MAC Cherry Lip Liner Review & Dupe!

So for Valentines Day this year, Tom picked me up my first ever MAC Lipliner in the infamous shade Cherry. I wear red lipstick all the time and a lipliner really does lead to better application so when he picked the shade Cherry out of the shades I showed him I was really pleased and couldn’t wait to try it out!

At £12.50 MAC lipliners aren’t extortionate but they aren’t as cheap as other popular lipliners such as the Rimmel Exaggerate lipliners. The majority of my lipliners have been the retractable kind that are great for travelling as you don’t need a sharpener, but are sometime prone to snapping, so I was intrigued to see how I would get on with a pencil.

First impressions were really good! The application was really easy and created a perfectly smooth yet crisp line around the lips. The texture was very creamy and didn’t drag or pull at the lips at all which I was really surprised about! The colour was a really bright, true red which was perfect for what I was looking for. It complements all the shades or red I own really well and looked beautiful paired with Russian Red despite Russian Red being more of a blue-toned red than the traditional yellow red.

One thing I really liked about this product was the packaging, MAC have designed it to be a thin pencil with a nice matte coating which is great for applying as it’s not too slippy. I just thought it looked really chic and was a decent length so I would expect it to last a while! I have added 4 other MAC lipliners to my wish list in the shades Soar, Whirl, Stone and Vino to complement some of my other MAC lipsticks!

It was only when I compared Cherry to my current Red lipliner, No 7’s Fire, that I realised just how similar the two shades are. I am finishing off fire at the moment and have found that to be a really good liner too. The only differences between the two products are that Fire is retractable whereas Cherry is a pencil; Fire is a touch more pink than cherry and it is also more prone to smudge than Cherry. Cherry is a bit tougher in the lasting stakes which makes it the winner for me, however, I love No 7’s lipliners and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fire to anyone looking for an alternative to Cherry. Particularly at only £6.75 full price; £3.75 using a No 7 £3 off makeup coupon or £2.23 for lucky Boots discount card holders! I’ve included a swatch below to show you just how similar they are:

On the left is No 7 Fire and on the right is MAC Cherry!

I hope you liked this post; have you tried either of these shades or any of the other colours from either brand? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love


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