactly what I want to do when I get there!!!



  • I may have been a little bit naughty when I was in Venice and bought myself a little birthday treat in the form of a Longchamp bag! Isn’t the colour just absolutely gorgeous though so it was totally worth it! I will always remember buying this for myself as I bought it in the shop in Saint Mark’s Square! It is the Pliage Heritage Crossbody and I adore it! It was a stupid amount of money but I worked all summer so I deserve it right?!
  • My Auntie & Uncle bought me a new purse as my old one was falling apart! It is from Michael Kors and is the perfect size and shape for me! It has loads of handy compartments inside so I can haul around all my cards and receipts like normal!
  • One of the most thoughtful gifts I was bought was this phone case from Tom. My grandparents very kindly bought me my new iPhone 6 and Tom got this case personalised to go with it. It has a marble background with my blog logo on and is very thin so the phone still feels thin rather than extra thick. I absolutely love it and I am so happy with the new phone and the case finishes it off perfectly.
  • The final gift was from Tom too and I am really sad as I can’t take a very good picture of it! Its a Vivienne Westwood handbag!! He picked it all by himself and it was a complete surprise when I opened it! He knows I am a designer girl and that a black handbag was missing from my collection so this fit the bill on all parts! He is a great present buyer and this just highlighted that fact!


I just want to say thank you to everyone who bought me a present or sent a card. I am incredibly grateful! I also got lots of lovely little things like chocolate, wine and a very generous amount of money! As I said earlier, I am putting some of the money towards a ring and a pair of earrings to go with the Swarovski jewellery to make a full set, but I am also going to purchase something I have been wanting for many years! I am being very naughty and investing in a pair of Christian Louboutin heels! I am so excited to get them ordered, but unfortunately they are out of stock, so that will have to wait for a little bit! I will write a post on them when I have those babies in my grasp! I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have writing it! I had an amazing day surrounded by family and friends and I felt well and truly special! I plan to do a little post on the day in the future, but please let me know what you would like to see a review/post of first!

Thanks for reading!

Much Love


Post-holiday Book Recommendation!

Since starting university, I have pretty much stopped reading for pleasure as I just don’t have the time due to all the reading I have to do for my degree. Who could have thought that a finance and accounting based degree had so many books to accompany it?! I do try and keep up with ‘reading’ by listening to audiobooks and I always have one on the go, however it still doesn’t beat the feeling of reading a book with it physically in your hand! I have always been a huge bookworm and as a teenager I took pride in the fact that my room was overflowing with books. Now at nearly 21, I have had to scale down the collection to just my favourites or the ones that I would definitely read again and I think I have found one of these special few whilst finally sitting down with a book in Greece!

I’m sure the majority of you have read the Harry Potter series (if not, unfortunately we can no longer be friends!) but have you read the other books that JK Rowling has on offer? I think I have read every book she has had published as I just love the way she writes and I find myself absorbed completely into another world, which is the whole purpose of reading right?! A couple of years ago she decided to write a series of crime novels under the pseudonym ‘Robert Galbraith’ and managed to remain anonymous for all of about 10 seconds. The first book in the series The Cuckoos Calling was good, but nothing particularly page turning for me, which was a little disappointing, however, I decided to persevere and give the second book The Silkworm a go when I went on holiday last month. I have had this book on my shelf for around a year now and I finally took the plunge to read it and I can tell you there was no looking back!!


The book is about 450 pages long and I read it in about 24 hours it was that good. I honestly couldn’t put it down!! The story centres around the detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin, who we were introduced to in the first novel, however this time the mystery they are trying to solve is much more engaging and a little gruesome in parts. I love the relationship between the two characters and the fact that it is set in London just makes it seem more real to me – God knows why! Rowling has quite a talent for setting the scene and making you feel connected to the characters which, in my opinion, is why she has been, and still is, such a successful author. There is a certain level of underlying chemistry between the two main characters that offers hints of a romance novel at the same time, whilst there being no real evidence that this could happen. For me that is one of the reasons that the pages kept turning as I would just love that to happen. It’s a bit of a Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger type story line, where you hope he gets the girl in the end despite that not even being even an eighth of what the novels about!

If you like mysteries and murders or are simply a fan of JK Rowling’s work, then definitely give the Cormoran Strike series a go. I was ecstatic to discover that the third book in the series is being released on the 20th October and I’m not ashamed to say that it is on preorder from Amazon! I was also incredibly happy to hear that she has decided to make it a seven part series like Harry Potter, so I have loads more books to come! It’s nice to experience Rowling writing something outside of the Harry Potter Series, however that’s not to say I wouldn’t love her to write more from that magical world!

I know i’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent from my usual world of beauty with this post, however this blog is a place where I want to share things and talk about the things I love and reading has always been one of those. I enjoyed The Silkworm so much that I had to share it with you all as I know some of you must love reading as much as I do! I’ll leave the links to the books in the series and also the other books that JK Rowling has written outside of the Harry Potter series down below in case you are interested. Have you read either The Cuckoo’s Calling or The Silkworm? If so what did you think? Would you like some more book recommendations in the future?

