Hot or Not? – Colab Dry Shampoo

Image Credit: A Model Recommends

NB: This post relates to the Extreme Volume Variety, I was unaware I had picked this up by accident!! I’m going to try the sheer invisible variety too and update you on that one too! Thanks to those of you who commented and made me realise there were two varieties of each fragrance. Clearly today should have been a stay in bed and sleep day lol!

I am a huge lover of dry shampoo. I use it every week and like the way it just freshens my hair up! So when Ruth Crilly, from A Model Recommends, came out with her own range of dry shampoo, I was eager to give it a try as I am a huge lover of Ruth’s blog and YouTube channel and wanted to support her new venture! I picked up two fragrances: New York and London. I’m not going to lie, but I picked up New York purely on the basis that it reminded me that I am going in April!

I gave London to my Mum and I have been using New York and I thought I’d share with you how I’ve found it. Firstly, the packaging, I absolutely love it! I think it looks so chic and high-end and looks like its worth way more than it’s retail price of £3.49. I did’t expect any less from Ruth though as she is so sophisticated and stylish that surely, anything she put her name to would be too?

The product itself smells great, it’s clear Ruth spent a lot of time thinking about the fragrances of the product and they are all lovely without being over-powering. It doesn’t linger too long, which for me, is a good thing. The spray on the bottle is also really good, dispersing a perfect amount out in fine mist which is really useful.

Now it comes down to how it actually works. The truth is, it makes your hair look great, I’ve had loads of compliments on my 7 day old hair after i’ve use this and it gives A LOT of volume to the hair too. However, it makes my hair feel absolutely disgusting! My trusty Batiste feels quite weightless in my hair whereas this feels like it has coated every strand of my hair and my, already thick hair, feels like I have three peoples worth of hair on my head! If you have fine hair this might be a good thing for you if you want more texture and volume, however, if like me you have thick curly hair then it makes you feel like you hair has turned into dreadlocks. Not a fantastic feeling. I was really disappointed by this as I had really high hopes with this product, but the even more disappointing thing is that it does a really great job at freshening the hair but this horrible feeling really takes away from that fact. As soon as i’ve put it in I want to wash my hair!

I am hoping it may just be the New York scent, so I am going to persevere and try some of the other scents. I don’t hate this one enough to see it go to waste, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again which is a shame. Have you tried any of the other fragrances? What did you think of them?

Much Love


13 thoughts on “Hot or Not? – Colab Dry Shampoo

  1. I’ve only used the Rio scent but I really loved it, I think it does a much better job of making my hair look clean than Batiste – and it smells great too. I didn’t notice it weighing my hair down either – probably because I’m always looking to get more volume.

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  2. I prefer Collab to Batiste, but by the end of the day I’m ready to wash my hair. And 7 day old hair?! I can’t make my hair look reasonable after about 7 hours. I have the greasiest hair ever!

    Sophie x

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  3. 7 day old hair?!! How is that even possible? I am constantly itching by day 2!
    I think this dry shampoo is incredible – I was really pleasantly surprised about how much I like this and I have a few of the travel sized cans which are really handy. Too bad it made your hair feel disgusting – did you use the sheer one or the volume one?


    1. Yeah my hair usually lasts between a week and a week and a half between washes lol. I know… I’m lucky! Hmmm I better check which one the New York one is. I am going to try a few different ones to check whether it was maybe just this particular one!

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