My MAC Shopping List For New York!

Now, I cannot believe I am saying this but it is now less than 2 weeks until I go to New York and I am so so excited! I have dreamt of going to America, particularly New York, since I was a little girl and I can’t believe that dream is finally going to come true! I have been trying to save up as much money as I can to be able to go pretty wild when treating myself out there! I want to try and pick up some new brands that we can’t get at home like Tarte and Physicians Formula but I also want to try and clear my MAC shopping list to keep me satisfied for a while as the prices are just so much cheaper in the States than in the UK. So I thought I’d make a little post with all the MAC products I want to try and pick up when I’m there! Please excuse the pictures in this post, as I haven’t got the products yet I have had to use stock images or found through Google*.

  • Fix + Travel Spray 31iF56IwPWL._SY355_I have never tried the infamous Fix+ but I have always wanted to so I think it may be time to pick one up. This travel size is only $10 so this is a good way of trying it out to see if I like it. I love face sprays so I think I will end up getting this in full size when I’m back in the UK too.
  • Strobe Cream Travel Size _7125203Again this is another staple that I have never tried and to be honest i’m not entirely sure why I haven’t. I love dewy/glowy skin so I think this will work great. I can imagine a little going quite a long way with this so I think the travel size will work just fine for me now. This one is also $10.
  • New York Apple Lipstick img-thingI couldn’t go to New York and not pick up a ‘makeup momento’ now could I?! It turns out that this is the only MAC lipstick with ‘New York’ in the title but the colour looks beautiful! It is a deep red/pink colour with slight glitter flecks running through it which I think will look beautiful! I saw this used in a Pixiwoo tutorial and just fell in love! MAC lipsticks are $17.50 for you brits, who like me, have no idea on the pricing over there!
  • Whirl Lipliner img-thing-2 I have whirl lipstick and really want the matching lipliner to make my lips look fuller and the application look smoother. As whirl started out as a lipliner, I am pretty confident that as I love the lipstick, the lipliner will work just great for me. The Lipliners are $16.50!
  • Stone Lipliner – Again, this is very much like whirl – I have the lipstick and now I want to get the matching liner to ensure perfect application. I am a huge lover of the shade stone so I can’t wait to get my hands on this!
  • Soar Lipliner – My tutee Lauren recommended this liner to go alongside brave and to be honest I didn’t need a lot of persuading. I have loved every MAC product she has recommended to me in the past so I can’t see this being any different!
  • Nightmoth Lipliner nightmoth-lip-linerI really wanted a super dark lipliner to wear with my Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick and again, Lauren suggested trying this one. I was toying between this and Vino, but Viva Glam AG is very dark and I think this will match better in the end. I will be doing some swatches in store but I think this will work the best.
  • Club Eyeshadow Pan mac_sku_M2593X_280x320_0If you haven’t guessed by the amount of eyeshadows in this list, I am planning on making a MAC eyeshadow palette (Finally!!). I am one of those people who hate palettes being half empty so I’m going to have to do it all in one go! Club is a shade that I have been pining over for YEARS now. Ever since Lily Pebbles and Vivianna started mentioning it, I knew it was meant to be. Club is a satin, red brown with green pearl and looks beautiful blended out on it’s own. The refill pans have now gone down to only $6 so I cannot wait to get my hands on these babies!!
  • Satin Taupe Eyeshadow Pan 31VmzpwdfKL I feel that everyone needs a taupe shade in their collection and years of watching YouTube has lead me to believe that this is the one to have. Tanya Burr always used to go on about the combination of Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch so they both have obviously had to make an appearance in this wish list!
  • Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Pan 31sFQCashnL._SY300_Following on from Satin Taupe, this is a YouTubers favourite and no palette would be complete without a pinky shimmer in there. I feel that this will be a good staple to throw on when I don’t know what to wear.
