The Last Minute Secret Santa Gift!

We all know those occasions where you turn up to work or school and are suddenly faced with a Secret Santa present to buy at the last minute. If like me, you hate spending money on joke gifts that will go unused then I may have a solution for you!

Back in August, I did a brand focus post on the lovely Sweet Cecily’s. They are a British brand that are based up in Whitby, a place that I have very fond childhood memories! All their products are handmade using natural ingredients which just makes them that little bit extra special. Especially for Christmas, they have created the Secret Santa Christmas Parcel* which is designed to make the whole secret santa process a lot easier for you!


When I opened the box, I was initially drawn in by the gorgeous wrapping! This is an additional extra for only £1.50 and really makes the present look beautifully presented. The brown paper and gorgeous cream silky ribbon are stylishly simple and would be great for those of you who do not have time to wrap presents!


Once inside the parcel, Sweet Cecily’s have gone that one step further on the cuteness factor and added a personalised ‘address’ label. You have up to fifty characters to add your message and it really does make it feel like the present is from Father Christmas himself!


Now, onto the contents and that is equally as adorable! Inside you get one Sea Buckthorn Berry Handcream 50mlone limited edition Chocolate Orange Lip Balm 10ml; one Christmas Pudding Bath Bomb 170g and a little bag of Mulled Wine Spices! In my previous review, I tried another of the hand creams and a lip balm and they were both gorgeous! The texture is divine and the fragrance is just enough without being over powering. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t know what Sea Buckthorn Berry is, however I can say that it smells delicious! It is not a scent I would usually gravitate towards but it’s really taken me by surprise by how much I love it! It is fresh yet quite ‘earthy’ if thats the right word and soaks in really quickly so you feel the moisture benefit without leaving a greasy residue on your hands. You can purchase the hand cream separately for £6.95 which would also make a lovely little gift if your secret santa had a lower budget.

The tin of lip balm initially looks tiny, however I have been using my Mojito lip balm for a few months now and I’ve barely even made a dent! The chocolate orange scent is just yummy and makes you want to lick your lips! The Chocolate Orange Scent is limited edition and only available in this gift set I believe, however, they have so many other scents that are available for £3.25 each here. I have my eye on the Gin & Tonic one next as I am a huge lover of G&T’s!!

The Christmas pudding bath bomb reminds me of something you would find at Lush and is just so cute! I cannot wait to have a bath with this tonight to see what it’s like. I’ve given it a good smell and its very Christmassy and reminds me of cinnamon and other spices. I don’t ever buy myself bath bombs so this is a lovely treat to have on a December night! You can’t buy this one separately unfortunately and there aren’t any other bath bombs available.

The final goodie in the box is the Mulled Wine Spices. I have never made mulled wine before but I think I am going to give it a go now. The bag smells delicious and it is such a cute little extra in the box. You can buy this on their own for £2.95 which would make a lovely stocking filler or table present for any fellow mulled wine lover!


Overall I am really pleased with this little box and would love to receive it or give it as a secret santa present. The packaging and presentation are beautiful and the products are well made. I think it’s important to support independent retailers, particularly at this time of the year as we all rush to buy from the chain retailers yet Independent retailers such as Sweet Cecily’s have beautiful options too. After trawling their website for a long time, I’ve decided that the next thing I want to try from them is the Pamper Pack. I think I may have to buy that in the New Year with some Christmas money!

What do you think to this gift idea? What would you buy for a secret santa gift?

Much Love


*PR Sample – all opinions are my own!

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