September Empties

I honestly have no idea where the hell September has gone, how can it be October already?! I am happy that it is though as this is my birthday month, we are properly into Autumn now and that also means that Christmas is just around the corner! All very exciting things and I just love the slightly cooler weather too! So the end of the month always means empties here on this blog and I’m back to more of my usual amount again this month, so without further ado, here are the products I’ve finished up this month:


  • The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel 250ml – You may remember me picking this up in my haul earlier on this summer and honestly, it was the most heavenly summer scent! I loved using this and it filled the bathroom full of a lovely peachy scent. I have a feeling that this is discontinued/limited edition as I can’t remember seeing it on the website the other day, if I can, I will buy this again for next summer as it was gorgeous!
  • The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 250ml – This was my joining freebie when I joined the Body Shop’s loyalty card scheme. I’m not a massive floral scent girl, favouring fruity ones instead, however this was nice. I can’t say I loved it but I didn’t hate it either but for that reason I wouldn’t buy it again though. If you like floral scents though, give this try as its nice and light and lathers up quite nicely.
  • Gucci Premiere Shower Gel 50ml – This was in the latest Cohorted Beauty Box I received and I have actually been a fan of this scent for quite a while now. The scent came across really well in this shower gel and I enjoyed using it while I was away on holiday! The bottle lasted quite a long time and it lathered up really well! Would I go out and pay for this with my own money? Probably not just on principal but it was a nice little extra in my beauty box and I enjoyed using it so thats a winner in my books!
  • Molton Brown Energising Sea Moss Shower Gel 50ml – This is the last shower gel for this month I promise! Clearly I’ve been enjoying showering a bit too much!! This one smelt lovely and fresh and was quite unisex in fragrance which would be good if you were looking for a product that you and your other half could share. It was very refreshing but I find the Molton Brown Shower gels very overpriced for what they are and for that reason I wouldn’t buy it again. I was glad it was in my Cohorted box so I could try it though! It would also make quite a nice gift for a friend no matter whether they were male or female which is always handy!
  • Magnitone Silk Bliss Brush Head* – You may remember seeing this in my Magnitone Lucid review and I felt that after 10 weeks it was about time to change the head. They recommend to change it every 8-12 weeks so this was about the right time. I have another one already and I will keep buying them for the time being as I like that additional cleansing step in my nighttime routine, although I’ve become a little bit lazy over the last few weeks with it all *slaps wrist*.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Lotion – I went through one of these a few months ago when I was in Budapest and I took this little one away with me on holiday to combat dry skin. I had forgotten how much I like it and it was so light and soaked in well. I would actually consider purchasing this when I’ve finished all the other stray moisturisers I’ve got lying around!
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum – I have been using this both day and night and I have noticed a difference in my skins hydration I think. I didn’t like this as much as my Clarins serum but as a more budget option I would buy this again. It feels very light on the skin and soaks in quickly so that was a plus for me!
  • Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel – I received this as a freebie back at the start of Summer when I bought a few Clarins goodies and I’ve tried it out as both my first and second cleanse. I have to say that it isn’t my favourite Clarins product and I have definitely used better cleansers than this but it’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination. It starts off as a gel and then as you rub it in, it turns into an oil and then when you add water it turns into more of a milk. I did find that this stung my eyes but it did take my face makeup off pretty well and it also worked well with my magnitone!
  • The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil – This was another cleanser that was mentioned in my ‘Whole Lot of Cleansers’ post and I absolutely love this one and it’s balm equivalent! It takes my makeup off really quickly and leaves my skin silky smooth! I also like that it leaves no kind of residue on the skin which some cleansers can do, particularly balm ones. This just feels like water and I love it! I would definitely buy this again!
  • ASDA Energise Dispersible Vitamin Tablets – I bought these as I’m always looking for cheaper alternatives to Berrocca but none ever seem to taste the same. These were orange flavoured but were quite grainy in texture and that meant that you ended up testing your gag reflex a tad at the end of the glass! They did give me a bit of en energy boost which is always a welcome addition but I wouldn’t buy them again.
  • Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Body Cream – This was another little addition to my last Cohorted Box and it was the perfect size to slot in my suitcase. I loved the texture of this but I hated the scent sadly! It was so floral and sickly and reminded me of old ladies!! Needless to say I won’t be buying this again!
  • Champney’s Illuminating Beauty Balm – I got this as a gift with purchase when I bought the Champney’s Cleansing Balm last year and I put it to one side really as I wasn’t bothered about it, however I took it to Tom’s and kept it in my drawer to use as a moisturiser when I stay over. I was very lightweight and left my skin looking quite glowing due to the illuminating element in it, however I did find it made my makeup go on slightly more uneven and had a tendency to look a tiny bit greasy. It was nice enough but nothing I would be desperate to have again. I think this has been discontinued anyway but I wouldn’t purchase it again even if I could!

I hope you have enjoyed this empties post and I’m glad I’ve managed to wade my way through some more products and clear myself just a tiny bit more room on my shelves again! What have you finished up this month?

Much Love


3 thoughts on “September Empties

  1. I used to always use the body shop A vitamin cream, it was my favorite for years. Haven’t tried the serum though, maybe next time I’ll pick it up and give it ago! x


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