  • All That Glitters Eyeshadow Pan 06ebf680376f1fc8a89b4663eb9c497bWho doesn’t love a good nude shimmer eyeshadow?! I feel like this will feature in a lot of looks but also will work really well on it’s own for a more dressed down look or perhaps for work? I have always been a big shimmer lover so this will surely be a hit for me. Over the years my palette plan has changed but this has always been in it!
  • Cranberry Eyeshadow Pan 093cacc503371a2d510aa1c8fe78a50bThis is one of my ‘pops of colour’ that I want to add as I want to be able to cover all bases with this palette! Cranberry is a shade that does get talked about a lot as it is quite a wearable yet bold shade. I think this will look great with my blue eyes and I can’t wait to play around with it.
  • Amber Lights Eyeshadow Pan 175fcbe89cf80362d8bb977c14a30923 I already have woodwinked in my collection but I feel the extra bright amber lights is still needed. I love the way the orangey copper tones look with my skin and eye colour so I feel like this is a must have for me.
  • Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow Pan mac-sumptuous-olive-eyeshadow-closeup I wanted a couple of slightly different shades in this palette and for it not to just be browns and golds like everyone expects. This is a veluxe pearl shadow which I love the formula of and the colour would look great with blue eyes in my opinion.
  • Carbon Eyeshadow Pan 31x2gy3ArGLThis is a staple that I have been told everyone needs in their palette. Who can argue with a matte black eyeshadow hey? This will work as an eyeliner but also for creating extra smokey looks by popping this in the outer corner. It will definitely get a lot of use.
  • Wedge Eyeshadow Pan c330a2ca52a63c0a55a016527d700795I thought that this would be a good crease shade as it is a more ashy brown colour so would look good with slightly cooler colours. I know crease shades are kind of boring but every palette needs them and this gets some serious hype!
  • Nylon Eyeshadow Pan e5062310d757b6f4c54d3d0142244e2cI have heard that this is THE inner corner highlight to have in your palette and I did think that I needed one. More of a frosty shade than some of the warmer shimmers I have picked, I think this will work really well.
  • Cork Eyeshadow Pan  31nzHTyIMgLA nice warm satin brown shade that again will work wonders as a transition shade. I do think that this will complement a lot of the warmer tones like woodwinked and Amber lights really well.
  • Sable Eyeshadow Pan 819225673e3974a9e0f18540833bd13bEvery time I see this swatched I just swoon. It is such a beautiful warm shade that I think I will get a tonne of wear of, particularly on a daily basis and in Autumn and Winter. It is a plum/brown shade with some gold shimmer running through it and just looks gorgeous!
  • Mulch Eyeshadow Pan mac-mulchThis is a more chocolatey version of Sable and is quite a bit darker. I think it will look god blended with some lighter shades and will be another staple.
  • Patina Eyeshadow Pan 31YQHUOU-PL I wanted to get Patina as it is more of a cooler toned lighter shade and I thought it would blend really well with some of the others on the list. This is another Lily Pebbles recommendation so I am hoping that it will suit my colouring as I am the opposite of Lily! My eyeshadows on this list may change once I get to the shop but this is my basic list to take with me so i’m not just walking around picking up shadows willy-nilly!

So there you have it, my rather extensive MAC shopping list for my trips to the States. I know it may seem like an awful lot of things but I have worked out that there is over £100 saving from buying it in the states to buying it at home! I have been building this list for a while so I guess i’ll just have to see what I can get when I’m there! Is there any brand that you can only get in America or Canada that you think I need to try? I want to really go to town with new makeup when I go! I’ve been on a makeup no-buy (the only exception being a restock of my rimmel match perfection foundation and a rimmel blusher as I forgot to take blusher to my grandparents!) so I may go a tad cray cray when I get to the shops!! Be prepared for some big hauls when I get back!

Much Love


P.s – *All images for this post were found through Google, should you be the owner of the images and are not happy with it being on this post then please just message me and I will remove it.

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      1. Online! But most hotels will receive packages for you within a few weeks of your arrival, so contact your hotel and find out if they do so you can buy it and have them ship it to you! xx


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