My Favourite Concealers – Collab With Valentina!

Valentina and I have come together today to share with you our favourite concealers! Concealer is something I use every day and has become quite a necessity in my makeup bag – particularly to cover those pesky under-eye circles and any blemishes! Make sure you head over to her blog to check out her post too!

I think I have narrowed my concealer favourites down to three:

  1. Clarins Instant Concealer – This is such a good allrounder! It packs a serious punch with pigmentation, is a lovely creamy consistency and doesn’t dry out the skin! I use the lightest shade which matches my skin perfectly but unfortunately there are only 3 shades! In addition to that, my mum wears shade 3 when she has a tan so this is not suitable for you lovely ladies with darker skin tones sadly. This retails for £21.50 so it is not too cheap but this little tube lasts ages as a tiny bit goes a very long way!
  2. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – I picked this up just after Christmas and I really have enjoyed using it! It is pigmented, brightening and blends in beautifully, especially with a beauty blender! There are a couple of downsides though! Firstly, I have run out of this really quickly! Now I don’t know about you but when I spend £22.50 on a concealer, I’d like it to last a while! Secondly, the doe foot applicator doesn’t pick up enough product in my opinion! And Finally, I wouldn’t call this concealer ‘Radiant’ so the name annoys me! All that being said, I LOVE this concealer! It is great under my eyes and also for adding a subtle highlight if you use a slightly lighter shade. I wear the shade Vanilla and find this a great match for me!
  3. Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer – Eugh, this is just such an amazing product at such a bargain price! Contrary to most people’s opinions, I like the little brush applicator as it allows me to distribute the product evenly without using my fingers. This is very creamy and provides really good coverage which is really important for me! I use a lot of this every day and it still manages to last me a good couple of months each tube. The best part is that this is only £5.99!! I could almost have 4 of these for the price of one NARS! I wear the shade 010 Ivory and this is perfect for providing a highlight whilst not washing me out.

There are a couple of others that require a little mention though:

  • MAC Pro Longer Concealer – I used this a while ago and did love it! The texture was very light and the colour was a great match. The main thing that has stopped me buying it again though was the packaging! The thin glass container was just so impractical that I feared I would smash it every time I used it. I also hated the pump as one pump was way too much product so you had to try and do half and pump and it got all messy. The packaging also meant you couldn’t get the last of the product out. So although the product really impressed me, the packaging was rubbish. If MAC swapped the packaging over I would buy this again in a heart beat! This is only £17.50 and lasts forever! I wore the shade NC15 I believe.
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Every blogger and their Mum has talked about this concealer and rightly so as it is a saviour in the bargain beauty world. For the pricey amount of £4.19 you get a concealer that really rivals the big names I have mentioned above. It is very creamy and highly pigmented and manages to last a surprisingly long time, even with constant use. The applicator picks up the perfect amount of product and the texture is really blendable. The packaging is pretty rubbish, I have never met someone who hasn’t had all the writing rub off their tube, but hey ho, it’s £4.19!! I feel like I wear the shade Cool Medium 2 but it has been a long time since I’ve picked up one of these babies as I am always trying something new!

I hope you have found this post useful and be sure to check out Valentina’s post too to compare her favourites to mine! If you have tried any of these, let me know what you thought of them in the comments!

Much Love


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Concealers – Collab With Valentina!

  1. I’ve used every single concealer you’ve mentioned in your post EXCEPT for the Nars! I’ll be getting that shortly. 🙂
    The Clarins concealer didn’t do it for me unfortunately – I found the coverage not enough for my dark circles, and it also faded quickly even when set with powder.
    All the others you’ve mentioned are very good!

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