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I realised recently that I never really write favourites posts on this blog. To be honest, I think it’s because they could become quite repetitive as I can’t afford to buy copious amounts of new products in order to rotate my favourites frequently enough! However, there have been quite a few things over the last few weeks that have firmly rooted themselves into my life and I thought I would share them all with you. Some of these things you may recognise and others have never been mentioned before, which I though was a good way of mixing it up! I’ve gone through my whole face of makeup and theres a few extras in there for good measure!

  • Mascara – Benefit Roller Lash – I have been a strong advocate for this mascara ever since I first got my hands on it. It grips the lashes and gives them a good coating of mascara whilst still adding length and curl. I do really enjoy using this mascara and love the fluttery look it gives me each day!
  • Foundation – Rimmel Match Perfection – Dare I say the words ‘holy’ and ‘grail’ ?! My absolute favourite foundation at the moment, hands down. I would say I have less than a third of a bottle left so I will probably have to repurchase this soon, if I can warrant it with all my other foundations!! It gives a good level of coverage whilst being dewy, yet with a satin finish. The colour is the perfect match for me and it lasts great throughout the day. My skin looks so healthy and fresh with this that I find myself reaching for this all the time over my high end foundations!IMG_0076
  • Highlight – MAC Soft & Gentle – I bought this as a little revision treat for myself after a discussion with Lauren, a lovely girl I tutor (Hi if you happen to read this!!). She convinced me to spend my Christmas voucher on this and I have never looked back since! From never wearing highlighter, I am now rather heavy handed with it! I am going to write a post solely dedicated to this but it is one of my most used products at the moment!
  • Lipliner – No7 Nude – I have read so much about this shade on many many blogs and decided it was time to pick it up. It is a great nude shade, although I don’t own it, I would say it’s a pretty good match for velvet teddy. The formula is lovely and creamy and blends really well with all my nude shades of lipstick. I particularly love it underneath Shanghai Spice!
  • Concealer – NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – I picked this up before Christmas and I have to say I’m pretty smitten with it! I really like the blendability, coverage and colour match. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but I love the way it looks on my skin – a little brightening and makes me look more awake!
  • Lipstick – MAC Brave – Lipstick is always a hard choice, however I would say I have reached for this the most over the last month. I love the satin formula and this shade goes with absolutely any makeup look! It is low maintenance and also looks lovely with a couple of different lipliner shades to change the tone slightly. This comes up quite pink on me and I always reach for this when I’m not sure what else to wear! Check out my MAC Lipstick collection to read more about this and other shades!
  • Eyeshadow – MAC Woodwinked – I think I can honestly say that I wear this shade 5/7 days a week at the moment. It is such a fantastic low maintenance option when you don’t want to apply loads of colours or you haven’t got time to do anything fancy. You can create an amazing smoky golden look in seconds and I also love to add a little bit of Soft & Gentle to the inner corner to open my eyes up a little. The sad thing is I have severely hit pan on this so it could be a trip back to MAC to get another one in the not so distant future! If you want to read more on this then check out this postIMG_0567
  • Palette – Smashbox #Shapematters Palette – I would say I mainly use the face shades from this over the eyeshadows but in general, it is a fantastic investment palette! It is great for travelling as it pretty much has everything! I’m going to go into detail on my favourite products below but I would definitely recommend this palette!
  • Contour – Smashbox Contour Powder – This powder is from the palette above and is the perfect ashy contour shade! The pigmentation is spot on, a little goes a very long way and the formula is really blendable. If I am at home I always use this to contour my cheekbones and down my nose – I feel like this is worth buying the whole palette for as it is such a great product.
  • Brows – Smashbox Brow Powder – This has overtaken my Benefit Brow Zings in the best brow product category. The palette has two shades in it but I have been using the light one mainly as I am quite fair. However, it is still a reasonably dark shade and it is so easy to fill in even sparse areas of the brows!
