The Travel Diaries: Prague December 2015

I am always so late with my Travel Diaries posts as I like to look back a few months later and reflect on the trip and look at the photos all over again. I know that is a bit of a poor excuse but here I am, finally writing about my trip to Prague with my friend Emily in December! It was so christmassy and I thought I would use this as another excuse for quite a heavy picture post with a few helpful tips for anyone visiting Prague themselves!

Where to stay? – We stayed in the Hotel K + K Fenix which was just off St Wenceslas square! It was a great location to get to everything, was really cheap and served a lovely breakfast! It was 4 star and the rooms were perfect for a getaway! The only thing I would say was that it was on a road that specialised in the ‘cabaret’ aka sex clubs and there was also a delightful sex shop with a 50 shades of grey window display. We had no problem whatsoever though and found the whole thing rather funny! Don’t let it put you off, it is very safe and the location is very central!

What to see? – We were there Monday to Friday and managed to cram quite a lot into our time there! Definitely take a visit up to the Castle District and see the castle, the views are incredible and the architecture is lovely!

Standard tourist pic in the guards huts at the castle!

Right near the castle district is Petrin hill which is quite a hike but worth it for the views! It was lovely to get out in the fresh air and see all over Prague!

This was us after the long walk to the top of Petrin Hill!

The Charles Bridge is the main bridge in Prague and has a lot of lovely statues to see. It is really quite impressive to look at and gives you great views up and down the river.

Charles Bridge

Right near the Charles Bridge is the John Lennon wall which is just a wall covered in graffiti but is actually pretty impressive and is something you should see. When we went there was a lovely man with a guitar singing songs he John Lennon had written which really added to the site.

John Lennon Wall

The old town square is definitely worth a visit! It has a beautiful church and there’s an astronomical clock which puts on a little show every hour!

Old Town Square at night!
The Astronomical Clock!

There is also a tower which you can climb up to the top of and see fantastic 360 degree views of Prague!

Prague Castle from the tower in Old Town Square

It is definitely worth a trip to the top and doesn’t cost very much! In winter, this is where some of the main market stalls are and the huge christmas tree is here too!

The view of the Market from above.
The Beautiful Christmas Tree in Old Town Square!

Just off the old town square is one of the best shopping streets, where all the top designers such as Dior are. It is amazing, even just to window shop!!

During the Christmastime, try and go and see a traditional Czech music concert. There are many put on in the big churches that are quite expensive and not that authentic, but we managed to find a local music school’s christmas carol concert. It was absolutely amazing and the singing was just beautiful. If you can find something like this, you will not be disappointed. It really felt like you were immersed in the culture and it really got me in the christmassy spirit!

The Christmas Concert

Something Extra? If you like cocktails then definitely take a trip to AnonymouS. It is a really cool bar that makes really cool cocktails whilst creating a really unique experience for you to enjoy! When we went, their new menu was on slide viewers and the cocktails we tasted were so different to those at home!

Viewing the menu!
Viewing the menu!

One even came in a blood bag and was dripped into your glass!

Our drinks a.k.a blood bag!

This is one of the most pricy places we went to eat or drink but it was no more expensive than your usual cocktail at home so it wasn’t that expensive. The whole bar is themed around the film V for Vendetta with some of the barmen wearing the masks and the film playing on screens around the bar. When we went there was a power cut and the barmen donned their masks and started making cocktails and doing tricks with fire which was both rather creepy and exciting at the same time!!

Here’s a couple of photos I had to include:

The worlds weirdest statue!
Who says we are adults now? - We found a park on an island in the middle of the river!
Who says we are adults now? – We found a park on an island in the middle of the river!
The millionth selfie taken that trip!
The millionth selfie taken that trip!
The two of us on the Charles Bridge!
The two of us on the Charles Bridge!
A Molly-sized door!
A Molly-sized door!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next travel diaries post which will be when I get back from America and Canada! Have you been to Prague? If so what were your favourite bits? Where would you recommend I travel to next?

Much Love


5 thoughts on “The Travel Diaries: Prague December 2015

  1. So great of you to share your travel photos – who cares if it’s later. It looks so picturesque especially with the Christmas decorations. I’ve not been to Prague but it’s one of the places I want to visit!

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