Much Love



Review: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

This post has been a longtime coming, but I wanted to give the palette a good testing to make sure the review was as accurate as possible for you guys. I’m not going to keep it a secret, I absolutely love this palette! I think it is fantastic value for money and if you haven’t got it in your collection, I think you probably need to go and alleviate that issue!


The packaging is very pretty, lovely patterned brown and golden shades that make it look more expensive than it is. It is very slim too which is great for travelling but it doesn’t have a mirror, which would have made it perfect for me! The packaging is made from cardboard which is great at the moment but I am sceptical as to how well it will wear over the months and years I am using it!

Colour Selection:


BEAUTIFUL! The palette consists of twelve warm toned shades that are just beautiful for this time of the year. The colours all combine together to create some amazing looks and it really is every thing you need in one palette! I don’t think I could pick my favourite colours however I do love the golden shade in the bottom left hand corner! It’s gorgeous!


I was doubtful that the pigmentation would be as good as other more high-end shadows, but boy way I wrong! Even the matte creamy white shade is one of the most pigmented I have ever used! Strangely enough, it looks lovely just swept across the lid on its own for a simple yet chic look. Both the matte and shimmer shades in this palette are equally as pigmented and they blend like a dream! The darkest shade “beans are white” (Top Right) looks great as eyeliner and, due to its pigmentation, it looks perfect!


This isn’t available on Beauty Bay anymore where it was around £15.95 with free delivery, however you can still purchase it directly from Zoeva. It obviously takes a bit longer to arrive as it’s being shipped from Germany and it’s only free shipping over €30, but that just gives you an excuse to buy a few more things like I did! I think this palette is so worth the money and is now a go-to in my collection! This was the only eyeshadow I took away with me when I went on holiday for 10 days and I wore it every single day and never got bored!

I absolutely love this palette and can’t recommend it enough. There’s been no fall-out; it’s long-lasting and the shadows are so smooth and buttery that they are easy to apply and blend. What more could you ask for?! Would you like to see a few Autumn looks with this palette, or even the look I wore everyday on holiday? If so, let me know in the comments!

Much Love


Face Of The Day: My Take On The Autumnal Makeup Trend!

Everywhere you turn at the moment there are Autumnal Makeup Themed posts and I LOVE it! I thought I’d do a quickest today to show you my take on the trend and the way I’ll be wearing my makeup this season. I hope you like it as much as I do!



  • For foundation I used the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light as it’s the darkest foundation I owned and I am a little bit tanned from my holiday still so it matched well. I also lasts the whole day whilst I’m at uni!
  • I’ve been using my Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Duo recently as it has both a dark and a light shade in it which is handy to mix now whilst I’m not as pale as usual. I’ve also been attempting a little bit of natural contouring with it by using the darker shade where I would contour and the lighter shade where the light would naturally hit and I’ve been loving it!
  • For a bit of extra tan, I’ve been using the Bourjois Bronzing Primer to enhance the summery glow, I’ve written a post on it here so please feel free to check that out if you’d like to know more about it!
  • My favourite blush lately has been the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink and sadly i’ve nearly run out! It has been the perfect summery flush on my complexion and i’ve been applying it with my Zoeva Petit Stippling Brush from my recent Zoeva Haul. The two work great together as the brush is duo fibre so picks up the product and blends it in really well!
  • Brows are nothing new as i’m still loving the Benefit Brow-Zings!


  • The main thing I used for this look was The Balm Nude’tude Palette. This has single handedly got to be the most highly pigmented palette I have ever owned! I am so glad it was in the September Cohorted Box and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using it! I’ve got review both this and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette so keep a look out for those posts! I used the light pinky shimmery shade from the palette mixed with a silvery grey from a Bourjois Trio all over the lid and swept a mixture of a plum and a dark brown/black into the outer corner and through the crease. I also ran this under the eye to keep it all looking nice and smoky! I added a pop of the lightest white shimmer shade in the inner corner and blended it into the inner third too to make it pop.
  • I used the darkest matte black shade from the palette for my ‘liner’ and as you can see it comes out darker than a lot of actual liners! It’s incredible how pigmented it is!
  • For my tight-line and water line I used the Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Grey as I find that straight black can sometimes look a bit too harsh. In my opinion this grey was dark enough and just tied the look together and made it look more sultry!
  • I chose Benefit Roller Lash for my mascara on this particular day and I have to say it’s what I’ve been reaching for the most since I’ve been back from holiday. It just creates the look I want with such little effort, it’s brilliant!


  • Finally onto the star of the show and for once, we have a bargain product taking centre stage! It’s the 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Rich. I’ve written a whole post on my love for these lipsticks here so be sure to take a looksie! I love every colour I own rom this range but this is perhaps my favourite and I ALWAYS get comments on it when I wear it. It’s not too brown, yet not too red either. It’s perfect!

