Review: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

This post has been a longtime coming, but I wanted to give the palette a good testing to make sure the review was as accurate as possible for you guys. I’m not going to keep it a secret, I absolutely love this palette! I think it is fantastic value for money and if you haven’t got it in your collection, I think you probably need to go and alleviate that issue!


The packaging is very pretty, lovely patterned brown and golden shades that make it look more expensive than it is. It is very slim too which is great for travelling but it doesn’t have a mirror, which would have made it perfect for me! The packaging is made from cardboard which is great at the moment but I am sceptical as to how well it will wear over the months and years I am using it!

Colour Selection:


BEAUTIFUL! The palette consists of twelve warm toned shades that are just beautiful for this time of the year. The colours all combine together to create some amazing looks and it really is every thing you need in one palette! I don’t think I could pick my favourite colours however I do love the golden shade in the bottom left hand corner! It’s gorgeous!


I was doubtful that the pigmentation would be as good as other more high-end shadows, but boy way I wrong! Even the matte creamy white shade is one of the most pigmented I have ever used! Strangely enough, it looks lovely just swept across the lid on its own for a simple yet chic look. Both the matte and shimmer shades in this palette are equally as pigmented and they blend like a dream! The darkest shade “beans are white” (Top Right) looks great as eyeliner and, due to its pigmentation, it looks perfect!


This isn’t available on Beauty Bay anymore where it was around £15.95 with free delivery, however you can still purchase it directly from Zoeva. It obviously takes a bit longer to arrive as it’s being shipped from Germany and it’s only free shipping over €30, but that just gives you an excuse to buy a few more things like I did! I think this palette is so worth the money and is now a go-to in my collection! This was the only eyeshadow I took away with me when I went on holiday for 10 days and I wore it every single day and never got bored!

I absolutely love this palette and can’t recommend it enough. There’s been no fall-out; it’s long-lasting and the shadows are so smooth and buttery that they are easy to apply and blend. What more could you ask for?! Would you like to see a few Autumn looks with this palette, or even the look I wore everyday on holiday? If so, let me know in the comments!

Much Love


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