  • Blush – Clarins Soft Peach 02 – I only have a sample size of this but they last AGES! The colour gives a lovely peachy flush to the cheeks whilst still looking natural. The pan has two shades, a darker and a lighter peach, which you can mix together to create the perfect shade. The formula is great and blends like a dream. Definitely check out the Clarins Blush and Bronzers as in my opinion they are some of the best!
  • Tools – Beauty Blender & Smash Box Dual Ended Brush – My love of the Beauty Blender has been growing ever since I first posted about it. My skin looks more flawless and smooth, which is always a good thing in my eyes!! The Smash Box Dual Ended Brush included in the #Shapematters palette is my favourite thing to use for my eyebrows! The angled side is the best I have ever used and just fills them in perfectly! I really hope you can buy this separately as I need a backup in my life!IMG_0385
  • Skin Care Product – Ren 1 Minute Flash Facial – Stop right there, this may just be the best face mask I have ever ever used. Now theres a big claim if ever there was one! I was really sceptical of a 1 minute face mask but the benefits are visible that quickly! I am going to write a whole post on this for those of you who are interested but seriously, wow!
  • Hairstyle – Halo Braid/Dutch Braids – I have finally mastered the art of the Halo Braid and I am one proud woman. It is so nice to have my hair off my face whilst still looking like I’ve actually bothered to make an effort. It gets easier the more you practice it and the one in this picture was actually only my second attempt. If I can do it, you can!!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  • Song – Focus / Judgement Day – I don’t know what it is, but I have a bit of a love for Ariana Grande! I know it’s not a new song particularly but I have been OBSESSED with her song Focus. I literally fantasise about looking as good as she does in that video and I cannot help but sing along. The other song I have just discovered is Judgement Day by Stealth. This was in the penultimate episode of this season of Suits and I couldn’t have picked a more apt song if I tried. It is polar opposite to Focus which is probably why I love it as I am quite open with my music choices. Definitely give it a listen, it is a good’un!
  • Series – Suits, Grey’s Anatomy – Talking about Suits, this season has been bloody good! It has been inevitable that the law would catch up with Mike but this season we see that actually come true and the effects it has on everyone at the firm. You may need some tissues if you are a big lover of the Mike & Rachel ship! The other series I have been loving is Grey’s Anatomy, I mean I must have loved it to stick with it for 12 series’ but I have really liked this series. I was unsure how they would carry on after Derek’s death but they have done good! The series pilot where Meredith was attacked was brilliant and there are so many ships to follow that it will guarantee to keep you busy!
  • Cleanser  – Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter – I know I have mentioned this many times before but since attending the Body Shop event earlier on this year I have rediscovered it and fallen back in love. This literally melts makeup off and is so so easy to use. It is a bargain price and I would recommend everyone to try it if you haven’t!

I hope you have enjoyed this up-to-date favourites post! What have you been loving recently? Would you like to see these more often (if my favourites change enough!!).

Much Love


2 thoughts on “Current Favourites

  1. Wow, you had so many great favourites this month! You’ve really convinced me to try the Rimmel foundation. I’ve been using my lovely Nars sheer glow but sadly it’s coming to an end and although I will probably repurchase it at some stage i’d love to see if I could find a drugstore foundation that can match it in quality. Also i’m a big time lover of Greys Anatomy as well haha, i’m obsessed! Still haven’t seen the latest season (still a little bit jaded after Dereks death) but I think i’ll continue watching on as i’m in too deep aha. This month i’ve been loving my M.A.C ‘perfect topping’ highlighter – it’s so pretty that I put it almost everywhere on my face. Would love to try M.A.C’s ‘Soft and Gentle’ at some point though.
    Hope March has treated you well so far :). Holly x


    1. I just decided to go with the whole face haha!! It really is my favourite and it’s only about £6.99 I think so such a bargain! I’m committed now to grey’s anatomy, 12 seasons and counting!! Ooh I need to try that one out, I’ve never even seen it! Soft and Gentle is so so good! It really has, hope it has to you to! xxx


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