I hope you like this look and let me know if you recreate it! I am so happy with how it turned out and got so many comments from friends at uni when I went in wearing this. I may make this my go-to for the next few months as I feel like its the right mix between day-time appropriate with a hint of sexiness! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Much Love


September Empties

I honestly have no idea where the hell September has gone, how can it be October already?! I am happy that it is though as this is my birthday month, we are properly into Autumn now and that also means that Christmas is just around the corner! All very exciting things and I just love the slightly cooler weather too! So the end of the month always means empties here on this blog and I’m back to more of my usual amount again this month, so without further ado, here are the products I’ve finished up this month:


  • The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel 250ml – You may remember me picking this up in my haul earlier on this summer and honestly, it was the most heavenly summer scent! I loved using this and it filled the bathroom full of a lovely peachy scent. I have a feeling that this is discontinued/limited edition as I can’t remember seeing it on the website the other day, if I can, I will buy this again for next summer as it was gorgeous!
  • The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 250ml – This was my joining freebie when I joined the Body Shop’s loyalty card scheme. I’m not a massive floral scent girl, favouring fruity ones instead, however this was nice. I can’t say I loved it but I didn’t hate it either but for that reason I wouldn’t buy it again though. If you like floral scents though, give this try as its nice and light and lathers up quite nicely.
  • Gucci Premiere Shower Gel 50ml – This was in the latest Cohorted Beauty Box I received and I have actually been a fan of this scent for quite a while now. The scent came across really well in this shower gel and I enjoyed using it while I was away on holiday! The bottle lasted quite a long time and it lathered up really well! Would I go out and pay for this with my own money? Probably not just on principal but it was a nice little extra in my beauty box and I enjoyed using it so thats a winner in my books!
  • Molton Brown Energising Sea Moss Shower Gel 50ml – This is the last shower gel for this month I promise! Clearly I’ve been enjoying showering a bit too much!! This one smelt lovely and fresh and was quite unisex in fragrance which would be good if you were looking for a product that you and your other half could share. It was very refreshing but I find the Molton Brown Shower gels very overpriced for what they are and for that reason I wouldn’t buy it again. I was glad it was in my Cohorted box so I could try it though! It would also make quite a nice gift for a friend no matter whether they were male or female which is always handy!
  • Magnitone Silk Bliss Brush Head* – You may remember seeing this in my Magnitone Lucid review and I felt that after 10 weeks it was about time to change the head. They recommend to change it every 8-12 weeks so this was about the right time. I have another one already and I will keep buying them for the time being as I like that additional cleansing step in my nighttime routine, although I’ve become a little bit lazy over the last few weeks with it all *slaps wrist*.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Lotion – I went through one of these a few months ago when I was in Budapest and I took this little one away with me on holiday to combat dry skin. I had forgotten how much I like it and it was so light and soaked in well. I would actually consider purchasing this when I’ve finished all the other stray moisturisers I’ve got lying around!
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum – I have been using this both day and night and I have noticed a difference in my skins hydration I think. I didn’t like this as much as my Clarins serum but as a more budget option I would buy this again. It feels very light on the skin and soaks in quickly so that was a plus for me!
  • Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel – I received this as a freebie back at the start of Summer when I bought a few Clarins goodies and I’ve tried it out as both my first and second cleanse. I have to say that it isn’t my favourite Clarins product and I have definitely used better cleansers than this but it’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination. It starts off as a gel and then as you rub it in, it turns into an oil and then when you add water it turns into more of a milk. I did find that this stung my eyes but it did take my face makeup off pretty well and it also worked well with my magnitone!
  • The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil – This was another cleanser that was mentioned in my ‘Whole Lot of Cleansers’ post and I absolutely love this one and it’s balm equivalent! It takes my makeup off really quickly and leaves my skin silky smooth! I also like that it leaves no kind of residue on the skin which some cleansers can do, particularly balm ones. This just feels like water and I love it! I would definitely buy this again!
  • ASDA Energise Dispersible Vitamin Tablets – I bought these as I’m always looking for cheaper alternatives to Berrocca but none ever seem to taste the same. These were orange flavoured but were quite grainy in texture and that meant that you ended up testing your gag reflex a tad at the end of the glass! They did give me a bit of en energy boost which is always a welcome addition but I wouldn’t buy them again.
  • Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Body Cream – This was another little addition to my last Cohorted Box and it was the perfect size to slot in my suitcase. I loved the texture of this but I hated the scent sadly! It was so floral and sickly and reminded me of old ladies!! Needless to say I won’t be buying this again!
  • Champney’s Illuminating Beauty Balm – I got this as a gift with purchase when I bought the Champney’s Cleansing Balm last year and I put it to one side really as I wasn’t bothered about it, however I took it to Tom’s and kept it in my drawer to use as a moisturiser when I stay over. I was very lightweight and left my skin looking quite glowing due to the illuminating element in it, however I did find it made my makeup go on slightly more uneven and had a tendency to look a tiny bit greasy. It was nice enough but nothing I would be desperate to have again. I think this has been discontinued anyway but I wouldn’t purchase it again even if I could!

I hope you have enjoyed this empties post and I’m glad I’ve managed to wade my way through some more products and clear myself just a tiny bit more room on my shelves again! What have you finished up this month?

Much Love