Starting My Christmas Wishlist…

I’ve decided to log my Christmas wish list here on my blog this year as I always find things that I want and the forget what they were! This way I can keep a track of things I’ve had my eye on and share it with you guys! Here are the things that have made me swoon so far:


Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms – I had my eye on this last year and didn’t manage to get one before they sold out, therefore this year it’s high up on the list! It’s 3 miniatures of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s most popular lipsticks and it looks gorgeous! The colours included are all from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range and are the colours: Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect and So Marilyn. I’m in lipstick heaven! They are available from Charlotte Tilbury here.


Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise in Silver Leopard + Black Magic – I thought I’d stick with Charlotte Tilbury and show you one her new launches! The idea is you can create a gorgeous, dramatic smoky cat eye with just this one eyeshadow and eyeliner. This one is specifically for blue eyes and looks beautiful! It doesn’t take much to sell me on a Charlotte Tilbury product but i’ve watched the promotional videos and tutorials and it looks easy as pie! Sold.


No I don’t want to get married, don’t panic! My Great Grandma left my mum an Opal ring with diamonds and sapphires in too and my Mum mentioned getting it reset for me to wear. I never met my Great Grandma but she and my Mum were really close and I’d love to have a bit of that amazing family history to wear every day. The current ring is set in quite an old fashioned setting and is also in gold, which is not my cup of tea to be honest so I’d like it set in a more modern setting, a little like the one in the picture and also in Sterling Silver or White Gold. I think my Mum and I will do some more investigating on this over the next few weeks to make sure it’s perfect. I will keep you updated if we make any progress!


Urban Decay Naked Palette – I’m lucky enough to own the Naked 3 and Naked Smoky palettes, but the original one does really draw me in. I’ve heard loads of good things about this palette and I would like to broaden my little Naked family that bit further. A girl can dream right!?


Finally, I’ve always wanted a necklace with my name on, as sad as that sounds, and i’ve found these lovely ones made by Anna Lou of London! They are rose gold plated and I think they are perfect! Naturally, I want one saying Molly not Natasha but they didn’t have a picture of that! They are available in silver, rose gold or gold here so check them out here if you like the look of them as much as I do!

I hope you like my little wish list, a girl can dream right?! What’s on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love


16 thoughts on “Starting My Christmas Wishlist…

  1. Oo what a great idea! I think my whole christmas list this year will be Charlotte Tilbury haha! Also the Naked palette is amazing, I am so glad I invested 😀 xxx

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  2. I’m a huge fan of opal – its so unique! Looking forward to seeing the design you choose!
    The original Naked palette is one of the first palettes I ever purchased and that was years ago and I still use it all the time. Its a good investment! 🙂

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