Review: MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote my MAC Lipstick collection post and I said not to expect any new lipsticks any time soon…. Well that was until my brother Alfie bought me my next one! Now Alfie is a normal sporty 15 year old brother, however, he is fully aware of my obsession with makeup. As a thank you for helping him with some school work, he decided to pick me up a MAC lipstick! What’s even better and makes it more special for me is that he picked the shade himself! I know, I am a lucky sister!! IMG_0429.JPG

The shade he chose was MAC Kinda Sexy which is a matte formula, but I would say it is the most comfortable MAC matte I own. It is very creamy and very comfortable on the lips whilst still managing to look lovely and matte! The colour itself is very peachy and looks a lot like a more pigmented version of my favourite neutral, Shanghai Spice. The colour looks great with my pale skin tone, however I do think it would suit a lot of people. I have actually tried this on one of my best friends Fee and also my Auntie Susie and it looks great on both of them too.

The lasting power of this lipstick is very similar to the other matte shades I own, however, it fades very evenly and also applies incredibly smoothly. It doesn’t stick to dry patches and you don’t have to use a lip liner with this either. The colour looks beautiful with warm toned eye looks such as MAC Woodwinked eye shadow (see the picture below), but it also looks great with a dark smokey eye. I have had so much wear out of this lipstick in the two weeks that I have owned it and I sure that will continue. IMG_0431.JPG

I wonder how long it will be now until the next lipstick is added?! Do you have this shade in your collection? What do you think of it?

Much Love


11 thoughts on “Review: MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick

  1. This looks so pretty on you and yes, you are a lucky sister!
    I don’t own this shade but I think I should try to keep it in mind next time I’m in MAC. From them I only have one lipstick in Lady Bug. It’s perfect for Spring.

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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