MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande!

Ever since I heard this was coming out I knew I had to get my makeup-loving hands on it! If you aren’t aware, Viva Glam lipsticks are a special range that MAC produce with all the money going to support women, men and children with HIV or Aids. Naturally, this is a very worthy cause and combine that with my love for Ariana Grande and dark lipstick, I was sold.

Now, initially, the packaging looks a little different to the regular MAC lipsticks as it has a pinky/red section to the bullet and also features Ariana Grande’s signature. I really like the pink section as it set’s it apart from all my other MAC lipsticks. These retail for £15.50, which is the same as all other regular line lipsticks.

Now, onto the shade itself. In the bullet it looks so dark it could almost be black but on the lips it is more of a very dark plum. It is one of the matte formulas, so doesn’t really have a sheen to it and stays in place for a lot longer than some of the others! One thing I would say about this particular shade that I haven’t experienced with other mattes, is that it applies a little bit patchy! This is a little disappointing but I did find that once you moved your lips together and reapplied over the lighter areas it soon evened out. A dark lipstick like this was never going to be low maintenance though was it?!

Unlike a lot of mattes, I haven’t found this to be too drying or to cause that stiff feeling on the lips which is definitely a plus for me! I do think I am probably going to have to invest in a decent dark lipliner to work alongside this though. In my mind MAC currant would probably be a good choice but if you have any other ideas then please let me know in the comments!!

Overall I am really happy I picked this up, I plan to do a MAC lipstick collection post in the next month so I will include lip swatches then so they are comparable to other colours. I have been doing a bit of splurging on lipsticks lately so this is my last for quite a while now but it is so different to anything else in my collection! What do you think of the colour? Would you dare to wear this?

Much Love


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